After the healthy launch of their stealth puzzle game, Square Enix has announced another mobile game called Hitman: Sniper. The new game stands to be a lot like the Sniper Challenge released alongside Hitman Absolution awhile back. Players will perch from a rooftop and take out a number of targets from extreme range to fulfill contracts. Global online leaderboards and "creative alternatives" to mission completion will keep performance competitive.

Hitman is a long-standing franchise, and it's great to see it coming to mobile in a big way. Hitman Go was a nice experiment, and certainly appeals to a different crowd than the core first-person shooter audience, but Hitman: Sniper stands to bring it back to basics, so long as they can keep controls well-optimized for touch without losing the sense of deadly precision.

Hitman: Sniper will be free-to-play with optional in-app purchases for customizations, weapon upgrades, and early contract access. Expect to see this launch on mobile and tablets before the end of the year, but we'll be getting an early look at E3 next week, so keep an eye out!

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Hitman: Sniper announced for mobile and tablets


Ok. At the risk of sounding old or out of touch, is this game really all that great for kids? While I have never seen it, I admit, judging by the title, is this really what we want our kids to be playing? With all the human creativity in the world, is this the best game developers can do? At least Flappy Bird kept coming back for another round. Come on game developers, challenge yourselves a bit! I know, what you are going to say--that the kids love these games, and that guns don't kill people--people kill people. I am not looking to start an unwinnable debate here. I just want to ask the question: Is there nothing better we can do with our time? I know you have the right to make and market these types of games. But really? If anyone agrees with me, take a stand!

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I won't take a stand with you. What's so bad about this type of game? Hell, it's as close as I'll get to the stuff I played online in high school. It's not harmful, it doesn't destroy the fabric of society, etc.

If you want better (read: "morally better" and that's really subjective as no two people's morals are exactly alike) games, they're out there. It's called "find them".

The onus is really not on others to cater to your morals or whims. It's to be as creative as they want and release what they want. Don't like it? Don't install it, much less think about it.

I agree.. and as a wise man once said, "The day they start using a mouse and a keyboard on a sniper rifle is the day i will start to worry."

but didn't you know Jeffrey Dahmer and Hannibal Lecter used video games that's why they turned out the way they did, oh that's right that was before their time...

You remember the Effing Weather moral crusaders? "People who find this app amusing are lacking in morals and just crude and vulgar individuals and wre wre wre!"

These are the same people who got the "immoral images" of women removed from the android central app.

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With the amount of violence on TV and movies, a mobile game is the least of your problems for children.

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I agree that violence is an easy mechanic for designers to rely on. Even in cartoony packaging, there are a lot of games that are still about hitting a thing until it stops moving and you get a reward from it. This shouldn't preclude a game from being imaginative or interesting, though I see your point.

Luckily, I don't think we're lacking for nonviolent games on mobile. Take a gander at some of our favorite Android games and you'll see plenty.

If violent games made violent people, then why am I not an expert farmer right now....damn you Zynga and your Farmville!!!

I'm just sayin... I played Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat when I was a kid and I have yet to rip off someone's head. Or shoot fireballs from my hands.


Two bags of big league chew. A mitt. A baseball. A phone with over 400 ppi. Only one of these things don't matter.

It depends on how well you've raised your children. If a child knows the difference between a game and reality then he should have no issues playing a game like this. I started playing GTA at 8 years old, and I've never harmed anyone.

Plus this game is clearly marketed towards adults, as such the series has always been.

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I'm sorry but really, it's not up to the game or app developers to police your children, that's supposedly your job! You can't rag on to developers to not create games like this because children might play them, I'm 40 years old and like nothing more than sitting in front of a keyboard and mouse and blowing some suckers head of with my sniper rifle, once my kids are in bed of course.

Who said anything about kids? Many of us "adults" play games, too. Frankly, no, I wouldn't let my kid play this game, but why does that mean that it shouldn't exist?

Parents need to police their own children, not rely on game developer's, television and movie producers, etc.

So....... will anyone with children take responsibility for bad parenting maybe it was your fault...... or maybe the poor child that commits horrible crime has a mental health issue.

We didn't miss you point. We just all disagree with you. There have actually been more studies showing evidence that violent games like this *lower* aggression in older children than the other way around. Many people (myself included) use games like this as a way to blow off steam when we're pissed off.

When a kid shoots up a school, people always start crying about violent video games and movies, but I have to ask: was the kid attracted to violence because he played the games and watched the movies? Or was he attracted to those games and movies because he was *already* violent? You learn violence, but you don't learn anger.

Some people are just effed up in the head.

Sorry, but you did miss my point, which was more about challenging ourselves in ways that rise above the need for the development of violent games, than suggesting these types of games are the reason for violent aggression.

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That's fair, but you still phrased it as an argument about kids playing these games, when they are obviously not intended to be played by children. Personally, I don't want to see violent games "go away" Amy more than I want to see R-rated movies go away.