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We're live from Google's "Breakfast with Sundar," where the Android (and Chrome) chief is touting the next generation of Android tablet. 

Putting things in perspective, he said, is that there have been more than 70 million Android tablets activated. That's more than 1 in 2 tablets running Android, he said. Of that, some 10 percent — that's 7 million — of Android tablets are the Nexus 7.

In Japan, the Nexus 7 was the highest-selling tablet over the holiday period.


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More than 70 million Android tablets activated, Android chief says


And are they counting the Nook and Kindle Fire in those totals? That figure sounds nice, but I'd like to see some more info from Google about their definition of an "Android Tablet".

I wonder are Kindle Fire's included as Android activations??? They run on a forked version of Android but they don't actually ping Google Play... It'd be nice to hear them clarify that.

Google counts only devices with access to the play store.

So - normal, unhacked Kindle do NOT count.

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