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Little more than 24 hours has passed since the official unveiling of the Google Nexus 7, and the subsequent pre-orders becoming available in selected countries around the world. It's pretty much a given that it's bound to be a popular device within the Android community, but, how popular? 

The folks at Business Insider caught up with Hugo Barra last night at a press session at Google I/O, and asked the question a lot of people would be curious to know the answer to. How has the first days pre-sale gone? 

While Barra wouldn't disclose specifics -- hardly surprising -- but he did say they were really, really good. Pressed for a ballpark figure, he simply said, "it's big!" 

So, given Barra's position at Google, you'd be excused for thinking it's just a bit of positive PR. Well, we've some actual cause to believe him. 

Our contacts way up in Canada -- a guy called Chris, you might know him? -- have informed us that the 16GB Nexus 7 is no longer being accepted for pre-order. Seems for that, you now have to sign up to email alerts to let you know when they're available. 

So far, we've not heard any further reports of the pre-sale devices going off sale anywhere else in the world, but that's not to say they won't follow suit soon. If you want one at launch, it's looking like a pretty useful idea to pre-order as soon as you possibly can. 

Source: Business Insider


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Hugo Barra on Nexus 7 first day pre-order numbers: 'It's Big!'


Also, that's what she said? 

Sorry, I know. I'm adding zero to the conversation. I'm a child. :)


Very happy for Google, though! Love the Nexus 7. 

I was going to sell my Kindle Fire soon anyway, but now I'm debating if I even NEED a tablet in the first place. I really want to need the Nexus 7.

Confirmed, it says, "You will not be charged until your order has shipped." but I see a pending debit from my account in the amount of $284.69 from Google*Devices

Same here. I can't imagine they've already started shipping though. They did say mid July. I would expect we'll get a notification when it does ship, with a tracking number.

It's just a pending charge so they know they can take that much and that it won't bounce etc. Same thing that hotels do etc.

Most banks won't even show that value on your statement (although your available balance will drop). They've not actually taken the money yet - merely told the bank they're going to.

Man, I'm so tempted to pre-order one, and I never even wanted a 7-inch tablet. I really never got into tablets to begin with, but I always said I'd get a 10'incher if I ever got one. But at this price point, I could get a quad-core tablet that is capable of playing all of the latest movies, games, supports the latest OS, and can still have cash to get a full blown laptop if I want to truly be productive during trips.

Just my 2 cents. I also have the Sam Gal 10.1, and to be honest it makes a great coffee table tablet but I hesitate to just walk out with it. 10 inches is just over the edge for a grab and go and does get heavy while surfing on the couch. The Nexus 7 will fit the bill, insert in pocket and go.

nice, glad I got in on that little window that was available before the keynote even began or the tablet was announced!(16 Gb model.)

I never had a want or a need for a tablet because my big android phone serves the same purpose, but this tablet is the only one that has piqued any interest. Engadget said it was the best 7" tablet and they clock over 9hrs and 40mins battery life in a loop test. At this price point, specs, battery life and size with jellybean it can't be beat. So I will be definitely getting one.

Hey, this tablet seems so good that I'm actually considering getting a smaller phone, to avoid redundancy! o_O

I have the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and still ordered the nexus 7 (16 gb)! Too much to pass up. I love Google! :-)

Man oh man am I salivating at the thought of this device can't wait till I can either A. Afford one or B. Win one from my favorite Android News Website in the world (AC I'm looking at you).

just ordered it! Plus, Sprint called me and is reserving my blue Galaxy S3 at the store for pickup on Saturday....YIPPI!!!!! It's Xmas and fun being broke!!!

Its done, I did it. Just had to get it. As soon as they announced that its available for pre-order, I was seeing how long it'll last before I do. Pre-ordered the 16GB. One of the first devices I've actually pre-ordered.

Pre-ordered my 16 GB version yesterday. Can't wait. I have my Xoom WiFi, but I really enjoy the 7" size of my wife's Fire. A lot more comfortable to read on (not as heavy), and still big enough for games and movies. Xoom will now serve as the family room coffee table internet tablet.

Never had a tablet before because I always thought of them as simply toys. Expensive toys. I thought there's nothing I can do on a tablet that I can't do on my phone. I thought I'd wait it out to see how Windows 8 tablets turn out. But this, a Nexus 7, might actually be my first tablet! Sure, I still think it's a toy, but hey, at $250 it's a very nice toy!