Galaxy S2 Titanium

We saw a leaked press render of a Galaxy S2 "Titanium" coming to Sprint just a couple weeks ago, which was reaffirmed by a device roadmap leak as well. Now we're getting an idea for where the device is headed, and it looks to be coming to Sprint's prepaid options. Boost Mobile is picking up this color-refreshed Galaxy SII (S2) for the holiday season. It's the same S2 we've seen dozens of times before, this time just with a new skin around the outside. This model is given the "4G" moniker because it packs Sprint's legacy WiMax radios, which have since been passed down to Boost and VIrgin Mobile.

The Galaxy S2 is hitting Boost Mobile retail stores for $369.99 without a contract, with monthly bills as low as $40 per month. If this sounds like your kind of thing, the device is available starting today.

Fall Into the Hottest Color of the Season with the
Samsung Galaxy S II 4G Titanium Available Today

Available now, consumers can purchase the award-winning Samsung Galaxy S® II 4G in Titanium for $369.99 at Boost Mobile’s exclusive retail stores, select independent wireless dealer locations nationwide and at with free shipping.

The Galaxy S II 4G, now available in Titanium and white, is loaded with a brilliant, oversized 4.52-inch Super AMOLED™ Plus touchscreen, dual cameras and the Samsung Exynos™ processor, one of the fastest dual-core processors in the industry. The phone’s rich color display makes it enjoyable for Boost customers to snap bright photos, record full HD video on the go, and browse the Web at blazing fast 4G (WiMAX) speeds in 71 markets nationwide. For an additional $10 a month customers can take advantage of the phone’s mobile hotspot capability, which can create a personal Wi-Fi network on the go.

Payments Shrink to as low as $40 a Month
The Galaxy S II 4G is paired with Boost Mobile’s no-contract $55 Android Monthly Unlimited plan with Shrinking Payments. For every six on-time payments, the cost of Boost Mobile’s Monthly Unlimited plan shrinks by $5, eventually getting down to as low as $40 a month for unlimited nationwide talk, text and picture messaging, Web, email and calls to 411. Payments do not need to be consecutive to qualify for the next savings milestone.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G include:
·         Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system

·         Dual-mode 3G/4G

·         8MP camera (2MP front facing)  with 1080P full HD video

·         Dual-core 1.2GHz processor

·         16GB internal memory

·         8 hours talk time

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Reader comments

Galaxy S2 4G coming to Boost Mobile in Titanium for $369.99


Wow, I find it really bizarre that on the very day Virgin Mobile USA FINALLY gets the GSII (in TITANIUM, no less) that it's announced out of the blue that Boost is getting that same Titanium phone. When I first read the headline of this story I thought maybe you meant Virgin, not Boost. LOL. Just seems like maybe, just MAYBE, Sprint could've let its Virgin branch have the prepaid limelight for at least ONE DAY! I mean, didn't Boost get to make this kind of announcement a couple months ago already? (just diff. colors) damn! .... But whatever. At least both of them have the SII now. Besides, eventually Sprint is prob going to roll them into one prepaid division anyway; least that's the rumor that floats out there from time to time. LOVE that Titanium. Hopefully Virgin will have one on sale for Black Friday or CyberMonday. btw, did anyone else notice that Virgin lists the OS as 4.1? I did a comparison of the SII and Reverb and it was on the comparison page that the OS for SII said 4.1, whereas on the original product page it said 4.0. Then I read story on diff. site that JB is being tested for an official release in near future to the SII lineup. Maybe Virgin jumped the gun with listing. Hopefully so because I'd love to get JB on my Virgin Mobile Titanium! Oops, sorry, this is a Boost story, isn't it? haha (but how did this 'story'/press release ... not mention the Virgin Mobile SII connection??)

Link to comparison page showing GSII OS as 4.1:

If im not mistaken boost has had the Galaxy S II since 09/06/12. I think the author of this article got boost and virgin mixed up. Boost has had the GS2 for awhile, virgin mobile is the one who just added it.

Well, like i said, that's what I wondered when I read the headline because, yea, the SGII was announced for Boost in late August. But then it looked like maybe it was an announcement that Boost also was getting the Titanium for holidays but it does seem odd that Sprint would have Boost announce that on same day as the SII launch for Virgin. So maybe it is a mixup afterall. Hope author clarifies.