Well, what do we have here? It appears that the Wi-Fi Alliance has recently certified a "Dell Mobile Internet Device." Its model number is listed as M02M, and it's sporting a certification for 802.11 b/g/n; which we've all come to expect. It appears to be very close in relation to the original Dell Streak, which is the M01M. Could we be looking at the Dell Streak 2 here? A slight different size, perhaps? Hopefully we'll be hearing something at CES! Let us know what you think. [Wifi Alliance (pdf) via Pocketnow]


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New Dell tablet receives WiFi certification


Its going to be top of the line Dual core 16gig internal memory and comes with a 32gig sd card. Gorilla glass, HDMI, Super Amoeld, 2500 battery for long life.....but for some reason it will come with stock Android 1.0....weird

Give me an amoled screen, 8mp cam, decent bat life and gingerbread! Also market this one better than the original streak :)

I'd love to see a 5" phablet with 800x600. Just please go stock andriod (or add widgets and skins that I can diptych) and loose the proprietary connector. I'll pay lots!