Nexus S on sale at Best Buy

If you've been wanting to get your hands on the latest Android developer's phone, Best Buy now has the Nexus S on sale for a mere $99 bucks with a T-Mobile two-year agreement.  That's half price, and is a great way to get your stock Gingerbread experience on, and more than a few of us think the Nexus S makes for a hell of a phone, too.

The offer ends March 23, so you've got two weeks to dig some money out of the couch and your ashtray and grab ya one.  [Best Buy via Android Central forums] Thanks, Baconator, for the heads up!


Reader comments

Grab a Nexus S at Best Buy for a Benjamin


I WANT this phone.... However I am stuck on Verizon... why oh why cant I get it to work on VZ :(

I have the Inc and love it but I love the way this phone looks... so sleek and sexed up!!!

any chance this price drop could correspond with the potential release of a newer Nexus S w/ 4g on Sprint? I'm hoping it comes to sprint personally...

Nexus pure Google on sprint? That might pry the EVO from my hand. And if they merge with a GSM t mobile... I don't get the why. Unless were talking world phones in the us. Hybrid gsm/cdma phones. Not likely IMO