LG G3 versus Galaxy S5

Korean electronics giants Samsung and LG compete in just about every area in which they operate. In the smartphone space, though, Samsung's Android-powered lineup remains top dog. Not only is it the world's top handset manufacturer, but it's Galaxy range, headed by the Galaxy S5, also represents the most familiar face of Android in the eyes of consumers. LG has had a comparatively shaky start in the smartphone world, but in past week it's finally brought its most compelling handset yet, the LG G3, to the U.S. market.

With eye-catching specs like a 5.5-inch "quad HD" display and an impressive optically-stabilized camera, the LG G3 represents one of the more credible challengers to the incumbent Samsung. But the GS5 itself is Samsung's strongest flagship yet — the manufacturer's first proper water-resistant flagship, with a built-in heart rate monitor and biometric security to boot. We've had both devices in our hands for some time now, so it's time to put them head to head and see how they compare.

Look and feel

Two plastic phones, but vastly different designs.

These two are both traditional plastic smartphones with removable back panels, and chassis dominated by their large displays. But despite the use of similar materials, there are plenty of areas of contrast. The G3 sports a rounded exterior with extremely thin bezels and a "metallic" textured back — read: plastic with a fancy coating — while the GS5 has a more squared-off design with reflective accents. There's a size difference, of course, given the gulf in the two devices' display dimensions, but the larger LG handset really isn't a whole lot bigger in real terms than Samsung's offering. That's mainly down to the G3's narrower bezels, which allow for a greater proportion of the front face to be taken up by the 5.5-inch display.

The in-hand feel is vastly different too. The G3 is the slicker of the two, thanks to the unique texture of its back panel — glossy, but somehow not slimy or fingerprint-laden — while the Galaxy S5 has a matte plastic coating. (Go with the black GS5 and you'll get a soft-touch battery door; the other colors get a more traditional textured plastic finish.) With its smaller size, flatter back panel and grippier rear, the GS5 is perhaps the easier phone to one-hand, but the G3 is remarkably hand-friendly for a 5.5-inch phone.

LG G3 versus Galaxy S5

The G3 also wins points for its novel rear-mounted buttons, putting the power key and volume rocker within reach of your index finger at all times. That said, the GS5's more traditional side-mounted buttons do the job just fine. Around the back, the GS5's 16-megapixel camera module protrudes slightly through the back panel, while the G3's 13-megapixel shooter sits flush with the battery door.

When it comes to the main buttons used to operate the phone, LG opts for the increasingly popular on-screen controls, while Samsung's sticking with its big clicky home button, flanked by capacitive back and task-switching keys. Generally speaking, we prefer the consistency of LG's approach, but we've had no trouble adapting to Samsung's button layout, and there's something to be said for being able to quickly wake the phone with a single press of the home key.

Aesthetically, it's mostly a matter of personal taste. Neither phone will blow you away with premium materials like the HTC One M8 or Sony Xperia Z2. Instead, it's a question of whether you prefer the softer back and more squarish proportions of the Samsung device, or LG's curved, shiny derriere.


Reader comments

LG G3 versus Samsung Galaxy S5


I am currently deciding between these 2 phones, or keeping my G2. After messing with the G3 at BB and reading this article I have eliminated the S5. It's a good grudge match, but software balance and the physical aesthetics of the G3 win me over.

Joe, I'm a Samsung fan.....I admit it! But LG has hit it OUT OF THE BALL PARK with the G3, design wise and software wise. For me at least! Samsung is going to have to best LG's design in order for me to come back to them. This is all good for the consumer! We all win!

I almost traded in my G2 today. I bought my son a G3 and then I realized that I am perfectly happy with my G2.

I paid $450 for my G2 and I'm having a hard time trying to justify taking a trade-in loss, and then adding another $250 just for a higher resolution screen, external sdcard support, and a removable battery.

So 20 minutes ago I bought a "ZeroLemon ZeroShock G2 case with built in 3500mAh battery" for $40.
Then I went to the Meenova site and paid under $50 for their small micro-usb sdcard reader.

I'm now a happy camper, and I've proved to my son that, "With age comes Wisdom".

I have an extra $150 left to buy accessories after the two purchases I just made.

The latest isn't always what's best for your situation, even if it is better in every respect.

Prepaid Sprint GS3, Sprint LG G2.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!

I just held the LG G3 yesterday at T-Mobile. It doesn't feel as comfortable in my hands as the SGS5, the screen doesn't pop, nor do I like it as much. And the battery life, based on all the reviews I've read, is poor. And that's why I walked out with my SGS5.

I aspire to be a hipster product troll. Samsung and LG are way too mainstream for me.

