Heathrow says Terminal 5 signage, wayfaring haven't changed, Samsung being 'tongue-in-cheek'

Yesterday Samsung announced that they'd be kicking off a "revolutionary" campaign that would involve them "taking over signage, wayfinding, website, and every digital screen" at Heathrow's incredibly busy Terminal 5 and "rebranding" it as "Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5". But Mobile Nations has since been informed that Samsung's "take over" is actually a far more reasonable, more standard form of advertising. In response to my complaints over on iMore yesterday that, as described, the marketing could cause confusion and consternation for travelers, Heathrow sent along the following statement (emphasis mine):

"Heathrow Terminal 5's signage and passenger wayfinding has not changed," a Heathrow spokesperson told Mobile Nations. "Samsung have rented advertising space in Terminal 5 with a tongue-in-cheek campaign using the line: 'Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5'."

So, to be clear, Samsung hasn't taken over any signage or branding at Terminal 5 but are simply renting existing advertising placements in the terminal, those that are available to anyone.

Here's Samsung's original announcement (emphasis again mine):

"16th May 2014, London, UK – Samsung is set to dominate the world's busiest terminal by rebranding Heathrow Terminal 5 as 'Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5.' The activity, in conjunction with JCDecaux Airport, is set to raise awareness of Samsung's flagship mobile and is the first time Heathrow has permitted a brand takeover of Terminal 5."

"The revolutionary two-week campaign, which kicks off on 19 May, sees Samsung take over the signage, wayfinding, website and every single digital screen at the UK's newest terminal to promote the launch of its iconic Galaxy S5 mobile. Reaching the thousands of passengers who travel through the terminal each day, this extraordinary partnership will take Samsung brand awareness to a whole new level."

Hyperbole is common in press releases. The reality, thankfully, is better for everyone involved.

Update: Heathrow updated their statement to correct a typo.


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Samsung hasn't changed Terminal 5 signage and branding, says Heathrow, just being 'tongue-in-cheek'


@ Rene Ritchie, no offend to you or anyone else... What do you expecting from someone who`s always defending Apple.. I AGREE WITH D13H4RD2L1V3...
OH Rene.. did you read about Apple suing IHOP too, for the I and for the BLUE color too.....

IHOP has been around since the dark ages. If anyone should be suing anyone it's IHOP against Apple. Hell, Apple sued New York City for using an apple as an icon even though New York has been known as the "BIG APPLE" since it's conception. I can't wait for the day Apple gets it's core handed to them.

The "Big Apple" nickname originated in the early 1920s. Fort Amsterdam, on the other hand, was established in 1625.

Just sayin'.

Just wanna say that, although I do personally like some of Apple's products (yes, I do mean 'personally', so no flaming, please), their business tactics absolutely disgust me.

I mean, suing the hell out of your opponents just because they make better products? Also, patenting stuff like 'rounded corners' and 'slide to unlock'?

The only reason why I still have my iPad is the plethora of apps tied to my account. If there's a service that allowed you to convert some compatible apps from iOS to .apks, then I would've bought a Nexus 7 already.

True. Apple hasn't really innovated in the past few years. Must be because they're planning on litigation instead of innovation.

".... and is the first time Heathrow has permitted a brand takeover of Terminal 5."
Pretty deceptive to me.
On the plus side, was it your Mobile Nations article that prompted 'one' of the worlds busiest airports to issue a clarification? Who's feeling smug now? - SMILE -

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That`s not the point with Mr. Rene iMore, THINK of it Samsung vs Apple in here, Rene don`t like that. He likes Apple do that and it`ll be PERFECT not Samsung.

Except apple would never do this, because it's tacky and obnoxious as hell.

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Rene is definitely an "Apple guy" but he's also very fair and unbiased (in my experience) when it comes to Android. I have on numerous occasions, seen/heard him point out where Android's done it better than Apple, and where Apple has done it better than Android. You can prefer one OS over the other without being a rabid "fanboy".

Seriously, "marketing could cause confusion and consternation for travelers"?
You're in an airport, travelling from London to" somewhere else", do you honestly even notice anything other than "flight ??? to ???? is now boarding at gate?
Come on iMore, give the Apple s??t a rest and grow a brain!

If it was Apple that had done this and replaced the "5" with "5s", it would be the most magical "one more thing" on the planet....

With that said, I have to poop.

How about I don't and take a trip to the VZW store up the road and rub down a new iPhone 5s that's on display while singing the whole song of MJ's Thriller? :)

Why is every other, and then some, comment referencing a totally unmentioned company?

Seriously, get some help people.

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Who let this guy (Rene Ritchie) write an article in "androidcentral"?...what is this, an invasion of iFans into Android turf???

Maybe I'm missing the point, but I don't understand Rene's disdain for advertising here. Okay, I do, but his reason seems to be more of a smoke screen and he isn't coming out and saying addressing his real issue. It dissent make sense to me. As a sports fan I have seen stadiums branded, rebranded and so forth without any confusion or disinterest to the sports fan. As a child my Lakers played at the Great Western Forum and now the Staples Center. The Celtics play at the TD Ameritrade Garden which was previously dubbed the Boston Garden. The Miami Heat play at the American Airlines Arena. This exist in multiple sports and all over the place and I've never been confused where I'm going or gotten distracted and upset over the name of the stadium. Sooooooooo, I'm a little confused. The tech world is normally ahead of the game but on this one in surprised that many of us in the dark ages. Of course I guess I could be missing something.

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Seem Heathrow Terminal 5 had already been partly renamed. "..... in conjunction with Heathrow Airport and JCDeceaux Airport". JC Decaux have for decades been only in to advertisement hoardings in bus stops train stations, street advertising and lately led screen advertising in stations etc. They have less to do with flying than I have. Though they must have the contract for Heathrow and they will obviously get a few pennies from Samsung. JCDeceaux Airport, grief. I think I prefer Samsung or Apple London Airport.
And stop hitting on the writer. Read the last paragraph of his linked iMore article.
From a Samsung Note 3 prisoner - I mean owner.
Feeling better now Gator?

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Yeah. Kinda. I just like showing my disdain for Apple as much as I can. I like their products, just not the company. As far as Rene Ritchie is concerned, He can write or link his articles here all he wants. He does write good articles and I enjoy reading him. In fact, I have listened to a few of his podcasts. He might love apple, but he LOVES mobile and technology more.

Yeh. I actually never heard the name but I stay in the Samsung closet mostly. Just correcting the previous article. I agree about Apple as a company, and particularly terrible things going on at Foxconn making iPhones, but who knows what else goes on.

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Jesus, Apple guy, chill the fu*k out. Go play on your 4.0" non HD screen and pretend you know about shit because A: You're in Canada and B: Think you know the American market. Which you don't.

Uncalled for man. Besides the article has nothing to do with the American market.....this is an article about Samsung in London, England.