Google is learning how to do commercials really, and we mean really, well. Their latest for the Nexus 10 hits home with any couple who has had a child, as well as pulls the heartstrings of everyone who watches. And it does it by showing us what the Nexus 10 can do, like Google Now, video chat via Google+ Hangouts, and multi-user support.

Everyone here already knows about the Nexus 10, but we often forget that there are a great many people who don't care about processors or benchmarks. Commercials like this, showing things they do care about, will hit home and people will remember. Click the embed and have a look.

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Latest Nexus 10 commerical may be the best one yet


Google's really been pulling at the heart strings lately with these commercials, first the little girl with the cancelled flight and now this. Well done.

Is multiuser support native to that version of Android, or something the manufacturer baked in? Will we see that on other tablets?

It's part of Android 4.2. My Asus-made Nexus 7 has it, too, but I never use it. I feel like the desire to share a mobile device increases with its size.

Yea, Google has seriously stepped it up. This makes me want a N10. My nieces N7 is satisfying enough tho

Super adorable. Call me a nerd, but I really like pausing the video and seeing what apps each one of them has installed. I especially like that there's a velociraptor video on the guys youtube widget.

Definitely a whole lot better than the thermonuclear war that some other companies are trying to wage with each other (*cough*samsungapple*cough*)

Google clearly violated at least one of their account creation policies since Alvin seems to be a few years shy of 13 :-)

That 3rd profile looked like it was actually a shared account between Brian & Kelly - the name that came up in the picture of Alvin was Kelly.

That was actually a really good commercial. Did anyone notice how the clock on the lockscreen doesn't use the half bolded half thin type? Wonder why google chose to do it that way, instead of having it stock.

Decent. I don't care for babies and all the accompanying jazz, but props to the Goog for marketing everyday life instead of a ton of specs.

Great AD!, only problem is...... your pregnant wife ain't gonna let you buy NO £319+ Nexus Tablet!!, those will now be OVER! lol, :). can't wait for mine to arrive!.

What I see is Google saying : "FU loyal users, we are targeting a new audience and we are still NOT launching accessories".

This is like if Nintendo would say "FU hardcore gamers, we are targeting a new audience and..." ... oh wait ...

Shocking.....a business that wants to grow out from being part of a niche market and get customers other than tweaking nerds.

Geez man....stop being so self absorbed. In theory Google shouldn't have to market for the nerds since they pretty much build their OS around what you want.

True true, a wider customers audiences is always a good move.

Fact is, no official accessories. Nerd or not, you have a pogo pin, an automatic daydream when docking and an area to attach a cover but no official pogo charger, no official dock and no official cover. My two cents, just don't put them on the device and sell it cheaper OR make something to use them!

And so far, the only aftermarket of the three that exists is the pogo charger.

Now let's do a game, go count how many official and aftermarket accessories there are for Apple products. Also look at why they succeed at having a wider audience with yes a stable product but that hasn't change THAT much over the years.

The prevalence of Apple accessories has more to do with the fact that vendors only have to worry about 1 or 2 different skus for iOS devices. Think about the iPhone....Apple is pretty much set in their product cycle now. They release a device, a year later it gets a "S" update, and then 2 years later they tweak the form. Vendors don't have the same assurance from Android OEMs. The dimensions of those phones change every 5 seconds and with there being so many OEMs you have a much wider variety of products to develop for. For the mainstream accessory makers that's not too big of a deal, but the smaller firms don't have the budget to develop to that wide an audience. So, for the most part, they stick to iOS stuff and sprinkle in for the Galaxy series and things of the like when possible.

Just the nature of the beast. A lot of people here really like Android devices for the variety of options.....but that comes at a cost.

I agree with everything you just said. I am not expecting accessories for all devices. But at least for their flagships I mean. Google isn't a "smaller firm". Furthermore, the dock and the cover have already been shown in various ads, but they are nowhere to be found. I guess it's the teasing they've made that really pisses me off and I got carried away is a hate campaign over that!

And what you just said reminded me of a thought or a "dream" I had that goes in your direction. Just think for one second, that Google would have ONLY proprietary hardware. Oh god the devices would be great! I know people like those bloatwares. But I always hear them a year later saying, oh gosh my phone is slow/not updated/annoying/etc. At least out here.

OK - I'm stopping by to collect man cards. Jerry and many others who saw this as a touching and moving commercial can step right up and hand me theirs :)

This commercial is lame. Nothing there I couldn't already do with my smart phone or laptop/PC. Color me as unimpressed.