KT Nexus One Froyo schedule

Remember how yesterday Korean carrier KT said it was going to launch the Nexus One with Froyo on June 21? Scratch that, apparently. KT's official Twitter account (which is @show_tweet) now points to a mid-July launch. So what does that mean for those of us in the states waiting on Froyo? No, we still don't know when it's coming for the Nexus One. Or the Droid. Or the Hero. Or the Droid Incredible. Or the Evo 4G. Or the ... (Thanks, Wonhee Cho!)


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Korean Nexus One now set to launch with Froyo in July


Odd they hold up the whole phone launch.

Why not just go with 2.1 and OTA Froyo like everybody else ?

bad bad bad, we want froyo on our nexus one... we don't want to wait anymore.!!!! i'm tired of android 2.1 Google must hurry up!!

Wow this sucks. The worst part? All this time working on froyo is time Google is NOT working on the next update, ginger bread.

This is seriously pissing me off. I would call this a major fail if they don't OTA this before the iPhone weekend. Just doesn't send a good message.

I guess I might be able to clarify some stuff. First of all that tweet seems to be a machine transition of the original Korean, so no wonder the English doesn't make sense. But the jist is as the article reads. The launch had been delayed to mid July, because of Goggle - probably the delayed froyo, but in Korea some suggest that it might be some Korean specified localization. We really don't know.

Why the froyo version. In fact Goggle announced the Korean Nexus One few weeks ago, not yesterday -the news simply didn't get much attention till yesterday. However, ever since that announcement, KT has been advertising that it will be released with froyo preinstalled. So the release is delayed because KT is trying to keep the promise. Korea already has desire and X10 available (via a different rival carrier ), so this froyo promise was the only way to keep the already 6 month old nexus one appealing.

And yes, as a Nexus One user myself I'm also eager for the official froyo