Hands down, nothing beats ZTE on Boost. Period.

Normally I shy away from a next gen phone if I have the previous (unless there are circumstances) but in this instance, unless there are features on the S5 you want/need, I would go with the G3.

I upgraded from Verizon Note 2 to T-Mobile LG G3 yesterday and oh my word how much better G3 is. First thing is - the thing runs 2-3 times smoother than rooted and debloated Note 2. Especially noticeable with icon folders. Everything is smooth like butter unlike laggy Note 2. Right out of the box you're able to disable alot of bloatware - no need for root. Knock feature is sooooo good. Can't imagine having to press power button to wake the phone anymore. LG skin shits on TouchWiz intuition and organization wise. Took me about 7.75 minutes to adjust to soft keys. Built in Call blocker, SMS on-screen Notifications, ability to replace icons, one-hand operation feature, near perfect super responsive and precise keyboard (unlike shitty Note 2 one). And my goodness the screen is such an eye candy!!! I've got everything I wanted right out of the box. 3 gripes with it so far though which can be remedied later with root or other apps: built in camera app doesn't let you take a pic if you're in settings menu. Minor annoyance. No built-in flashlight widget (aftermarket ones are slow to turn on - Note 2 in this case beats it) - minor. Not all playstore apps are compatible - have to use aftermarket market to install for example EA SPORTS FOOTBALL CLUB which works perfectly fine (don't know why it's not available on google market - prolly soon will be).

I upgraded to the LG G3 and returned it after two days for the S5. I think the screen on the S5 is better and it has an amazing camera. The fingerprint scanner is also pretty neat.

Posted from my S5

I went with the SGS5 too - better screen IMO, the battery life is getting crap by the reviewers regarding the G3, and I hate that slick plastic back plate.

Using the Jump plan, I upgraded my G2 to the G3 on Wednesday. I have to say I really like the phone. The screen is gorgeous. I'm not one of the bigger screens are always better people, but--though I was worried--the phone is actually quite easy to handle. I haven't used the camera a great deal so far but I do like it and the app hasn't bothered me so far. I'm using Tiny Flashlight (which I'd used before my G2) and it works great.

I have hit a couple of app incompatibilities that suprised me: Citbanks app and OpenTable. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why they would be incompatible.

Is it perfect? No, I've had a few issues with the device. First isn't really the device, it was the fact that the software for backing up the G2 didn't work as well as I'd like for migrating over; I had to re-install every single app that I used and all my settings. Second, (and I don't think this is the G3s fault) for some reason every time I try to edit a contact that has a birthday stored, the Contacts app crashes The third one is the one that bugs me the most: the stock home screen does not go into landscape mode. The G2s did, though the lock screen on the G2 would only briefly switch to landscape before popping back to portrait.

Overall, it's a great phone. It has good sound quality and performs snappily. Batter life seems comparable to the G2, though I think it lasted slightly longer when I first got it (it was getting shorter in the last month).

Let's hope LG keeps up this quality and releases updates frequently.

I'm a huge Samsung fan, I've always had good luck with their products. You can find quite a few around my house including the Note 3 I'm typing this on. But...if I had to choose one of these, I'd have to take the G3.

I've played with both at Best Buy, and I prefer the G3 in everything except the on screen buttons. (they just irk me lol) Design, specs, customization, camera.
I also think the larger screen tips the G3 in my favor, me being a huge note fan.

Posted via Android Central App

I have a love/hate relationship with the on screen buttons. I love the look of a phone with no physical keys on the front. But with a phone 5+ inches I am always hitting the on screen home button when typing... I don't seem to be able to overcome this issue.

I have the OnePlus One. Somedays I feel like physical buttons, some days I don't.
The One let's me have both.

Or change keyboards... I use SwiftKey, the row with the arrow buttons separates the keyboard from the nav buttons enough that it's not an issue... But i rarely use the left side of the bottom row of the keyboard (z x etc) so if I kept hitting the home button I'd put it on that side

That's my set up as well. I tried using auto hide to maximize screen RE but found I didn't like it. Even with the buttons up, there is still plenty of screen left anyway.

Posted via Android Central App with my LG G3

You can go into display settings and there is an option to hide the navigation buttons in selected apps.

Posted via Android Central App

Samsung has treated me well with their devices too but they now need to step up there game! The G3 is one SEXY device! If LG can make such a well made device.....Samsung should be able to do the same PLUS more! They have no excuse.

i wholeheartedly agree with the final thoughts, i have found the fewest compromises (near none) with the g3 compared to all other flagships in this generation.

the only variable now is how well/fast LG will update it, really hoping for a speedy L update when it is released.

