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Black 16GB in stock now at Carphone Warehouse, other colors on back order

If you've been holding out on picking up a UK Nexus 5, Carphone Warehouse might just have given you the best reason there is to go out and grab one. As of right now, they will sell you one for just £240, the lowest price for a SIM free Nexus 5 we've seen to date in Britain.

The white and red versions are offered at £240, but both are currently out of stock showing a "pre order" button next to them. The white is scheduled to ship on Feb 27 according to the site. If you're happy with a black one, you can buy one right now for home delivery or to collect in your local store. Grab 'em while they're hot!

Source: Carphone Warehouse


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Grab a UK Nexus 5 for just £240!


Unless you really want the rest of world model, you're better off getting the US model from the play store. £240 is equal to about $400.

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Sooo tempted....but it's only the 16Gb model. Maybe they'll offer £299 for the 32Gb version one day.

What about 4G network : is the UK Nexus 5 compatible with French 4G frequences ? That's tempting!

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There are only two models of the Nexus 5. One of them is for North America, and the other is for the rest of the world. So yes, the UK model is the same as the one sold in France.

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Yaay!! Sales are always good.

I'm not gonna lie, seeing that picture makes me miss my Nexus 5. It's definitely one of the best looking and performing devices.

Even a Nexus hater like me would take notice at that price, as long as the quality issues are sorted by now. Its worth nothing if the build quality is still appalling.

Dust under the digitiser was very common, I returned 3 because of it (all different batches). Some issues like the rattly button have been fixed, but I understand the headphone sound quality is still poor at higher volumes. I cant live with the awful blacks and poor viewing angles either, even at that price.