Time to get your Groupon for a £15 saving over Google pricing

If you're a Brit looking to pick up a Nexus 5, acting in the next 3 days could net you one for £15 less than Google's pricing. The deal has appeared on well known deals site, Groupon, and includes free shipping on your new phone. It'll be a 16GB black model you'll be getting, but considering you also get free shipping you're actually saving around £25 over picking one up from the Google Play Store. 

If this sounds like the deal for you, hit the source link below and get it while you can!

Source: Groupon


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Grab a UK Nexus 5 for £285 for the next 3 days


£285 to $ is roughly $471!! That's a terrible deal! The 32gb here is only $400 right from Google............

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As Richard points out, this is £15 less than the Play Store price in the UK. You can't always just convert pounds to dollars and assume it's a "bad deal." There are always price discrepancies between the two countries when comparing products. The only way to determine how good of a "deal" it is is to compare to current pricing in the UK or other products in the UK.


And because we're simple and have a flat rate of tax for the whole nation, ours is included in the shelf price. The N5 hasn't been anywhere here for this price since launch. 

That f##kin sucks, man. So, there's a flat-rate tax on EVERYTHING?

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Well, not quite. The tax mentioned is our 20% VAT, what Americans call "sales tax". Obviously there's grocery items which are exempt or lower, alcohol tobacco and fuel are higher. But in general it's 20%, but don't you have the same thing? Like in New York it's a flat 10%(I think)?

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Yeah, but 20 percent is kinda high.

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Yeah. Even 10 percent is high for the US

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Touche, Chris, touche.

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Are groupon still doing that "if you recommend this deal to 6 friends, you get yours free"?
Could be a nice little earner...

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