LG has NEVER been on par with the timing of the other flagships when it comes to updates unless you are using a Nexus.

I had KitKat on my Tmo G2 before the S4 and the M7. I think they are trying to improve in this area, in the past they have been known to be slow or nowhere to be found, but I believe they are seeing the light... Just my 2cents

one can only hope they are getting better than before.

if a nexus 6 shows up around L with a SD 805 though, QHD or not, i'm def jumping to that! (one can dream right?)

I think the 805 is a given. Hoping for the SD card as well. Having the G3 with 64 gig card is awesome. If LG does a decent job if updates then I will keep mine. But if they lag it'll be back to an awesome Nexus. This phone is so great though. Personally I want a GE G3. Perfection.
Posted via Android Central App

I agree with this as well. Both the S5 and M8 had compromises that I was not willing to make. The G3 has almost everything I want and nothing I don't want.

Nice comparison. Need to read it closely. If the sammy had a 32gb model I might have it now. Not sure why that is not an option like it was with the s4. I like the G3 but it may be a tad too large for what I want.
Sent from my seriously HD G3!

this was a huge part of why i didn't even consider the GS5, 16gb isn't enough and since you can't install apps on the sd card, the phone is useless for anyone who wants to install games. esp when you're left with what, like 7GB usable?

no one should be releasing a 16gb model now, esp when all the OS overlays are taking up so much space.

I was very happy to find out that all the ATT bloatware can be easily uninstalled out of the box. LG apps cannot be though without root.

I had to decide between these two phones and I put my order in Monday evening. Today I received my new phone and I am currently charging it up before I start playing with it. Which phone did I get? I chose the G3 and for the very reasons mentioned in the article. First the screen is obviously bigger, but the overall phone size is very similar. Second was the camera because it seems a lot of the pictures I take are in low light situations. Finally, i like the look and feel of the G3 better than the S5. I would be happy with either phone but I chose the pone that fit my needs the best, as should everyone.

The Galaxy S5 is starting to age now anyway. I tried the G3 at Best Buy the other day and it's amazing.

Posted via Android Central App

I guess I am the only one who likes the design of the s5 :/

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5

That and the awesome feature set. Not to mention the great camera (overall) and specs that match anything out there.

Just because someone bought that phone doesn't mean they like the design. Lots of reasons contribute to a purchase decision.

No one is questioning the sales success of the GS5, but that hardware design is very dated, if not downright ugly.

You you know I cannot disagree with that, but you also cannot argue with success. I am hoping that the YOUM display bring a bit of a change in the design language.

I picked the sgs5 over the g3 too, but it wasn't for the looks. The look of the phone is purely functional, but not really "sexy" in any way.

That suits me fine though.


i would even prefer the design of the sgs2 over the sgs5. it's just too ugly considering its a 2014 flagship

Considering that the only difference is the screen, no it is not that big of a leap. Smartphones are 6-12 months for the cycle depending on how you look at it. or if your Sony

The only difference is the screen?

According to this comparative article's conclusion:
"... the best thing about the G3 isn't the display, the software features or even the camera, that there's no real Achilles' heel to be found. Unlike many competitors it isn't bad at anything, and maybe that's what really sets it apart."

The thread was addressing the stale design of the Samsung Galaxy series, not specs.

You often and typically divert, mischaracterize, or change the subject when confronted with the obvious.

No it was not. Go back. I know you can do it. The comment that I replied to, that you replied to was:

In the tech world 4 months is an eternity

That says nothing about design Dumbo. The design discussion was a bit further up. I know you can get confused easily

Don't you dare challenge the chosen one. Remember . . . there is only one real source . . . as he scans the forums looking for any opening to criticize any thought except his own.

Posted via Android Central App

I know that Jimbo has that issue. The problem is that his source is himself and those that follow him blindly. I keep asking him for citations but alas, he does not produce them.

From the conclusion of the article:

These are two of the very best Android phones on the market right now. Whether you pick up the LG G3 or the Samsung Galaxy S5, you're getting a solid high-end Android phone with outstanding performance and a great feature set. And that makes the choice between the two a very tough one.

This is my dilemma exactly. I like both phones. I purchased the Galaxy S5 last night but think I really want the LGG3 only because it is the more recent release of the two. I am switching from an Apple S4 because the WiFi went out on the darn think. I am taking all and any suggestions. I am not a phone whiz.


They make fun of me around here and say that I am total Samsung/Sprint fan. I am telling you to go and get the LG G3. The camera is awesome, the features set is on par with your S5, but the user experience will be better with LG.

