Blitz Brigade.

Grab your weapons and 11 friends, and get ready to play Blitz Brigade, a new multiplayer FPS from Gameloft coming tomorrow

Way back in January we talked about Blitz Brigade, an upcoming team FPS from Gameloft. We just got word that we'll be able to get our hands on the official release May 9 -- that's tomorrow. The game, which is a total rip of Team Fortress 2 combined with Battlefield Heros (not like that's a bad thing), looks like a lot of bloody fun.

Set in WWII, the free to play title will be focused on team-style multiplayer, but there will also be a full set of 120 single player challenges if that's more your style. Teams can be up to 12 players, using four different maps and in death match or domination mode. With five different classes (Soldier. Gunner, Sniper, Medic and Stealth), three different vehicle types, and over 100 upgradeable weapons it sounds like a whole lot of fun.

We'll know more, and have a good look at Blitz Brigade, after it launches tomorrow. In the meantime, hit the break for some more screen shots and the original game trailer.


Reader comments

Gameloft's Blitz Brigade coming to Android and iOS May 9


Pretty sure the latest versions of Angry Birds and Cut the Rope were same-day releases. In fact, I think the Shadowgun MP game was too.

Considering those major games that are being "ripped-off" don't have mobile counterparts, do you have a good reason why Gameloft's current strategy is bad?

Yeah they almost always ripoff but they also almost always make solid games & this one looks to be no exception. Count me in!

Gameloft = Freemium = crap & scam.

Hate to see mobile games gone rogue, sucking people minds and money using wrong way.
Seems PC game on steam still the best option to play game. steam offers many decent game with budget money, and it is already FULL and no in-app purchase scam.

This has already been released on ios in France a few months back. Apparently the IAP is horrendous. Worse than dungeon hunter 4.

It's basically a ruined mess of freemium.

I'll take a break from SG:DZ if this TF2/BFH clone works well with the MOGA Pro.

Would love too see an "Android vs iOS Users" team deathmatch mode. :-P

I've been playing shadowgun as well. My wife and I play TF2. I really don't think it's a TF2 clone at all, but it borrows some stuff that I like. It might get her playing some mobile games with me.