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Firmware 2.1 update package can be downloaded over the air or via PC

An update for MEEP! tablet owners is now available, adding some very cool features along with the promise of increased overall performance. Instead of having to use the Parents Portal on a computer, parents can now manage parental controls directly on the tablet itself or on their own devices via Android and iOS apps. This will allow parents easier access to approve requests for virtual currency, MEEP! Coins, and game downloads

Parents Controls become more robust in firmware version 2.1, adding a new “white list”, “blacklist”, and “bad word” list to more finely control keyword and website access. Parents also gain the ability to monitor online activity, limit play time, and set up allowances for app purchases. Kids will be able to burn through those allowances at an even faster pace now, thanks to this new firmware that "optimizes content and provides faster performance."

Quite an impressive update for an Android tablet from last year that's marketed squarely at kids. For the official details on how to receive and apply this update, follow the link below.

Update: meeptablet


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MEEP! tablet update adds requested features, boosts performance


That thing has some pretty horrendous reviews on TRU and Amazon. Seems like one would be advised to avoid this product, despite the manufacturer willing to provide updates.

Meep did indeed receive some bad reviews- back at Christmas. A lot has changed in 6+ months and Meep 2.0 tablets are much improved with previously reported issues of freezing having been corrected in the later updates. We also had an issue with server capacity at Christmas which caused some registration issues- again, this is long since resolved. Also, our newest Smartphone apps and on-tablet controls make the website and servers less of a concern.
Meep is committed to supporting this product and continues to issue updates to address reported issues. Our newest Meeps come already with version 2.0 already installed. In cases where we can't resolve the issues remotely through updates and other fixes, a replacement to a newer Meep is often possible.
We have an active community forum where we'll answer all questions within 24 hours at; just search on Facebook for Meep Tablet - US.

Looked at this tablet for my 5 year old. It's cheap and under spec'd. Went with a 32GB Nexus 7 for just a bit more.

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