If you want, depending on your carrier, you have 14 days to make a decision. Run with the s5 and if you get comfortable keep it. If you feel awkward, try the G3. You have next to nothing to lose

Thanks for your opinion. I did switch to the G3 primarily because it is the newer of the two. Not a good reason. I do like it and can't see too much difference between the two. Looking forward to trying the camera

i would say it depends upon how comfortable and set in the sg5 you are...if you are looking for something new, the lg3 is probably the best option right now(there are those that would say the x.) i have the g3, had it since launch on tmobile, and my only real complaint is battery life...but they sent me a free battery and charging cradle, so that is pretty much a non-issue now...

I'm not denying smartphone cycles... Usually a phone(or any other tech) comes out, it's "old" before the next cycle is ready... So 4 months is an eternity

I really like my s5 and after I got my 64 microsdxc card I love it more and the phone is fast too faster than my old iPhone 5

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 running Android L or Samsung galaxy S5

I really wanted the G3 but I ended up going with GS5 for a couple reasons:
1. Screen brightness. The G3 is a little dull for me and outside the GS5 is much more readable in my tests.
2. Accessories. Samsung phones always have the best selection of cases, backs, etc. Maybe the G3 will as well but it is not there today.
3. I take most of my pictures outside with the kids and the S5 was just better for me on most shots.
5. Samsung specific accessories.. I have a pebble and I am considering my next smartwatch. With Samsung, I can choose any general android device or a samsung only device. More choice for me.

Overall, both awesome phones and anyone should be happy with either..

1. G3 skin palette is pastel, S5 is vivid. It feels like G3 is less bright. Screen brightness is the same. I held both devices in hands at the same time.
2. Wait couple of months and G3 will catch up. Plus QuickCircle case beats Samsungs Square... thing...
3. G3 camera is better indoors and has image stabilization.
5. LG is catching up in this regard.

4. Fookin' screen, man.

Agree with #1. Outdoor screen brightness is important to me.

Also the ip rating was nice to see. Not a must have, but more important to me than the higher screen res.

Most important to me though, I had the sgs5 rooted with ads blocked and free Hotspot enabled the evening I brought it home.


"there's something to be said for being able to quickly wake the phone with a quick double-tap of the screen."

There, fixed it for you. ;)

Very reliable on the G3. I also have the GPad 8.3 and I've noticed it's a lot more hit-and-miss there. My G2 also seems to be more reliable with Knock-On than the GPad.

1. Fingerprint scanner is pretty shit
2. You really shouldn't be taking anything electronic underwater

Posted via Android Central App

1. for me fingerprint scanner in s5 works well even with 1 hand.

2. of course not but if outside is raining and phone is in your pocket it could get wet or you drink coffee/water and accident happens and you have wet pants and watch. Water resistant is good feature.

Fingerprint scanner works well and if you are taking your phone underwater on purpose, you do not deserve one.

Personally, I'd easily take Knock on/off and Knock Code over a fingerprint scanner.

I've only had my G3 for a few days, and already wonder how I ever used a phone without the knock feature. It just makes so much sense.

Had the S2, S3, S4 and now a G3. So happy not to have the dumb physical home button! Effectively the same size phone as S5 but almost 1/2 inch larger screen!

In this video, the s5's colors looked waaay better.....just sayin. Maybe turn the brightness up on the g3? I'll have to go play with one of these.....they look awesome.

Wow.. pretty interesting comments here.. I'm finally out of contract with my GS3 and one of the BIGGEST points when thinking of the next phone it outdoor viewing. The GS3 absolutely SUCKS outdoors but has been very reliable over all. I've grown accustomed to TW also.. I think an ideal screen size is 5" though the G3 seems pretty nice. I had to search for the settings which I expected to find in the notifications bar.. NOT. Regardless it's all about cost/benefit/performance which neither of these phones hit for me. I'm going to wait a bit longer..maybe even think about a Nexus 5 or something similar :)

You will not go wrong with any upgrade from this year. The GS3 did stink in bright light but the GS5 or G3 is leaps and bounds above that one.

I know what you are saying about the gs3 outdoors. Happily, the gas works much better. Even with polarized sunglasses you can use it in either orientation.


I have the G3, S5, S3, and Note 3 in the house right now.

For the most part this review is dead on with comparing the S5 and the G3. There is a lot to like there. I have no serious complaints-- until you hit battery.

The lag on the G3 is barely noticeable and is no worse, most of the time, than any other phone out there. I would still give the feature set to the S5 but without a doubt the LG has its sh*t together over the S5, even with the revamp that Samsung did this year.

I really have not gotten into the camera yet. It is not one of my first focuses for work, that is mostly for my own fun. I think I will get to that this weekend.

