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The HP Slate 7 Android tablet didn't quite make our list of the best Android tablet for the price — that prize still goes to the Nexus 7 — but it's a wee bit more palatable now that HP has shaved $30 off the top. You get that discount up front, too, which always is a bonus.

That doesn't necessarily make it a better tablet, though. "In reality its an amalgamation of miscalculations that come out as a disaster of a device and a waste of silicon and dollars" is how our own Derek Kessler put things in his official review

If you're looking for an inexpensive Android tablet, well, the Slate 7 fits that bill. But for another $60, you can still get so much more.

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HP drops price on the Slate 7 tablet to $140


This is what happens when a no name Chinese manufacture is able to make a better tablet than the top computer seller in the world. I'm going to Walmart and get a Hisense Pro 7.

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Another new tablet to launch this month with impressive features and price is the Novo 8 Discovery ($169) that compares to the 8 inch mini iPad and offers fast Quad core performance... and the 8" size is almost as compact as a 7" tablet but offers 65% more screen space to play with, which makes a quite a difference in user experience. The Novo 8 Discovery offers the latest features, including Bluetooth, Google Play, MicroSD storage and a front webcam & 2 Megapixel rear camera -- available through T ab l e t S p r i n t -- which also features $25 in free Bonus Apps that include an MS Office suite and the popular 3D Game Shadowgun -

the ipad mini is a joke of a tablet, the ipad 2 equal in price to the mini has better specs and better screen resolution. Comparing anything to an ipad mini is rediculous

When will manufacturers ever learn that a bad product isn't worth buying regardless of price? I mean, the 1024x600 screen resolution is atrocious. HP isn't losing sales because people are honestly comparing the HP Slate 7 to the Nexus 7, they are losing them because someone walks into the store and says "I want a cheap tablet and can't afford an iPad mini" and the response is "We'll here's a Nexus 7 at $200. Very good." The HP Slate is NEVER brought up.

For $10 you can get the Hisense Sero 7 pro which is pretty damn good. Very very impressed with it.

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Hard to believe that people aren't rushing to jump on board with HP's latest "mobile strategy of the week."

Cheaper than Hisense Sero Pro, but with reason given the lower specs.
I'm wondering how long HP has left. I'm giving them 8 years for bankrupt, and maybe 4 for merging/purchased.

I agree with TheDu9du....If I'm going to spend $140, I'll kick in the extra $9 and get the Hisense Sero 7 Pro

@Phil Nickinson

Thanks for the info.

hope HP will make more different type of tablets (normal to mid-range to high end)asap. As we know hp is good company in computer world.

Thanks in Advance

I'll be getting this this tablet as soon as the price drops to minus $140, then I can use the $140 they pay me towards getting my Galaxy Note 3