Hey, look at that, more Tablet goodness! It looks like a video has just leaked showcasing Acer's rumored 10 inch Tegra-based Tablet. The video shows off some of the UI, and what appears to be a really slick e-reader and photo viewer application. One more picture and the video after the break! [via engadget, electronista



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Leaked video gives us quick look at Acer Tegra-based Tablet


There are Windows tablets...they have been out for years. Latest is the HP Slate 500. They suck just like netbooks but if thats what you want go for it!!

Or you can wait over the coming months and get the iPad wanna be copies and get the Android tablets.

What a hideous tablet. I'm hoping they change the casing or something. I'm holding out hope that Notion inc isn't just vapor ware. or maybe an HTC tab.. Google needs to get it together on the tab front.