The display on the G3 wins in all situations. We already knew that though going into this.

Back to my complaint. I have found the exact opposite with the battery. They are both good and it is not a reason to discard the G3 out of hand. I find however that the S5 consistently goes further than the G3. Is the difference huge? Nope it is not, but it is there. Will it get you through the day? Yes it will and that is all that matters.

Overall you cannot go wrong. If you put a gun to my head and made me chose, based on just the week that I have had the G3, I would go with it. My phone needs are different than some of the others here, so I am holding out for the Note 4 which will destroy both of these phones (fingers crossed).

The review is EXCELLENT and without a doubt one of the best posted.

Had the G2 for a month (still can pull it from inventory if need be) and now the G3 for a weekish, still not there year. I am going to have to do like I did with the stylus on the Note 3 and be conscience about doing it.

So by that logic, I put two piles of brown stuff in front of you. YOu taste the first one and it is a pile of Sh*t. That means that they other pile is Chocolate Ice Cream. It makes no sense

I am surprised that you went through the OEM anyway (unless you are holding onto unlimited data), Verizon always went out of their way in the CSR department.

I only ever dealt with one OEM directly and that was HTC, it was not a good experience there either but I would buy an M9 if they fix the camera.

I didn't go through samsung as my first option... I was directed there by vzw after three updates within a week broke kies(or w/e it was called back in the first gen. Galaxy days)... Was told by vzw that it was samsungs updates that broke it, therefore it is their problem... Samsung asked if we could still use it as a phone, and since we could that our fascinate wasn't broken and thus they weren't going to help

I hear you but still am surprised. I had issues with the Fascinate and Verizon ended up sending me a different phone. Then another. Then another. Then a Droid Charge.

We did that with the phone before the fascinate... The Droid eris, we ended up with the og incredible... But due to my experience with Samsung, they could make the best smartphone, and future proof it for 10 years and have it be less than 100 bucks and i'd still pay 5-6 times that for a lesser phone that is not a Samsung... I don't deny their products are good

i love you fanboys :) instead of stating your opinion y'all just go like "samsung is best, nothing beats it". always so funny

I have never, ever, held any phone with my index finger on the back of the device. My thumb is on the left, my first three fingers on the right. The buttons on the back are in a terrible location for me. The only saving grace is that you don't actually need to use them very often.

it doesn't work for you kung fu grip style holders, but i type with my thumb, so my middle, index and ring finger are along the back with the base balanced on my pinky. this style "cradle style" puts the index right where those back buttons are.


Yawn. This is stupid. It's only because the G3 is AC's new toy and flavor of the month.

Posted via Android Central App

Picked up my G3 the other day and am loving it. It takes great pictures very quickly. And the screen us amazing. Battery life is probably my favorite thing about it. Easily lasts the full day.

Posted via Android Central App

If you read anandtech's review (or really any detailed screen review) of the g3, the screen quality is actually worse compared to the g2 and s5. Furthermore, the S5, One and G2 all beat the G3 in Web browsing over wifi. (S5 and One win over lte.) Several battery benchmarks gave the G2, S5, and One better scores.

Posted via Android Central App

If you prefer those reviews, run with it. This review is spot on with my real world usage with the G2, G3, S5 and Note 3

That's one review and one sites opinion. There are many out there that say otherwise.

Posted via Android Central App

anandtech's reviews are usually more of actual data obtained by series of tests than opinions.
they don't always agree with your eyes or personal experiences, but I do like their reviews.

I take ALL reviews with a grain of salt. The only review I say is 100% spot on is the one I give it when I use it. But like you, I don't rely on them much.

The crazy high resolution paired with LG's font smoothing algorithm (or whatever) makes the text look like it has shadow-y backgrounds. I hated it and was one of the reasons I returned it.

Are you talking about the app icon labels on the home screens? I think those do have a small white glow/drop shadow by design. No texts anywhere else has that look on mine.

Nothing against reviews and tests, but as far as the quality of the display, I go with my eyes tell me. They're telling me the G3 screen is really good!

Absolutely love the g3 I picked up. The camera is awesome, I always hated taking pictures on my Samsung phone only to find out it was out of focus on my computer later.

Also, so much less bloat compared to my Samsung. I also love getting a Note size screen on an s5 size phone. My first LG phone and I'm very impressed.

I have the G2, G3, and the note 3. All three phones are great but i prefer the G3 for various reasons.

Posted via Android Central App

Smaller footprint with almost the same size screen, OS looks more professional, Sprint spark, better Wi-Fi, QHD screen, buttons on the back which i can reach easier with my small hands, much louder speaker, and it looks much sexier! ;)
Posted via Android Central App

Why is this even a comparison? Why not the Note 3 vs G3, that's a better comparison! The Galaxy S Series is falling behind. I have the note 3 and I would take the G3 over the S5 any day.

