Nexus 7

Here it is, folks. The fifth day in our five-day Nexus 7 and Google Play Gift Card giveaway, courtesy of the fine folks at Google. We've already had four days of entries, and this here's your last chance. As a reminder, you'll be entering to win a free 32GB Nexus 7 3G (that's the one with optional GSM cellular service), plus a $25 Google Play Gift Card to get you started with apps, movies, movies or books.

To enter, hit up this thread in our forums for instructions. Good luck, and we'll announce the winners Monday morning.

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playbook_007 says:


drmsr says:

Love my family. Happy Holidays and a Happy New year.

aznmode says:

oops posted in the wrong

OmaarChavez says:

My little autistic brothers are probably my greatest source of inspiration.

Magnolia Man says:

hopefully this can be my 1st tablet

post15951 says:

I might finally be able to stop using that filthy symbian (Nokia)

ldwis68 says:

It's for my brother if it comes to me

jomster561 says:

I would love to win this, I would give it to my cousin who is going though somethings.. This will probably make him cry if I won and gave it to him for Christmas.

flighinhigh says:

Thank you, it is for my daughter...Love Nexus 7...

Flying high in Cyber Space! Merry Christmas to all & may Santa grant you all your favorite wish!

dentanez says:

What can I say but Awesome job you guys do.Big fan here in NYC. Thanks for all you do.

alexdeoth says:

Christmas is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas that's why it's the happiest season of the year.

vlad514 says:

Happy holidays to everyone

That is gold

powerforward says:

I would love to add this beautiful device to my stable. Thanks for the opportunity!

lubabuba says:

People on this thread have so much love. Happy holidays to all of you!

gary8988 says:

The real winner is Android Central even tho you guys spend alot of time with the technical side which I'm still trying to figure out lol you always show your human side thx for the contest

Ikram Chohan says:

i miss my friends.....

Chad1369 says:

Gimme one!

TSC1224 says:

Androiders = Lovers

ced2334 says:

Happy holidays to all my friends and fellow android users!

shadowmasta says:

Do I even have a chance!!!

noon678 says:

Merry cmas and a happy newyr to everyone :)

mputtr says:

I already have the HP touchpad but i would totally give this to my gf if I get it. she deserves it.

Happy holidays to all the android community

bigtank says:

I think the Nexus 7 should be auctioned off and all proceeds given to charity

Happy holidays to everybody, especially to my family that I really miss. Would love to give a Nexus7 to my dad overseas so he would be able to videoconference with is grandkids. Best wishes to all

d_1000#AC says:

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I hope and pray that you have a great and blessed 2013!

rolandbajzak says:

Merry Peaceful Chrismas for everyone!

johnjaycee says:

got an S3 want a Nexus 7 for Christmas

keoni34 says:

I need a tablet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VulgarViking says:

Winner winner chicken dinner with a Nexus would be great, even without gravy!? Thanks for the great info and giveaways!

sgrb18 says:

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

Hope to give this to my father who deserves a top present after the year he's had, thanks android central


Ivan Feign says:

I could use a spare.

jmartinbsu says:

I'm a bit sad I didn't get to enter this drawing :\. Apparently it opened yesterday after I got on the road and is now closed. *le sigh*

Thanks for the great coverage on all things android AC. I still appreciate all that you're doing.

mistic99 says:

I'll always love my mama

bgall021 says:

Thank you to the moderators, creators, and contributors to this site! You guys are all great Happy Holidays!

parsonsteach says:

As I type this my one year old son is cooking up a whole new hex code swatch in his diaper and looking at the code on my computer screen.

My shout out goes to all those young kids growing up today who will have access to things like Android tablets and Raspberry Pi's that either didn't exist or were too far out of reach when I was young. I can't wait to see what your minds come up with.

Happy holidays everyone. I'm off to tackle that hex code.

techieTroy says:

My mother has amazed me my whole life with her deep love not just for me but for others, her generosity despite never having much, and her great sacrifices for me that I was not aware of nor able to fully understand or appreciate until I was older. She is such a stunning example of what this world needs so much more of.

waxzman says:

Lets all stop this hate and instead lets all love one another. After all we very limited time here on Earth. Peace on earth I think that's what mayan is trying to say and not end of the world.

mdehaven says:

My wife has the best laugh ever!
Happy thoughts to everyone!

Wishing for a Christmas Miracle!

emilde says:

My wife is definitely the best, but with a new nexus 7 android central might just be a close second. :)

bennytwo says:

I check you guys out each day for current news. Keep up the good work.

Have a good holiday!

pito04 says:

This could probably turn into the best Christmas ever thanks to AndroidCentral!
Happy Holidays!

DLamarJ says:

Peace and blessings to everyone this Christmas

DRAZY says:

The personal I would like to thank is my wife and my 4 year old daughter. They are the loves!!! I know I could go out and buy my wife the Nexus 7 but winning it for her just seems like more fun. :-)

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Natemc4302 says:

My Christmas to all.

stakuo says:

Happy holidays everyone!

jrock151#CB says:

Happy Holidays

meethere says:

WOuld be a best gift for my father,


Ho Ho Ho merry christmas to everyone......... :)

First time in the forums... where do I go to comment???? I just see everyone post but cant see where to add mine.

fazewan says:

Laoshu you rock my bubble, with you by my side we own the world :-). Merry Christmas love.

ac10906 says:

Love everyone that understands what holidays are really about.

bulvine420 says:

Merry Christmas don't drink and drive

This is an awesome device, I'm a techie at heart i'd love to have my dream come true of having one. So this is the season for giving. Thanks in advance and i love you guys at andoid central, i've learn so much by surfing your vast knowledge base.

merry christmas everyone

mobilemail says:

I would very much like to win a nexus tablet!

timmy00005 says:

I love my beautiful wife and two great girls. Daddy needs a nexus 7 please.

MarkSeven says:

Wish I coulda entered on Saturday but my computer is messed up. I usually get on here when I'm at work.. Oh well.. Hopefully I still win something!

Tar Heel1 says:

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Hope this is not too late but this would make the perfect Christmas present for my mom

Chuck Vu says:

I love the Nexus 7! Power to Android!

14kmtnman says:

What a great Christmas present this will make to someone!

Boy Somera says:

My dream tablet since Nexus 7 8GB variant, now I am still dreaming for this 32GB 3G variant

itsmekalyan says:

gimme one