By now everyone should have seen the Google Nexus One update (called 2.1-update1) pushed out to their phones. (If not, you can always update manually.) Aside from pinch-to-zoom being turned on in a handful of apps, the update contained a fix for the apparent problems the phone was having keeping a 3G connection on T-Mobile.

However, our pals at JKOnTheRun still saw issue after the update, and there are other reports, as well. And so we put it to you, gentle folk. How's your T-Mobile 3G reception after last week's update?


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How's your Nexus One 3G reception now?


I really hope that this issue is contained to the T-Mobile carrier. When the N1 hits verizon it better have all its kinks fixed. A phone on a real network should be able to access all their services without glitches.

I saw no difference with the update. But yesterday I rooted my nexus one and flashed the latest cyanogen rom for n1 and now I have a constant hsdpa and 3g signal. Edge is all but a thing of the past for me now : )

Worse than before, because now we have to wait for another update from Tmobile!

I did notice that with CyanogenMod the HSDPA+ network works GREAT! Only if it didn't fluctuate.

I've come to the conclusion that it's T-Mobile that is restricting 3G usage on these phones. There is no other reason that this phone should not work in 3G mode as well as any other HTC phone on TMO.

Anyhow, I'm switching to Sprint and saving a few hard earned green backs. It's been 1 month already and nobody has fixed the problem. Somebody better get fired.

I dont think t-mobile is restricting the network. I'm not having those problems with my n1 at all. I suggest trying to swap your phone with a new one. I had a battery issue and i called the htc help line. they gave me a new one in just 1 DAY!. i was surprised because all of the bad press with google customer service.
-Hope that helps.

If you do decide to go to sprint, maybe you should wait for that supersonic to com out. i just cant imagine any other phone toping that for a while

My nexus 1 worked great before the upgrade but after the upgrade everytime I get to work my 3g service goes out. My texting doesn't work and people can't call me. The only thing that work is when I make calls. This only happens around downtown in Manhattan Ny. Everything goes back to normal one's I leave the area. I can make a video if someone is willing to help me.

T-Mobile has been doing some serious work fixing their network... Past couple of months have been hard, and I'm not even on t-mo but when I go to call someone who has t-mo half the time I have to call 2-3 times to get through... That's a bit upsetting~

None of the poll options really address my results from the update, which are the same both before and after modding my ROM with Cyanogen/MoDaCo's hybrid ROM.

What I'm getting is SIGNIFICANTLY better voice coverage and EDGE data inside my house than before the radio patch, and much much better battery life. As far as 3G, it really doesn't exist in my house's neighborhood on T-Mobile, but in my office, I never had a problem with it, once I turned it on.

That's the thing, both before and after the update, I frequently won't get 3G unless I go into the settings and select the Mobile Networks menu item. I don't have to do anything after that, it just switches over to a nice strong 4-bar voice and "H" signal on the 3G indicator. A solid 1.5Mb/s on speedtest, which is about as good as it gets here.

The reception since my update has not done a thing, receptions wise for me in the DFW area. The thing i dont know now is that , "is there a T-Mo issue going on here". My friends with MT3G, who has had TMO svc for a while is complaining that service has recently been poor. I have both phones it seems there a lot of dead spots all of a sudden on both phones and also last week, there was a period i had no service on my MT3G and N1 and it only came back after an hour. Not even rebooting our phones or going through the whole procedure of battery off and going to airplane mode, worked for us. Whatever is going on it making me seriously doubt staying with them as mode Android Phones are begining to be available on the other GSM provider.

Get your act together TMO

I wouldn't exactly call Verizon a real network. They are the worst when it comes to prices and customer service. I will never go back to that horrible company! So glad I got rid of them a few years who. T-Mobile service is just as good if not better where I live and there prices and customer service are first rate! !

I'm not sure if it's only me, but when i make a call on edge using the N1 and try use the search box / browser it losses data capabilities. As soon as I end the call EDGE will come back in service.

Anyone have this problem? It's getting annoying and I don't know what to do besides leave TMO and wait for the Nexus 2 on a different network or something that will actually works as described.

I'm still wondering why the HSDPA+ (H icon) works flawlessly when it comes available on the N1 but 3G ain't doing NADA....

My reception got better after I did the 2.1update1 update last week, but I never saw the HSDPA+ icon until I did the Cyanogen ROM upgrade. I wrote a long post about it on my blog.

I had Edge before I updated to the Cyanogen ROM, in the same spot at my table after I did the Cyanogen ROM install I had 2 bars HSDPA+. Strange.

I had the same problem with the mytouch 3g when it first came out. Turns out it was the sim card. It worked fine on my old win mobile phone, but couldn't keep up with the new phone. A simple sim card replacement fixed it. Now i get constant 3g where 3g is available, and speed tests show 1.5mb down.