Because the Note 3 is last year. I think it would stand up very well as I think you would but still, we are dealing with this year

I thought about the g3. Until I read 4 hrs of screen on time. No thank you. If I need a screen for watching movies I use my Nexus 7 2013.

My droid maxx has 2gbs of ram and a 3500mah battery. I get 7-9 hrs of screen on time and I can charge my phone every other day.

But man. The g3 bezels do look beautiful...

Stick with you Droid and Verizon then.. you wouldn't get that kind of battery life out of many phones.

Posted via Android Central App

After using both extensively.....I gotta give it to the s5. first off, regardless of how technically superior quad HD may be to full HD, AMOLED displays are FAR superior to ANY LCD tech regardless of resolution.... gs5 simply blows everything else out of the water. Secondly, regardless of how many may feel about touchwiz in general, there's no denying that kit Kat version is a vast improvement and a far more attractive UI compared to previous versions. I really don't know why everyone is raving about the new Optimus UI.... it looks dull, lifeless, and cheap !! Though I must say the launcher is sexy.....and true, the the G3s larger 5.5 inch display size in such a compact form factor is VERY impressive, certainly the better looking device....

Posted via Android Central App

I went with the g3 and my eyes no longer burn because of the g3 screen go figure. I was using the s4 prior to the g3 and my eyes couldn't be any happier. Oh and no more headaches from those days of long uses any longer.

Really on the fence with this one. Don't know if I wanna lose my nexus 5 for this. I have been spoiled with stock android and updates. Plus with Androud L a few months out, it makes it even more difficult of a decision.

I was using the Nexus 5 and picked up the G3. I used the G3 for a day and a half and went back to my Nexus 5 for some of the reasons you mentioned and for others. For me, stock android is the way to go. I think you will find the same to be true. Its a beautiful phone, it just wasn't the Nexus 5. For me the main reasons were battery life not exceeding the N5, software bloat / delayed updates, and some noticeable lag with simple apps like this AC app and others as well. I agree that it beats the S5 but takes a step back from the N5 experience.

I'd wait to see how the Android Silver thing plays out. As soon as January there could be some nice new stock android devices to choose from.

HTC M8 beats them both. Much more fluid and fast. No stutter or lag anywhere. I actually like Sense better than stock Android. Please no camera arguments. I'm talking about overall. Was chosen best phone for a reason.

Jim Lloyd

I love the aesthetics of the M8 except for the long skinny thing it has going on. Too reminiscent of the iPhone 5s for me. I will always have a soft spot for HTC because the brand was my first smartphone. The M8 simply wasn't the size I was looking for.

Posted via Android Central App with my LG G3

You can't exclude the "camera argument" when it's one of the M8's main issues. "Sure, if you don't consider its problems, the phone is perfect!" The 4 megapixel camera was the deal breaker for me. That and the obscenely big bottom bezel.

If you are looking at overall, then the camera comes into, and takes it down a few rungs, so you cannot discard it

G3 owner for a week now and looking it more and more. Holy cow but I can't wait for Android L on this thing.

I should mention two of my coworkers have the Note 3 and I love that phone. In a way, it's why I wanted the G3 over the G2: I loved the screen size. This article has me wanting to take the SGS5 out for a test drive though.

Posted via Android Central App with my LG G3

I have had the G3 as long as you. I couldn't ditch it for my Note 3, especially with the Note 4 coming, but it is a great phone.

Oh, hey for people trying to decide, I thought I would mention something. Now benchmarks are certainly NOT the last word on a phone's user experience but something interesting happened with this phone.

When I got the phone a week ago, I ran the Vellamo tests on it. It scored okay but was actually behind BOTH the SGS5 and the SGS4. I found that very odd. I just ran the tests again and low and behold, top scores across the board (browser, metal and multicore). Actually, it scored 36 points behind the SGS5 on the multicore test (full disclosure).

The take away for me is NOT that it pretty much beat all other phones but that it did better a week later than right out of the box.

Anybody know why that might be?

Posted via Android Central App with my LG G3

Because of the way that memory is managed. OOTB, the Android memory manager has no clue as to what you want. It learns and keeps things that you want up front.

Were your tests done after a factory reset both times, or was the second done after some use?

Just got back from the beach. Definitely glad that I was able to carry around a water/sand resistant phone in the s5 without worrying that a drop of water or a spec of dust would seep into my phone (yes the flap was closed). Peace of mind is worth plenty for me.

