Nexus 5We're getting closer and closer to the inevitable launch of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat, and with the device's image recently slipping out on Google Play — along with a $349 price point — there's more buzz than ever around this year's Nexus handset.

The Android Central forums are a great place to chat it up and share your Nexus 5 thought, hopes, fears and expectations as we wait for the device's arrival. Here's a quick rundown of some of the top threads at the moment:

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What? Every poll I've ever seen ask the question the majority of Nexus users ROM it almost immediately. I will unlock and root out of the box like its meant to be done...because it is. Cool if you don't though lol

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Nexus and kitkat.. I expect it to be chocolaty, smoother, and really need some change in UI. Seems bit old school..

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This is a great looking phone for sure...but I think I'm going to hold off on buying one immediately. My N4 does what I need it to do, and I want to see everyone's opinion on battery life and camera before I 'upgrade'.

Sound reasoning. I'd be right there with you except I broke my N4... So I'll be hitting 'refresh' on launch day like a madman.

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The camera on the 5 looks better than the one on the 4 so far...It has Optical Image Stabilization if nothing else...and that is definitely an upgrade. The only thing I hate about the camera on the 4 is that it does NOT like high contrast scenes.

I'm pissed of. why? Because this thing will cost again about 500-600 EUR here in Europe that's 700$ btw. Of course there is no Google Play devices where i live. Damn elgoog, you don't give a shit about small countries.

its more to do with the laws and taxes of the small countries. go to ebay and win a bid who ships internationally. you'll probably save money. or send the money to a trusted friend in the states if you have one.

No Google Play Store in my country too. I'll hold on to my S3 till S5 comes out

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The great thing about android is that there are settings that can be turned on to aid those who have trouble reading...

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I'm finally going to upgrade from my s3 up until now nothing really moved me. The note3 is to big and the UI on the lg g2 is just horrible.

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Pretty much the same here. The Nexus phones are not ideal, but they are closer than anything else. At least Google woke up an realized they needed a reasonable amount of storage.

I sold my nexus 4 a month ago thinking this would be release soon. Google is killing me. I never thought I would hate my nexus 1 so much.

i wish there was some kind of notification or email/text to alert me when this puppy is ready to buy.

There is. It's called the Internet. When this thing comes up for sale, all the tech blogs will compete to be the very first to let you know.

no, that means i have to manually check and monitor the internet. i want a PUSH notification in real time.

this would be a great feature for the AC App (which i don't have installed but maybe would if it had it). "PUSH Notification Alert - New Nexus Available in Play Store".

i did consider Google News Alerts.

well i did see the App "Nexus 5 Hype" by One Week Creations in the Play Store but i don't know WTF to make of it.

The fact that this will be offered with a 32Gb capacity makes this just viable. I would like to own at least one Nexus device and this looks like a good possibility.

Up to now I have been considering the Note 3 as my main upgrade option (from my ageing GS2). I like the user changeable battery, expandable storage, S-pen and split screen options in this device.

I had an S2 (OG and Skyrocket). And I have a Galaxy Player. (Now I'm sporting a G2, though.)

Doesn't help with the answer at all. If the OP likes the features of a Samsung, I'm not so sure a stock device would be good for him.

Sorry bud, that's no longer a valid argument against a touchwiz device.... my note 2 absolutely flies through everything I do without a hiccup, and battery life is fantastic. I don't like the look of touchwiz so I just use nova launcher... done and done. Note 3 is even more powerful, so I'm not understanding the "price" you're referring to...

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I have been assured by many google fanboys on this site that 16 gigs is more than anyone should need. You are just being too demanding.

Everyone uses their phones differently. Those that "assured" you there's no need for more than 16gb clearly don't need that much storage, which is fine for them. However, there are more than enough people out there that need more than that. I myself am almost running out of the 32gb I have available to me. Everyone's different cool kid...

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This should come to sprint, the Pentaband radio supports all their frequencies. It makes sense though, sprint is the only carrier supporting Google wallet.

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Would Sprint subsidize the phone or would you still have to buy outright? Which I have no problem with. I'm getting this bad boy.

If what I've read is true, there is one device, that will be global unlocked with support for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. You would probably but it print from the Play Store, and take it to Sprint to have it activated.

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So tempted to upgrade my gnex to note 3 but this is the only thing stopping me. I think this phone is going to be amazing.

