ICS on the Galaxy S

If you're looking to give another early build of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich a go on the Nexus S and prefer the ROM Manager route, Koush (a name you should well know and trust) has made available in ROM Manager an early alpha build. It's early yet, and the camcorder and a few other things aren't working 100 percent -- again, alpha build -- but it's something else to play with if you want.

Check it out at the link below, or snag it in ROM Manager.

Source: XDA


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Koush's Nexus S ICS alpha build now available in ROM Manager


Very nice! I know some Devs are collaborating on the Dinc 2.. I will be excited if they can bring a functioning Alpha build soon. Right now it is pre-alpha.

Yeah, it IS KOUSH.
But it's NOT his Rom.
He likes to add other developer's popular Roms to his app "Rom Manager", without even telling the developers who worked so hard on it...(just like this time).
He parlays that into more sales of "Rom Manager", and sometimes people even give him credit for building the ROM in the first place. (just like this time).
The ones who DESERVE the money never see it,
But people LOVE this guy?
Someone please explain this to me.

He actually posted it under his name.
Kinda weird how this popped up out of nowhere from him, just as the other build that had exactly the same things working/not working as "his".
Either way, whether he did this or not, I've heard the same complaint from WAY too many devs:
"Oh, look...my Rom is featured on Rom Manager!.....(Wait...I never said that he could.....)"....

"Shouldn't devs HAVE to sign up with Rom Manager before Koush puts their Roms in Rom Manager?"
There: FTFY.
(And to answer your question: Yes, they SHOULD have to.)