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I got the G3 (T-Mobile) and I LOVE IT! I came from the Samsung family, I had the S3/S4 and had to get away. Touchwiz was "ok" but, it bogged it down so much. I did root and put on a custom rom, but, why does one have to do that to get a good performing phone. This G3 hasn't missed a beat yet. We'll see how it continues, hopefully gets better with software updates!

People, I currently have the S5. It is an awesome phone. I went to see the G3 today at Verizon and it was a bit dissapointing. First the color on the S5 blows away the color on the G3 as stated in the above article.It is much crisper and deeper. As far as a larger screen on the G3 it really isn't. The G3 has the on screen control to go to your apps which takes away space on the screen,where the S5 has it seperate. if you put the 2 together you will see the actual viewing size of the screen is the same. If your new to both phones take a close look at these things before choosing because it seems they are really close in technology so it's the small things that might make the difference to you.

Man, you took the words right out of my mouth !!! I'll admit, I am a samsung loyalist...but when the G3 launched I was VERY impressed and thought they hit a home run with this one.....it wasn't until I compared the two side by side that I got to see just how truly awesome the GS5 really is.....first off, it's AMOLED display destroys the competition... don't care what anyone has to say, the color vibrancy and contrast are just far superior, regardless of resol ution

The G3 display really does look washed out and downright dull in comparison.....secondly...while on screen keys do dissappear for videos, games and such....they are mostly there for the core experience, which mean yes, they about the same size !!!!

Lastly, i personally think that samsungs software is not only better implemented and more functional.....the latest touchwiz also looks better than the new Optimus ui !!! This is entirely subjective, I know....but honestly the g3 ui looks somewhat dull and very over hyped....but there are a few things the G3 wins between the two....it's definately a very good looking device...and it's screen/size ratio is unreal

......but the not 4 is gonna destroy both of these in 2 months anyway lol

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Thanks for the comparison! Been waiting for one since I'm on the fence on what to choose. I have a S4 right now, but from what I've seen the G3 looks really unique. I really like the buttons being located in the back since it perfectly matches up with my index finger, but I also take a lot of pictures and the S5 has a higher megapixel. Looking at the photos, they have both good and bad.

Hopefully, I can try them out again this weekend and finally make a decision.

This has me super excited for the Note 4 vs the G Flex 2. LG has really been stepping up their game. I'm going to be getting my first phablet, and I'm hoping LG can keep up the momentum and impress in that area as well!

I'll tell ya right now, I own the Galaxy S5 and have never used the LG G3 and I can honestly say there is no way the G3 can be worse than the GS5. I have so many problems with this phone and it is the 3rd one I have been through.

Got my g3 on launch day. My previous phone is a note 3 that I still own. Switching from it is quite a difference. Don't get me wrong I still love my note 3, but the g3 is much easier to use with one hand and camera is a bit better for day time on Note 3, but for macro shots and low light g3. Performance I didn't really notice a difference. I down converted a 4k video to qhd and and compare against a 1080p with a note 3 and I could see the detail and the way the movement was smooth and more natural. I tried the s5 and just didn't really think it was worth the upgrade. Can't wait for the note 4 to really compare it.

I would choose the Galaxy S5 between the two, the water and dust resistant feature seems like an essential feature for smartphones these days and the G3 is a bit wide.

If the G3 doesn't open apps while in your pocket, its the clear winner.
I am so tired of driving with the GS5 in my pocket, hearing the water drip and the next thing I know iheart radio is playing or the phone is dialing someone on my contact list.
And it happens every single time.
There are threads on this site seeking a solution but none seems to exist. At least nothing but putting on a case. I have the Qi back and so that's not even an option, not that I want a case, anyway.
I called ATT and the rep I spoke with acknowledged lots of complaints with no solution.
I bought the GS5 instead of the HTC because of my good experience with the GS3 but now I'm sorry I did.
This single problem is annoying enough that I can't recommend the GS5.

Had the Note 2 and currently own the Note 3 but come this October, it's Adios Samsung and hello LG G3 for me.

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If i were deciding between the two right now based on specs and reviews, I would pick the G3 hands down. But after three months of ridiculously great pictures and an exclusive real-time HDR mode that doesn't get the accolades it deserves, I would not trade my S5 for anything right now. I'm also loathe to give up IP67 and the fingerprint scanner, but the S5 camera is easily the best one I've ever used.

Oh, and the 720p 8X slow motion video? It's kid catnip.

Have an S4 and now the S5. Absolutely an amazing device. A worthwhile upgrade in performance, battery, display and of course the waterproof and camera take the cake. If the G3 was available and even an option I would consider it but Samsung has done a great job and cleaned up their software too.