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I've had the Note 3 for almost 2 weeks and it is a very nice phone. If you like to flash roms you better get the t mobile version or international. I have the at&t and we have root but the bootloader is still locked. This Nexus 5 is awful tempting.

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Still no SD. Still no removable battery. Now a 32 gig option though...apparently google finally admitted 16 gigs might not be enough. I suppose that is progress.

This is my s4 happy with my htc one and note 3...this will be my 1st nexus ...

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"No SD."
"No removable battery."

Never will have those things, no matter how many times people bring it up. It just ain't gonna happen. Can we please move beyond that? Just let it go already.

Why should we let it go? It worked with HTC. And Google is finally offering a 32 gig version of the phone, despite saying 16 gigs was enough last time. Bitching obviously does work. Maybe we are not complaining loudly enough.

I could be wrong, but I don't think it'll be announced until next Thursday, the 24th or on Halloween. They supposedly delayed it with the gov shut down, due to smaller coverage, and today won't work because Microsoft is releasing Win8.1. Monday they could send out the invites and get more bloggers if they have a ceremony of sorts on Thursday. Last year it was Steve Jobs dead, this year the feds ruined it for everyone, and who knows what's coming next year.

My Nexus 4 is just as snappy as the day I bought it. I will not be upgrading, seeing as I'll get KitKat anyways.

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I have a Nexus 4. I'll be upgrading for the OIS camera, 32 gigs of space (finally), and a slightly better display (too much DPI is never enough). A faster CPU and bigger battery doesn't hurt either.

Think I'll stick with my n4 and upgrade next year instead. Unless the n5 is too good to miss out on.

Regardless, I think the most weird thing about this launch is not gonna be anything to do with the phone itself, more the fact that it won't be Hugo Barra pulling one out of his pocket.

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IMO a "buy every other Nexus" is a good strategy.

i'm going from Sprint G-Nexus to Nexus 5 and this will move me to the freedom of no-contract GSM.

I use that strategy too. I had the Nexus One. Now I have the Galaxy Nexus, and soon I will have the Nexus 5.

Don't get me wrong, but a couple things people didn't like about the N4 was no Lte, no extra storage, no removable battery. From what I've read and seem over the past couple weeks/months is pretty much the same minus LTE... Now I'm not one to load my phone up with music and stuff, but people where really mad about no extra storage. It should come with at least 50g of storage on drive If they want to keep some people happy. Also the battery, again not a big deal for me, but they should sell one of those external battery case get ups and not let a 3rd party company make moves on that area.

as badly as I want to buy this day one I think I will be responsible and give it a bit to hear reviews and feedback before leaving my trusty Nexus 4. I've only had it since June so I don't see a need to rush and buy one just in case it isn't a huge difference in hardware. It's not like I won't be getting KitKat within days of it being released anyways so it is really just a hardware thing.

I'm going to experience KitKat on my N4 for a while. Maybe down the road I'll look at the N5.

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I have the N4 right now. The big reasons I'm planning to upgrade are:

-first and foremost 3,000mh battery

followed by:

-greatly improved camera
-bigger screen
-better screen
-non-glass, more durable back
-smaller than N4 form factor

Now, I just hope the N5 gets the G2's 3,000mh battery and camera!

Don't know how you could be sure that the camera is any better. Still 8mp, and while it isn't all about the numbers, simply stating it has better image stabilisation doesn't fill me with any confidence. I love my Nexus 4 but the camera is worse than the 4mp camera on the iPhone 4 I had before it. I want this phone but based on the camera alone I won't be ordering off the starting block, I'll wait and see what the reviews say.

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The #1 thing I NEED to see on the Nexus 5 is; improved battery life; improved battery life and improved battery life. I can't hold a charge on my nexus 4 but maybe 3hrs. Its ridiculous. Great phone is ruined by the crappy battery life.

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I'm so glad Google gets the idea. If you don't charge an arm and a leg for a good product, you'll sell out!! Its good quality equipment and technology for half the money! People see that and scramble for their wallets. Apple and other company's charge WAY too much for unlocked phones. Keep it up Google. Ya'll are smart. I will definitely buy a Nexus 5:)

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I'm hoping it comes to Sprint, ATT and T-Mobile with one sku and has support for all of Sprints LTE bands!! I'd buy that day one. Plus I could have the freedom to change providers and keep the same device.