Custom ROMs on the Nexus One

Maybe you saw our hands-on with Sense on the Nexus One and wanted to do it yourself. Or maybe you're finally ready to take the leap and give CyanogenMod a try. Either way, our forums guru Jeremy Sikora has put together an excellent guide on how to load custom ROMs onto the Nexus One. It's a must-read for anyone looking to get the most out of their device. [AndroidCentral Forums]


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How to: Put custom ROMs on Nexus One


Why anyone would want to put this crap on there phone and risk damage and loss of warranty is absolutley beyond me ??? The phone is just fine the way it is , you want HTC Sense or whatever else this butchery of the N1 will bring ? then just go buy a phone that already comes loaded with it or wait for HTC or Google to offer it in an upgrade

Seriously? You're using the wrong OS, with an Apple mindset. A LARGE amount of Android users love the OS for this very thing. If you don't, keep it to yourself.

Butchery? LOL - Just because it is fine for you does not mean there are not others out there who may want to be able to change things and improve what they already have. It's that simple. I can promise you with the ROM I am currently running my device is significantly faster and has more options than the stock ROM. It's really not a bad thing as you make it seem.

No, Butchery is when you open it up and start soldering jumpers to make the CPU run off the radio clock. What this describes is nothing more than installing software, which Google must not be against since they shipped the N1 with an unlockable boot loader.

You can increase CPU and ram along with other customizable roms. For example you can make the trackball light up different colors, accelerometer in more than one direction, black status bar ext.. It's like jail breaking an iphone. You don't need to download the Sense. It's really easy to do if you kind of know what your doing and takes only around 10 minutes to do.

WOW! That is a heck of a lot easier than the G1 root/ROM process for a first time. I can't wait to get my N1.