I'm currently deciding between 3 phones which are the G3, GS5, and the One M8. I would strongly recommend that one should buy their phone through Best Buy because of their liberal return & exchange policy. When I returned a Note 3 to go back to my iPhone 5S at the AT&T store, they charged me a $35 restocking fee. Best Buy gives you 14 days and 3 phone exchanges which worked out for me because I bought the GS5 in Electric Blue and it was gorgeous. I should say that I am an avid iPhone user. My last 3 phones were two 5S's and a 4S before those. So, I started with the GS5 and I have to say that it blew me away. Yesterday I traded in the GS5 for a HTC One M8 in gold and I am very disappointed. I read all of the reviews and the consensus was that the M8 was the best android phone on the market. I strongly disagree. Today I am going to trade the M8 for the G3 in metallic black and see how that goes. I find myself craving the GS5 though which is crazy to me because up until 2 days ago I was a diehard Apple fanatic. I will update once I have tried the LG G3.

Hey, Let me know what you decide. I purchased the GS5 yesterday and like it okay but am thinking of returning for the G3 ($35 restocking fee). I too previously was an Apple user but after the WiFi went out and the on/off button wouldn't work, I said enough and am switching to android.

I tried all three phones. I started with the GSM in Electric Blue and I loved it. I don't see what the hype is with the HTC One M8, and the GA was okay, , but neither of those phones held a candle to the GS5. The camera is much better, the fingerprint scanner, even the weird back cover of the phone grows on you because the phone isn't slippery to hold. I love all of the gestures with the GS5 too. I hope that helps.

I am always on my phone. Between work, socially and commuting its something I use a lot. Ive had all iPhones since the 3G. Even my 2 month old 5S. I then started hearing that the next iPhone is going to be bigger (like Android big) so I decided to try out Android one more time.

During all the iPhone models, I had sometimes branched out and tried various android phones but they always kind of sucked. I had the HTC Desire (the original one - Amoled back then was amazing, it was well build and quite compact) but took terrible photos , I had the SGS2 which was good - it had some great tech for its time - but ultimately Android was quite ugly back then, and lastly I had the HTC ONE X - which had an awesome screen, wasn't too bulky and HTC had a nice UI by then, but ultimately I couldn't live with it because it had display driver issues and was quite laggy (again, spoilt by the quality of Apple's UI and software). I also always found the Android app store to be rubbish in comparison, and there seem to be a lot of garbage apps. Besides the quality of apps, half the time the app store didn't used to get all the Apps that that Apples store did - and when they did get the app it was never as pretty or smooth.

I am somewhat of an iWhore and prefer quality over quantity so it was always easy to go with Apple.

Back to the next iPhone - its going be bigger. And to be honest I am ready for a break from iPhone and iOS. I have an iPad. And a MacBook Pro. I was just kind of hoping for a different experience - but one that was still quality.

So on the weekend - and I know there will be a new one early next year, and a new iPhone in like 4 weeks, but I just wanted to own this new beast and that was a brand new SGS5.

Man the screen (AMOLED) is just amazing. Its smooth like iOS now. Videos look amazing. I can actually transfer videos onto it. The Google now thing is amazing!! It tells me my bus time table and best routes - straight up. And it is waterproof! Another interesting thing I noticed is on an app I use a bit, the NBA App, it lets you choose video quality - this is huge for me because my lunch break I will be able to watch an hour and only use 540MB instead of 3.8GB. I still have the option of going HD which is cool. NFC built in. Battery is fantastic. Camera is right up there. Im pleasantly surprised.

Again as someone who always hated android (copy cats) and have been spoilt with Apple products for years - for me the SGS5 is definitely a phone worth trying and is on the right path. I won't be able to use my Apple TV with my phone (still got an iPad) but my TV is Samsung anyway.

If you are on the fence - try it out - it really has caught up and offers something different. For me the LG was a bit too big and didn't feel in the same league in the hand. Having metal is cool - but my iPhone 5 (5S was better) looked like it had seen an able grinder with all the silver grazes on it from very light use.

Hi all, I've seen that make the comparison between the g3 and s5, I think he is gaining lg samsung, the commentary says that this order lg convincing all the g3, but I think the g2 lg was better than the s4, it means that lg this right now over samsung, I have the g2 and it is spectacular, I have compared to some programs with s4 and was all over in performance, graphics, battery, ect, I hope to soon change for the g3 and I've seen this spectacular

Well after waiting a couple of months i just deceided what phone to buy. Of course i went with the lg g3 and of course my wife went with the samsung s5 both phones have theres there ups and downs but i liked the lg g3 better.

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