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Fresh from teasers for N.O.V.A. 3 and Asphalt 7 -- during the Samsung Galaxy S III keynote -- Gameloft have pushed out a teaser for their next big name title. Men In Black 3 will be coming to Android. The video doesn't mention any release date for the title, beyond coming soon. But, further digging around Gameloft's website reveals plans to release the game on May 25 to coincide with the movie release. In the meantime, hit the break and check out the teaser. 

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Gameloft unleashes first teaser video of Men In Black 3 for Android


How about you guys fix your 3D games.... Wait fix all your games! Idk what happen to gameloft they used to be the best but idk now it feels like there Samsung, release something then forget about it

Amyone else think it had an old fashioned X Com feel. It may have just been because of the 2/4 view though. Hard to tell with such a small snippet of gameplay

Ok, now I'm ready for the high-end trailer...wait, is that really it?
A resource management MiB game? REALLY?!