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There's been more than a bit of consternation among current T-Mobile customers when it comes to buying a subsidized Nexus One. At first everybody though they were out of luck, or that they were eligible for the full discount. Then we learned otherwise. But today, a post on Google's support forums may point to some relief. (Emphasis ours.)

Also, as you've probably seen elsewhere, we've listened to everyone's feedback and concerns and are working to expand the group of customers that qualify for upgrade pricing on the Nexus One. Please stay tuned for more information.

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Exactly what that means, well, we'll just have to stay tuned, like the man says.

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Google working on new pricing for Nexus One?


Instead of crying about the price of the phone they should cry about how awful T-Mobile service is. When it comes to cell service you get what you pay for. Thanks Verizon for having great cell and 3G coverage for my Droid.

How do you like being raped by Verizon every day? You don't get raped you say? Oh no? How about that you can't switch between phones whenever you want? That's no big deal you say. Well, what about those expensive plans? Still, nothing. Ok, well, what about the phones that Verizon does not get, but other networks do? You don't care because you like your Razr. Ok, how about that Bing app that is on every smartphone? That is not a big deal because you have a browser, right?

Shut the fu** up with your Verizon bullcrap and just give them your account number so they can withdraw more money out of your checking account.

Not been keeping up, eh gramps?

First, I can switch phones whenever I want--but it'll cost me. Same with all the other carriers, btw. Check out those fees if you decide after the grace period that you don't want your nexus 1.

Expensive plans? Kind of. Seems competitive with others, however (cough, AT&T).

Razr? Well, yeah, some still rock the razr (I still kinda pine for my old StarTac), but in case you hadn't noticed, Verizon got the first Android 2.0 phone, the Droid, and added the Droid that isn't exactly a valid complaint either anymore.

And my Droid has no Bing app. Maybe I could download one, but...why? And yes, I have a browser. Two, in fact (the Dolphin browser gives me that new-fangled pinch-zoom you might've heard about, if you'd made it out of the 90's).

Why the anger? It doesn't look good on you, especially when coupled with incorrect accusations.

I live and work in a full TMo 3G coverage area, so why should I pay extra for a big red map I will never use.

I used T-Mobile before and using Verizon now, but TMo was not bad.

Indeed, it's coverage area is not as wide as Verizon, but I didn't have any problem with TMo's service when I was in the covered area.

Although I changed to Verizon because I wanted to use the newest phone, but if TMo later gets better phones, I will probably switch back to TMo once my contract expires.