Lloyd Gear Flex Case for Nexus 4


They have arrived. Meet the Lloyd Gear Flex Case for the Nexus 4. More than a bumper but less than a strongbox, the Lloyd Gear Flex Case is made of a shock-absorbent and scratch-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane material that gives you great day-to-day protection. It's not a tank. But then again it's not a tank, ya know? Wireless charging still works with the case on, as does NFC.

Plus, it's got Lloyd on the back. 

The Lloyd Gear Flex Case is available now at a special price of $14.95 (you're currently saving $5) and it comes in black, clear, smoke or green.

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Lloyd Gear Flex Case for the Nexus 4!


Why would you do that? Showing everyone what you carry in that back pack, I believe you had the iphone 5, new windows phone, i pad, playbook and of course a few blackberries. Not once did I see you pull out the best phone and OS made today, Android. I can name probably 4 Android devices that is better than any other phone made and you choose to show the public that you would rather carry every other device but Android. That told me that you are just being spitefull because Android is leading the market or maybe just dumb. Don't think dumb is the answer but to carry every other device made but the Android OS, the best multi tasking OS made just doesn't compute. So I came to the conclusion you are just mad as hell that Android is the top dog. For example the Samsung devices have more new innovations in their latest devices than any phone has had in their entire history. Nope, just don't understand and you have the stones to bull shit Android Central readers?????

Wow fanboy much? Someone shit in your cereal?

Funny how you can notice that about Kevin and his backpack but you don't say anything about the HTC One X he used for the longest time last fall, before the iPhone 5 came out.

It is obvious I follow Kevin and have been a member of Crackberry for years. The blackberry was my first smartphone as like probably everyone else until I bought the Nexus One. I just happened to watch a recent video of Kevin showing what he brought to a several day long event. As I said he pulled out every imaginable device but Android. For someone in his business multi-tasking is probably one of the most important features. The Android OS is the best at this feature. No other device can even come close to what Android does in this area. The Note 2 and SGS3 are the best in this department. Being in the Mobile business he knows this more than anyone and to pull every possible device made but Android is a direct shot at Android and Google. Being a long time follower and supporter of Mobile Nations I found it rather strange not giving Android it's due. I was not bad mouthing or talking shit about Kevin, I find many of his columns and videos very entertaining and will continue to follow him. Why no Android phone Kevin? Eliminate all that junk you carry and slide a Note 2 in your pocket and you are good to go. You won't need all those extra batteries, cords, chargers and other phones. You will be carrying a phone that uses Google as it's major search engine and has the best maps and navigation app in the world. The list just goes on and on. Just My Opinion.
Thanks Mr Crackberry Kevin

Stalker much. Don't give Kevin shit, he's a good guy and I am sure if you think he is snubbing Android you are wrong. Obviously he is going to be partial to Blackberry, but he seems like he gives them all a shot.

I assume that means it would work with a generic charging mat. It isn't specific about the orb which would mean the magnet would hold the phone with case to the orb.