Gameloft's Hero of Sparta -- free for 24 hours.

Just like I predicted earlier this month, Gameloft is offering up another one of their high quality Android games -- Hero of Sparta -- absolutely free.  But you gotta act quick, because the giveaway ends in less than 24 hours.

Featuring eight levels to explore in full 3D, Hero of Sparta provides an excellent action/adventure experience on your Android phone.  It's not available in the market, so you'll have to hit this page to see if your device is compatible, and begin your free download.

While you're over there, make sure you check out some of their other HD Android titles.  Most (possibly all) of their games come with a trial version that can be unlocked for $4.99.

Check out a trailer for Hero of Sparta after the break.  [Gameloft]


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Gameloft's Hero of Sparta free today


Force closes every time I unlock my phone.
No wonder this garbage isn't in the market place, not only would I not pay for one of these broken games, but I would not let the dev pay me to keep it on my phone.

Droid X

EDIT: I should state that this force close happens when I am not playing the game, when I've exited it fully and have locked the screen.

On my Epic, When I restart the phone, I get a message that Hero of Sparta has force closed. Anyone else getting this error??

I too am getting the Hero of Sparta force closing on me on my HTC EVO even though I've exited the game from the in-game menu and I'm not even playing the game! I turned my phone off and then back on and the stupid force close bug popped up once again. I sent an email to Gameloft for support so hopefully this is something that will be fixed. If it continues I'll have to uninstall the app even though I got it for free :(

Vader, please let me know what Gameloft says because I am having the same issue as you on my HTC EVO. If the issue isn't resolved then I'll just uninstall it also.

Thanks a bunch!!

Doesn't work for the Evo. Selected the Evo from the web site, it sent me the text message and when I follow the link it says that there are no games available for my phone.

On the redirect it says "Sprint Unknown" rather than Evo, so I suspect they have something screwed up in Gameloft land...

When I visit the site, I get Asphalt 5, not Sparta. And I've selected half a dozen different devices and tried several of the carrier links from the resulting link from the SMS message and they all reported that there were no games available for my device.

update: went to the URL on my Nexus S and it showed the Sparta game, but selecting a device and entering my cell number for the SMS link still tells me there are no games for my device.

Same here... Nexus S, get a link saying my mobile has no games... This is why Gameloft just doesn't do things right.

might be the browser your using happends to me every time when i use google chrome. all other browsers like IE and Firefox works fine.

same here. DINC with gingerbread rom.

I tired before also last free game they had and got the same error

For those using the EVO - there's no text message to receive. Browse to this site; on your phone. Click on the download link contained in the article.

You'll be asked to download an app called "100% HD Games". Download it and open it up. You will see the link for the free game. Click on it and it will download to your phone. I had to use Astro to find it on my phone and clicked install. It is now downloading an additional 66 MB's.

The name of the file shows "EVO 4G" in the name. The site totally recognized I was dowloading from my EVO.

Good luck.

Thanks for the instructions! Worked like a charm on my Evo. Not my kind of game (I like puzzles and 2D stuff) but hey, it is free :)

I have a G2 and i can download the game for my phone which it automatically recognizes as Desire Z, but when i open it it says "not and original copy of the game" last game i tried to dload from here told me it wasnt supported for my phone. Smh at gameloft.

people fist make sure your setting for your browser is set at mobile and then if you are having trouble getting the racing game scroll doen and click the hero of sparta icon, you should be good. played it for 10 minutes, its a god of war knock off but hey i aint complaing for free!!

people fist make sure your setting for your browser is set at mobile and then if you are having trouble getting the racing game scroll doen and click the hero of sparta icon, you should be good. played it for 10 minutes, its a god of war knock off but hey i aint complaing for free!!

using a droid incredible i used the incredible, nexus 1, and motorola A855 droid in dropdown box and all send a text message that sends to a link that says there are no games avail for your device. then tried the evo work around that boogaloo posted and still nothing. anyone have another idea?
thx in advance

FOr those having trouble installing the bookmark on a Epic running DK28, use the existing bookmark far so good for me.

This is b.s they gave away more free games to iPhone and iPad users and on top of that new releases were $0.99 not much love for android smh...
If you have Twitter look up @gameloft and you will see what I'm talking about

So far the Advent Calendar hasn't been great for Android users. But hey 2 free games is better than nothing.

Plus on the 24th they have a big announcement for Android users and it looks like Gameloft will announce that they will be bringing their games to the Android market. Well find out soon.

Works on my Samsung Fascinate, but it's still the same bad game I played on my old iPod Touch. And it looks even uglier at spots because of the higher resolution, plus you can tell it isn't optimized for my phone due to the random choppiness.

I downloaded the free copy and when it loads after the Gameloft screen splash it says "this is not an original copy" and it force closes when you click OK. Epic user

Yeah it's fairly pathetic as far as game-play and presentation goes. No online multi-player, no Gameloft Live support and no trophies. It's very 2009 and not the best that Gameloft can provide.

Splinter Cell is descent, it hasn't grabbed me like Spider-man did last friday but enough to keep me playing. The controls are the same as any Gameloft FPS, so some might not like it.

Gameloft has some great games, but for some reason they chose their worst game to give away for free. Bad idea, it's not going to encourage anyone to buy another game.

I had to access the site from the browser on the EVO; it wouldn't work from within the Android Central app.. Somehow, I wound up with 2 games: Hero of Sparta and something called NOVA.. Sweet!!
Thanks Llyod!

over 300K new Android phones activated daily.

Gameloft needs us more than we need them, and until they bring their games to the Market and offer proper support, they can keep them.

Yes and meanwhile the market sucks *** when it comes to searching for anything with NO means of filtering. Take your attitude and stuff it until the market stops sucking ***. There is a reason Appbrain exists and it isn't because Google Market is the best market on any platform.

I'm sorry, but if you think Gameloft's system is better you've gotta be mentally handicapped. It's a pain in the ass to get games from it.

Now IMO, they don't need to come to the Market necessarily; they can make their own Gameloft Market *app* so I don't have to go through the trouble of typing in my phone number and pretending my Nexus S is a Nexus 1/Galaxy S/whatever to get my damn game.

Dear Gameloft:

My phone has 4G, and I live in an area where the 4G service is very good. Please don't restrict me to WiFi or 3G for additional content download.

Meh. I have real issues about handing out my phone number to download a game. Thanks but I get enough spam without needing it via my phone.

Still can't get this on my galaxy tab.... any suggestions? I have tried changing the device model with no luck.

solved..... edit the build.prop to GT-i9000 and reboot, then go download and enjoy!! Did this on my AT&T Galaxy Tab.

What a pain in the ass this was to install! I use xScope6 as my default browser on my DroidX. I had to reset all defaults back to use the stock browser in order to get it to install.

Why aren't these guys on the Market? What makes them so special?

O this game is great. No problems for my Epic4G. If you download from the phone you don't have to give out your number it will recognize the kind of phone you have. If you do it from your computer than it will ask for it. Bring more free games gameloft. I'm loving it MORE, MORE, MORE

Just like the last one, I can't get a text for this one either. I have Sprint, any issue there? I've tried a few different phone models, never get a text.

Change the browser on the phone from desktop to mobile. Then you can download the game from the phone without the need for a text.

I am also getting the force close message after playing for as little as 2 or 3 minutes. It force closes after I have quit, after I've restarted my droid. I've also had it totally hang forcing me to hard boot. I can see why it's free. I guess gameloft wants us to be there beta testers