Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk. -- Tony Stark

We saw the teasers yesterday, and today Gameloft has announced that Iron Man 3 is coming to Android. It's set to launch on April 25, and it looks like a new breed of endless runner. 

Before you complain about yet another endless running game, be sure to check the trailer above. Flying above city streets, firing a lazer at obstacles and enemies is a far cry from Temple Run. This looks like a ton of fun, and even if you're not a fan of Iron Man, who doesn't love to blow the bad guys out of the sky?

No news on what this one's going to cost, all Gameloft is telling us is the date and where to see the trailer. When it comes, we'll have a good look at it.

Source: @Gameloft

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Dang... I thought the game would be like free roam but it isn't. Would this game release as freemium?

I hope its as good as Spiderman/Batman. The graphics are worth the amount of battery those games drain.

dextorboot says:

On rail shooters are now called endless runners? Ok. Looks awesome either way.

Suntan says:

It really depends.

Personally, I lost interest in games that made you start back at the beginning every time you died the instant they started offering games that would let you continue from where you died.

If it is a shooter that lets me progress through a real storyline (even if I don't waste endless hours trying to hone my screen tapping skills to perfection) then I'd be interested.

If it is just going to kill me after 25 seconds and make me pay $.99 to buy a "special blue orb" that will instantly jump me ahead 2500m... no thanks.