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Sprint has announced that it is "running a little behind on deliveries" of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The 16GB versions will be available from Telesales and online on June 21 as advertised, and pre-orders will ship this week. They also say that the 32GB versions will be shipped out for customers who pre-ordered next week, but again with no word about in-store sales.

Due to overwhelming demand and limited supply for Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S III, we are running a little behind on deliveries. The 16GB version of Samsung Galaxy S III device will be available in Web Sales and Telesales (1-800-SPRINT1) beginning on Thursday, June 21. It will be in all remaining sales channels next week.

We are optimistic that we’ll be shipping all Samsung Galaxy S III-16GB pre-orders this week and that they will be delivered by June 21 as anticipated. There is a chance, however, that we may be a day or two late. We anticipate shipping all Samsung Galaxy S III-32GB pre-orders next week. To check the status of your pre-order, please visit

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate the patience of our customers as we work through this minor delay in availability. We know that many of you are eager to experience the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy series on the only network to provide unlimited data plans to new and existing customers. Should this situation change, we will continue to update this post as we have new information to share.

This comes shortly after word leaked out to TMo News that the T-Mobile version release was being split into two parts, with a June 21 date for the top markets and a June 27 date for everyone else. We're not sure why the Sprint release was delayed, and they're not saying, but according to T-Mobile the release date was split to try and meet demand. We've reached out to all major US carriers to get any updates to their release schedules.

As we mentioned when reporting that Canadian GSIIIs were being held back, we're not sure that we're getting the full story when told the delays are to help meet demand. Surely it's not some vast conspiracy, but we'd like nothing more than knowing the full story behind this date juggling. We'll keep asking, and when we can ferret out an answer you'll be the first to know. 

Source: Sprint; TMoNews


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Galaxy S III release partially delayed on Sprint; T-Mobile reportedly splits launch to two dates


ouch. Im waiting on Verizon personally. 32gig models 1 week behind eh? interesting. I wonder if Verizon anticipated this or will even be further behind than june 28-july10

No kidding. Everyone wanted to crucify them for being later but at least they knew how to manage expectations. After all they are ships BY, so if they can ship it earlier they will.

Advice to any who pre ordered through a larger retailer such as Best Buy. Remember they are ordering units directly form Samsung NOT from the carriers, so i would call them and see what they say on Thursday or even tomorrow and will give you an idea of what they will be having on-hand. For some reason iv seen a lot of miss information in the forums thinking that they aren't allowed to sell the devices before the respective carrier sells them. this is not true according to my local best-buy manager

I was actually wondering what the case with Best Buy would be. I pre-ordered the day I could so I'm hoping I still get mine Thursday.

Jerry, the end of the first paragraph says "it will be in all remaining sales channels next week." That seems to me to mean that it will be in stores as well. While it doesn't mention stores specifically, it stands to reason.

Just thought I'd point it out.

As a employee of best our inventory systems says we have them on order and should be here Thursday night. Which would make them available Friday morning. We haven't gotten gotten anything from cooperate regarding delays.

T-Mobile is asking $279.99 after a $50 rebate. They are out of their minds and I will no longer be a customer. The whole point of being on T-Mo is to save money.

you will save money, just not on the phone itself. Even buying the unlocked version will save you much more money in the end

Welp, looks like Android devs have to step up the plate since I'll be stuck with the EVO LTE, since Best Buy probably won't have any for me.

That's ok I suppose, I trust the devs will be good once they get source (they're not doing too bad without it) or HTC will finally admit they screwed up.

Makes sense for TMO I mean you want it in your biggest markets first to get the product to the larger group of people who will buy it rather than small farm towns.

How come when Apple does a launch they have a press conference to announce the pre order date. Then they have a date when they will ship. Then on the day they said they will be available they are available. When an android phone is coming out a bunch of stories leak a bunch of different info about launch dates. They have a pre order date with each company stating that it will ship by a different date. Then every single person that works for these companies has a different story about when the phone will be available after it misses the unannounced unofficial launch date. It's really pathetic and makes these companies look like amateurs next to Apple, and I hate that. Apple doesn't need any injunctions to stop these launches android will take care of that themselves. Now I will go back and try and patiently wait for my Verizon 16gb blue S3 to be delayed even though it wont be out for another 3 stinking weeks.

Part of it is the carriers themselves. With Apple, they dont let the carriers put their own bloat ware or custom settings etc... so with the iPhone, there isnt any lag time for release. With android handsets, the carriers feel the need to customize the settings and add bloatware etc so in reality, each carriers version of the same phone is slightly different, which in turn forces delays on new phones.

Man i want my new phone already! c'mon sprint dont do me like this! i got 500 bucks of hard earned money for you guys to take. take it! take it now and give me my phones!

you answered your own question for the most part. apple is 1 company and sells direct without carrier interference. att stores used to have plenty of problems with iphone releases but you could just go to the apple store. if samsung had a store and didn't rely on multiple companies to all be on the ball this would be a non issue. it has nothing to do with android or Google directly.

This is true. This is one of the reasons why apple likes to cut out the middle man as much as possible because they know that any negative experiences associated with their devices comes back on their brand even of its not their fault.

I'm just hoping that Sprint at least have a working display model in the store to play with so that I can help my wife decide between the GS3 or the EVO 4G LTE....and myself for that matter.

Just spoke with BestBuy and was told that they have no idea when they will be getting them. I was 1st on the pre-order list for this phone, not sure it was worth it. I have a sneaky feeling that Samsung and Sprint knew well in advance that they couldn't meet this date, yet continued to advertise it and promote pre-orders.

I think I'm going to move on to the HTC Evo LTE and let Samsung figure things out on their own timeline...

I'm actually pretty angry about this. I called my local Sprint store in Georgia late on Tuesday afternoon, and they said they'd have it. I set my alarm to get up early this morning so I could go in before work, and when I got there, they said it'd been delayed by a week. When I indicated that I had called that very store and been told that it would be there, the guy said that he had just found out today. Sorry, dude, but I have trouble believing that.

This is not just "I'm disappointed over not having the new shiny," this is that my original Evo, which is over two years old at this point, is having problems and could die completely at any moment. Plus, I'm kind of on a timetable, as there's an 80% chance I'll be traveling come July, so I'd really like to get this resolved before I have to leave. However, I want to compare the Galaxy S III and HTC Evo LTE hands-on before making a decision, because there are pros and cons with each phone.

By the way, do we know if the Samsung Galaxy S III is actually definitely going to support LTE? I saw some specs, and it didn't list it.