Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Binaries to use for the 4.1.1 AOSP build for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus have been posted at Google's Nexus drivers page. This means developers (of the ROM building variety) have the tools they need to build Jelly Bean once the code is fully propagated. 

Just like a proper Nexus should be.

Toro Binaries

Source: Google Developers

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S_C_B says:

How bout that!

tamaownsyou says:

What about Sprint?

autoprime#AC says:

we lose once again.

aergern says:

Didn't the Nexus S just get put back into ASOP? Now that VZW has done their Gnex ... why wouldn't Sprint? It's not like VZW and Sprint work together to schedule things to happen at the same time no matter what handset is involved. ;)

_JKK_ says:

Well, that's great! Maybe a sign that the relationship between Google and Verizon is healing a bit?

(Which could be bad or good, depending on your view)

XavierMatt says:

Who cares. Tell VZW to OTA the shit out so I don't have to go through all the hassle.

Csdaytona says:

Best comment of all time.

xeroslash says:

Ignore me. Bad day -_-

Small_law says:

No need to apologize there. You said what many of us feel.

Well said Lol....that's great to hear but sounds like a set up as usual so until I see an official OTA from VZW Custom Root/ROM is where I'm @

wshwe says:

This is a ploy by Verizon to give people the illusion that their Nexus is a real Nexus. Remember this is the same company that locked their GS III bootloader.

CeluGeek says:

And that's precisely how they are going to play it! Verizon is going to use their second-class citizen Galaxy Nexus to justify locking the crap out of all other Android phones. "You want a phone you can hack? Get the Galaxy Nexus, otherwise shut up and accept this nice RAZR and all the crap we put inside of it."

Lancer033 says:

That's fine, but if they want my business to continue a current/unlocked Nexus device is the only thing that will keep me there.

tyguy829 says:

since the binaries are there, you can just go and compile it yourself if you are that anxious

TLB69 says:


impulse101 says:

Yeah I know GOD! Who wants to spend one minute rooting the phone and installing a superior ROM version of this weeks or months early when you can get Verizon's shitty OTA.

Now the nay sayers can STFU!

And yes I agree they need to push this as soon as possible.

jdhas says:

Really? "VZWRocks"? REALLY?!

DubA says:

Hmph! My phone has no words for you!

auburngirl says:

This makes me so happy. Maybe now I will stop calling it my Faux Nexus.

inyrules says:

YES! Hopefully we won't have to wait months for a Jelly Bean OTA for this phone.

Not to sound rude but it seems like a familiar set up, I mean were talking VZW here who has all but run the real money maker(Android NOT iOS) in circles all the while pissin' on the little guy(Techies, enthusiasts & Normal Peeps too) all to sell an iPhone & also improve profit margins. Maybe only a software update but it's how they've become in a nutshell

tyguy829 says:

since the binaries are there, you can just go and compile it yourself if you are that anxious

mr.wizard says:

Yes, now I can think about making my own OTA update

Comineeyeaha says:

I'm really excited about this.

jcastag says:

Maybe it's a mistake and it will be pulled like when HTC posted info about the ReZound ICS updates. Ooooopppss

Cubfan says:

Now gimme my update. That's why I got this damned phone.

jms67 says:

Brings a tear to my eye

Jerflash says:

this is amazing news!! No more porting roms to the can now be built from source!!!

csloomis says:

We can only hope that this means we won't have to wait months for the update to push out.

Sprint come on....

steve0mac says:

its gonna be cool in 2014 when verizon release 4.1 for the GN

SgtMijo says:

Too funny!

By the time VZW gets around to releasing the update, we'll be reading about the "new Orange Sherbet" ROMs.

moosc says:

why own a nexus and do ota that's so 90s. Man up root n rom there way better then some stinking ota

gabbott says:

That is only for the Nexus S 4G, not the Galaxy Nexus.

Right from JBQ a couple hours ago:

Edit: ok my reply for was a comment that seem to have been deleted and went here.

