Hitman Go

Square Enix's turn-based puzzle game Hitman Go has received a new update that adds 15 levels along with new enemy types and gameplay mechanics.

Here's what's new in the update:

  • Put your assassination skills to the test in the new Airport chapter!
  • The civilian mode! Stay undercover until you perform your first move!
  • New high alert guards able to watch two lines at the same time!
  • Skip move: Skip a turn and wait silently to make your move on approaching enemies
  • Walkways: The automated walkways add another level of challenge by taking you directly to extended location

You can get the update for free by successfully finishing the game, or by shelling out a one-time fee of $0.99. The game itself costs $4.99, and is an interesting take on a storied franchise.

Are you a fan of Hitman Go? What do you like (or dislike) about the game?


Reader comments

Hitman Go Airport update adds 15 levels, new game mechanics


I'm a long-time Hitman fan, and I love this game. If you're a fan of the original PC/Console games, or just generally a fan of puzzle games (especially ones with a really cool art style), I recommend buying this. I really like that it feels like a true Hitman game, just designed from the ground up for mobile, and that it's not just an attempt at porting one of the console/PC games. Well worth the price of admission, in my mind.
NOTE: If you're scared of the In-App Purchases, don't worry, there isn't any ads or anything. The only In-App Purchases are that you can unlock two level packs early, each for 99 cents. However, you still receive both level packs by completing the game normally. It's just an early unlock. You are receiving a full game for $4.99 [as you should be], so don't worry.

I picked it up when Android Central first mentioned, and I'm really glad I did. As Voxophone said, the polish on this game is pretty amazing and the puzzles are well thought out. It's pretty short for a $5 mobile game, but I think that mainly because my expected price point for mobile has been dragged down so low. I'm really glad I bought it, and I'm not that upset that I'll have to play through again to get to the new levels (I uninstalled it to save space).

I too picked it up as soon as it was released. Updated the app and the new level was available straight away. (Having completed all the level prior). The art style was what really sold me on the game. Great for lovers of puzzles. I don't think it's that short a game, though. The only replay-ability I gained from it was in trying to achieve all three "achievements" for each puzzle level.