Vizio Tablet screenkit

We already know that Walmart is going to be stocking the upcoming Vizio 8-inch tablet in their stores, but seeing accessories already on the shelf is always welcomed.  In this case, you can grab the Griffin screenkit (which appears to be a screen protector and a microfiber cloth) for the Vizio tablet and look lovingly at it while you're waiting for the tablet itself to turn up in the next aisle.  Of course if you're Blake Griffin, you probably have these on your own shelf, next to your own Vizio tablet.

via the Android Central app


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Get your Vizio tablet screen protector at Walmart, while you wait for your Vizio tablet


lol i sent this in, i saw it while looking for a new printer able and just had to take the picture but my first picture was over 1 MB(which is the limit for the app) so i had to run back after checking out to take another picture

I might lose a lot of tech geek cred by admitting this, but I have a Vizio Blu-ray player and I'm not overly impressed with it. Sure it looks sleek and has cool capacitive buttons just like my phone, but it's pretty spazzy when loading disks & the Netflix app every so often, requiring me to restart the device.

Idk, in the living room we have a 42inch 1080p Vizio TV. We've had it for over a year, and it's been flawless for us. The picture quality is beautiful, and its at 120hz so the fluid motion is perfect. Vizio might be a small and affordable brand, but it's not necessarily bad quality stuff. It has definitely grown a lot over the past few years.