Monkey Pi says:

The only thing more manly than rooting and roaming is spending your Friday night writing code

Oh yeah sure now Verizon Galaxy Nexus is a true Nexus. Sure it is my buddies with the GSM GALAXY NEXUS here on Tmobile that's the true Nexus. Verizon needs to get lost and take it's overrated battery draining network with them.

Fuzonik says:

Fuck off.

squiddy20 says:

It never stopped being a "true Nexus" you moron. It was still just as easy to root/unlock as it was day one. It still had access to AOSP ROMs like CM9. It still had the word "Nexus" in the title. You're just the dope who got duped.
What's sad is, for the year and a half you were with Sprint, you stated how "crappy" and "piss-poor" Verizon was. You stated how all of its devices were "overpriced and underspeced". And yet YOU signed up with them to get a "pimp slapping" Galaxy Nexus for $100 more than the same model on Sprint a few months later. Again, you really have only yourself to blame.

clarker07 says:

I feel like I'm in the comments section of an Engadget story here

Dirge says:

Geez, you switch teams more often than a sexually confused teen.

On-topic: I'm glad Google posted this. If Google says the Verizon Nexus is a true Nexus, then it's a true Nexus. Haters gonna hate.

panda_mode says:

Oh, no. You've angered VZW customers

skyboxer says:

It makes me wonder if locking the GS3 bootloader was part of the deal in handing over the resources to make the gnex AOSP compliant.
It might shine some light on the path going forward, especially in light of the reported several manufacturers of nexus devices. A whole line of nexus devices which are easily unlocked, and everything else locked down tight.

hoosiercub says:

I can see Verizon handing the reigns over to El Goog on this one. Saying.. we're done with the phone and don't want to keep it updated anymore. Have at it.

It doesn't matter what Google calls this phone. This phone will be whatever Verizon allows it to be. Besides, most of the serious issues concerning the Galaxy Nexus are hardware related.

VAVA Mk2 says:

Um...not really....the 4.1.1 source code and binaries for the VZW Galaxy Nexus means easy custom ROMs for JB built straight from source or if you want, compile the source and do the "OTA" to your Nexus yourself. This phone meets the standards of a Nexus device since Google really is still providing means to compile specifically for the VZW CDMA Nexus. And I pray to God that VZW says to hell with it and lets Google take care of its updates from here on out.

i own a gsm version and i sure hope your prayers are answered so that people will be able to update in a timely manner...

MonteChristo says:

No, no it's not a real Nexus. It's closer, but not yet there.

Exit question: Why does it seem as if this site is emotionally invested in the claim that the VZW Nexus us a real Nexus?

Nate#AC says:

I agree mostly. But I think the real solution is to stop talking about the concept of a "real Nexus" completely. It's bad journalism because the term has no true meaning; it means wildly different things to different people.

I would much rather see something like AndroidPolice's phrasing, where they list the facts of exactly how it differs from the GSM Galaxy Nexus, and measure in terms of "Full AOSP support" rather than "real Nexus". "Full AOSP support" isn't perfect but at least it carries a lot more meaning.

Finally, I don't like mysterious article headlines that don't really say anything. "It really is a Nexus after all"? *What* is? I guess you have to read the article to find out! I hate teasers.

Sorry for being grumpy today. I mostly like Android Central. But I do sometimes get the impression that the editors get emotionally invested in certain claims.

MonteChristo says:

We'll see. When Elgoog pushes out JB to the Galaxy Nexus line, I'll be looking at my VZW Nexus in dismay. But regardless pointing to an AOSP release that doesn't have functional GPS/Camera and calling it good seems a bit of a stretch.

gksmithlcw says:

I wish Sprint would get in the game... *sigh*

dyinman says:

I squealed with delight when I saw this.

Johnly says:

So what, the phone has tokes from the Verizon pipe....that doesn't mean it can't clean up (or toke the pure, however you look at it,) and be a nexus after all!

gothdroid says:

Still no mention of the Sprint Galaxy Nexus being supported in AOSP. Not interested.