Flipboard for tablets

Flipboard, the popular newsreader app (which basically made RSS look like the dinosaur that it is and paved the way for other platforms like Google Currents) has finally updated itself for Android tablets. That means you can get the sweet stylings on devices like he Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, or any of those other tablets, without resorting to sideloading. 

Get your download on. Load up Android Central. And get flipping.


Reader comments

It's about flippin' time: Flipboard finally officially updates for Android tablets


Not anymore apparently if you have a butchers at the comments on Google Play!!

Looks like the Tablet Interface has disappeared for some people!! :/

Nice! Update works great on my Nook Tablet (rooted, with Holo Launcher on standard Nook OS).

Updated to the new version, but on my N7, I MUCH prefer the "Phone" mode. It's nice that they made the update so users of the app can choose. Now if Zite would update their app.