Quite honestly, we've never heard of Trak Electronics out of Poland until now but they are the latest to offer up an Android powered tablet / mobile internet device. And well, it actually looks pretty nice. On top of looking good it has a nice price to go with it. The specs aren't exactly where we would like them to be but they are pretty sufficient depending on your intended usage.

  • 800×400 (WVGA) Resistive touch display
  • Telechips TCC8902 (ARM11) 800 MHz processor
  • 256 MB of internal RAM
  • 4GB Flash Memory built in
  • Android 2.1 / Android Market enabled
  • Micro SD/SDHC support up to 32 GB
  • 1080 p HD video playback with HDMI output
  • Mini USB-OTG adapter
  • Wi-Fi b/g,
  • 3.5 mm Headphone jack
  • Lithium-polymer battery, 3500mAh
  • Support for USB 3G Modem For GPRS / 3G

We've not had the pleasure of giving the $299 tablet a run through but we did get sent a nice video of it in action. You can hit the break for a video of it in action. Tip: Turn down your volume before watching, music gets kind of loud. [Tablet Online]



Reader comments

Introducing the TPad-780 Android powered tablet from Poland


Sufficient? Lol How am I supposed to play angry birds on a resistive screen? Come on. You guys should be shooting down these things things as soon as they pop their heads up. Where's the accountability?

Resistive touch screen on a tab??? who comes up with this stuff? Better yet what genius approved it fail.

it looked way too unresponsive to me...

why would they have a resistive touch screen? fail...

and where is the camera? fail...

No 2.2? fail...

People who want a Tablet PC but don't have the cash might be tempted, but as with all resistive screens, they sure are bound to suffer. I know owners of LG Optimus phones. My advice: give this one a skip, save up more bucks and buy a tablet with a decent TS. The screen is obviously the main factor and the distinguishing part of tablets. Resistive... srict no-no