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If, like me, you're eagerly awaiting the delivery of your new Nexus 4 or Nexus 10 to a UK address, you'll no doubt have encountered some issues tracking the package online. Google sent out a TNT consignment number with every shipping email, along with a handy hyperlink to track that item online. But, tracking those numbers seems to bring up either an error or a completely different package belonging to someone else. Frustrating? Absolutely. But, the good news is it's an easy fix. 

The "TNT # ..." number provided to you by Google isn't the consignment number of the package as they would have you believe. This number is in fact your customer reference number. This can be used to track the package too though, so don't fret. On the tracking page on the TNT website, ensure that the "Reference Number" box is checked and not the "Consignment Number" box. Click track, and it should bring up all you need to know. 

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Samson1433 says:

You guys are lucky. I can't wait for them to restock so I can get mine ordered.

SteveEdson says:

Keep up the good work Google. *goes back to refreshing Nexus 4 product page*

tekcomms says:

Since I missed out on the nexus 4 due to a bank fraud check I decided to get a nexus 7 just to make me feel better and cannot fault the order/delivery process from ordering it was at my door in about 12 hours so never got round to checking the TNT number :)

Psycorp says:

I managed to get my N4 16GB order in at 8.31 GMT, about 5 minutes after they went on sale. Got my "your device is on backorder" email yesterday, despite being assured by Google CS less than 24 hours earlier that my order had been processed and would ship on the 15th.

The way Google has handled all aspects of this launch, especially customer service, is nothing short of tragic.

That still doesn't work either, either box ticked brings 0 information.

Gearu says:

So there's a security issue where you can stumble upon the names of other customers?

AndrzejP78 says:

I missed out my Nexus 10 order in the first try due to a bank fraud check and after waiting more than 1 week happily ordered one at google's play store. On Friday on the tracking website I found out that the tablet arrived in TNT depot in Wellingborough but on Monday received a call from the depot with the information that they cannot locate the parcel. It looks like they either lost or stole my item. Now I am considering calling my bank and claim the charge back.