Old Trafford

Manchester United have announced a ban on usage of all large electronic devices, including tablets and laptops, at Old Trafford during home matches this season. The electronic devices are the latest items to join the list of prohibited items at the stadium, with the club stating that any device that exceeds dimensions of 150mm x 100mm will not be allowed into the venue.

As a result of the latest security advice, large electronic devices including laptops and tablets will be added to the existing list of prohibited items for matchdays at Old Trafford.

Manchester United said that the measures were in reaction to the "latest security intelligence" and "are designed to ensure the continued safety and security of all spectators."

While tablets are banned from the Theatre of Dreams, smartphones will be allowed in the premises, provided they don't exceed the maximum permitted dimensions. With the ban in place, fans attending the Red Devils' home matches will have a less obstructed view from the stands. All that's left for the club to do now is to figure out a way to get back to winning ways of old.

Source: Manchester United; Via: The Verge


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Manchester United ban fans from bringing tablets to home games


Sounds like they're (over)reacting to the same "intelligence" that means we have to power on devices at airport security now.

Either that or simply because why would you need a tablet at a football match?

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that's what i was thinking it was all about. why people use their tablets to take pictures when they likely have a smartphone in their pocket capable of taking even better shots, less awkwardly, is beyond me.

What about those who hold flags and replicas of jerseys high in the air. Don't they block view?

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If the article was about that, but it wasn't.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

are you stupid , big large tablets being held in the air by fans trying to capture a goal blocking views of others ,,, pretty simple isnt it

You could have just explained it without sounding like a complete fucking brain dead moron with a superiority complex

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I think you are incorrect. Fans use signs and those stupid ass horn things that are just as big.

It's a rather sad day when basic courtesy needs to be legislated. The need for this ban... and your post, are a perfect example of how pathetic our society has become.

I suspect it's because they're obnoxious, and they're just citing "security concerns" because it's easier than saying "We're not letting you bring these things in because you are so annoying when you use them."

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Dumb but I can see where they might be coming from. Next thing you know it will be ban in the Doc offices and what not too! :P

I love women's soccer, and women's tennis, and women's water polo, volleyball. Sports that don't seem challenging for men make it more challenging for women to play. Women's tennis is especially more fun to watch because they have 2x-3x more volley's if they don't ace it. In certain sports women seem to have more flare and show off their skills a lot more than a man because of their smaller statutes in certain sports.

honestly i hate people who take pictures with tablet anyway. they have a camera yes but its a massive device! you look like a turd

Have you been to their matches last season....nothing to see so I watch Liverpool games on my tab from old Trafford...

It's more like golf, but they kick the ball instead of hitting it with a golf racquet, and there's posts and a net strung between them to catch the ball instead of a hole to drop ball into.
The players have stupid haircuts instead of lurid clothes.

I still wonder about all these fools taking pics with their tablets when most cheap cameras will beat it hands down. I can only hope this is stop fans from swinging their 10" slabs in peoples faces. One site suggested it was to "stop people recording the match" which conveniently forgets you've get arm-ache holding the tab for that long, plus your smaller phone will take better video in any case.

Ah well, at least all those fans have get recordings of the car crash that was last season :)

Crazy that people spend loads of money going to the game, to experience the atmosphere and feel of being there. ...and then watch the whole match through a mobile or tablet screen.

Might make it more bearable though?

I would imagine terrorists aren't stupid and probably make stuff up in their communications. I wonder what items they will focus on next knowing it will be banned everywhere?

I understand that many people find a tablet unsuitable for their photography needs. But it's a little puzzling to see how strongly they feel about others using a tablet to take pictures. Not just in the case of the stadium (where the ban may be reasonable) but elsewhere. They draw all sorts of conclusions about an individual simply because he or she is holding a tablet that has a camera to take a picture with said camera.

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Moyes is gone, so there's that... but anyway, Just use your eyes to watch the match and take pictures during other times. I'd rather not be using a Tab anyway.

Also, there are concealed weapon tablet cases out there that allow guns to be hidden inside the tablet. No, they aren't large weapons, but they are still lethal.

I wish they would ban them from all sporting events in the US. It's effing annoying when morons use their tablets to take photos. It blocks the view of people behind them. Not to mention how stupid they look.

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Well, here's a question. Would the device have to exceed both dimensions (length & width), or only one to be prohibited?

Because my HTC One Max is 164.5mm x 82.5mm, but my hand can still cover it completely, so objectively, it's not that big....

I tried to get the orchestra director ad my daughter's school to "ban" use of devices larger than 5 in. during concerts. It totally ruins the concert experience when some jackoff is holding up a huge table to take pictures.

Maybe it's because the idiots that bring a tablet or iPad and hold them above their heads to take pictures.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.