Incipio FIXIE Universal Tablet Stand.


The Incipio FIXIE stand is one of the handiest accessories for the Nexus 7 that I've ever used

You've just found a review one of the handiest little gadgets for tablet owners ever made. The Incipio FIXIE Universal Tablet Stand takes a simple concept — something to hold your tablet so you can see the screen while it's on a table or desk — and fleshes it out so that it will work great for almost any situation.

It's universal, hence the universal bit in the name, and works for 7-inch and 10-inch (and any sizes in-between) tablets with or without a cover or folio case. You set your tablet in the rubber coated cradle arms at the bottom, and it faces you rather than point towards the ceiling like it does while laying flat. This makes it great for reading, watching a movie, or as a digital picture frame.

But the secret here is the adjustability of the whole works. The stand is a two piece design, with an aircraft aluminum build the uses a "cam" effect to hold the screen at several different viewing angles. Want your tablet to sit upright at a steep angle so you can read an article on the web or an e-book? It can do that. Want to lay your tablet back so it's at the perfect angle for typing out an email? Move things around and that's covered, too. The same goes for landscape viewing of movies, or just sitting with a nice slides show while charging or not in use.

I like to keep my tablet on my desk in case I need to play a game in the middle of the day do some work with it, and I've never really cared about how it was sitting there. But the past few days I've been trying the FIXIE stand, and I'm not going back. With the angle that suits me perfectly, it gives me yet another bit of screen real estate that I can keep my instant messages open in while using my computer monitors in full screen. The flexibility of the FIXIE stand means you'll probably find the right use for it, too. 

You can grab the Incipio FIXIE Universal Tablet Stand from ShopAndroid via the widget in the beginning of this post or by clicking on this link. Head past the break to see a slew of images of it in action and how it works.

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richardfoc says:

Split Enz!

AsusStealth says:

I need this... for reasons

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Mayoo614 says:

Stick a N10 pogo cable at the bottom and you got yourself a nice docking station. Wouldn't behave like one but I guess it can by fixed with an NFC chip behind the stand.

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StuartV says:

Is it infinitely adjustable? I.e. does it have a hinge?

Or does it snap together into a fixed set of different positions?

Hand_O_Death says:

I bought the again basics tablet stand for my N7 it is a little big for 7 inchers. It think I would have liked this one better

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Hand_O_Death says:

*Amazon basics

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Chum says:

Add wireless charging into this and I'd buy in a heartbeat!

Lanhoj says:

I DIY'ed myself a case a while ago & still using it - reversed the inner tabs of an XBox 360 game case-->

snookasnoo says:

Cheaper on Amazon at $22.45.

metaldood says:

Obviously.. Everything on AC is 20-50% expensive + shipping charges

metaldood says:

Obviously.. Everything on AC is 20-50% expensive + shipping charges

TemporalBeef says:

Cheaper if you want the silver one. If you want the black version, it's still $39.99.

kevkavalier says:

Fuck ShopAndroid!

Try Amazon:

Hate getting ripped off!

That price is ridiculous

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Best phone/tablet stand I have ever purchased -- $5.29 @ Staples.

Black wire mesh business card holder.

You're welcome.

MarkSeven says:

No images past the break..

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zotgos says:

Too expensive, it is no more than a plate stand. Glorified!

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snowdroid83 says:

$30+ for that. You've got to be joking

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Jerry if you like that stand I think you should have a look at this kickstarter project.