HBO Go on the Nexus 7

Oh, happy day! After a bit of a false start this afternoon with the first update on Google Play, HBO Go is finally available on Jelly Bean devices -- and more specifically, on the Nexus 7. That's the 7-inch tablet with thie high-resolution display Google released this summer, and we've been dying to give HBO's on-demand streaming a go.

The app is pretty stunning, visually. You're asked to log in through your cable provider at the outset (though you can browse shows as a guest, too). From there, you're greeted with a moving wall of thumbnails. Movies, series, specials -- everything HBO has to offer through the app is right there. You can browser traditional menus if you want, but that's not nearly as much fun.

Pick a show, and watch. It's that simple. And it's about time.

We've got some quick hands-on video after the break if you prefer.

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Murph5150 says:

Between this and Netflix my GNex and Galaxy Tab are mini movie theaters :)

patchs says:

YES! Hug it out HBO! Finally!

mikec8785 says:

Finally! Been waiting for this since the Nexus 7 first came out.

About time. Enjoying it on my Galaxy Nexus.

nvoll84 says:

How do you browser?

Very cool so far! Though I'm not a big fan of the moving tiles on the homepage.

tresdroid says:

Do you need cable access to be able to use this app?

l00natic71 says:

You need to be a HBO subscriber to stream content, be it cable, satellite or fiber.

Richillion says:

Cinemax to go updated also. They let u watch skinemax :)
Lol between hulu, netflix, hbo go , cinemax go, youtube crackle and slingplayer. I never run out of things to watch on my gs3. Hopefully when it jumps to jellybean all these apps will work too. Now If only it wasnt for that pesky throttling.

AzD says:

Phil, stay away from that "Late Night" section! Or take it to Android After Dark...

Apaca1ypse says:

HBO Go... check. Max Go... Not so much.
Same company last I checked.

Joe H. says:

Max Go got update as well to Jelly Bean

Twist747 says:

I have had HBO app for months. I have tried several time to watch a movie. EVERY time, at some point during the movie, it will just "RESET" to the beginning. It has cured me of enjoying this app.

Anyone else experience this??

AzD says:


Watch Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! Good stuff.

randall2580 says:

I had dropped this app as DirecTv had their own app that included HBO - that won't work with JB. So I reloaded after seeing this and wow - tremendous. Great way to use the N7

extremenet says:

Maybe I'm just being too careful (could also be read as picky), but what is with the permissions for this app (and others like it)? Does it really need all of those permissions for me to watch video? I'm hesitant to install and give the developers so much unnecessary information about my device and its usage.