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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour was teased at the Tokyo Game Show by Gameloft the other day. While we might not all be particularly happy with the "I <3 iPhone" sessions where this video was aired, and the quality of the graphics and gameplay are hard to make out from this ground-floor video, it will be exciting to see how much has improved since Modern Combat 3. 

While the storyline isn't anything particularly riveting or original, games like this tend to push the outer limits of what's graphically possible on current smartphones, and I can only imagine Modern Combat 4 will continue to push the envelope.

Gameloft themselves haven't made an official unveiling through any of their channels, but we can likely expect them to make a bigger splash with their next title soon enough. Any gamers put a lot of time into Modern Combat 3? What would you like to see in the sequel?



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Gameloft teases Modern Combat 4 at Tokyo Game Show


Maybe it is because they have had a long history of making their games hard to enjoy on android. From the old days where they would only allow you to purchase their games through their horrible website and not through the google market, to now where they don't support a lot of the popular devices.

Personally, I've had to play a number of their games on my old Droid 3 because they still don't have support for the original TF 101 transformer tablet, even though they supported the Moto Xoom (which uses the same chipset) out of the gate, or the little known Samsung GSIII.


I don't think its about the quality of their games as much as the content and basis of their games. They are all ripoffs of other titles and some people don't respect them as a developer. There is a big move in the games industry right now where developers are shamelessly/blatantly stealing from other games that are proven to make money because they don't want to take a chance on creative games. I'm not talking about the mechanics, but also aesthetics, story, and even UIs are being ripped wholesale. People will stop buying into this one day and we'll get creative games again and everyone can be happy.

It sucks they do this to us. EA Games is the same way. But this mentality is like saying, they don't sell Ferarris in my country so if I see one I'll just take it.

I get what you're saying, and I DO NOT endorse piracy, but they have to know that will happen when they don't support devices. Usually these devices work with their games too, they just have agendas behind not releasing on said devices or to certain carriers.