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If you're like me and have yet to actually pick a Galaxy Nexus, Amazon is making it awful hard to resist. Despite the device sitting in backorder status on their site -- the $150 price tag they are offering it for is pretty tempting. That's 50% off Verizons $300 price tag and during the holidays, saving on big ticket items such as the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is a good thing.

If you don't like the sound of backorder and want to have your Galaxy Nexus wrapped and sitting under the tree, you can also pick it up from the ShopAndroid Phone Store. Be sure to order by December 20th to have it in time for Christmas. Click here for details.

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Galaxy Nexus for $150 on Amazon, but backordered


Very nice deal if you are in in rush this is the way to go for a new line. I think they are 250 on a upg still not bad imo. I just cannot wait till I get mine on Monday. Ordered it from big red online and did two day shipping if I did next day I would have had it yesterday oh well what's a few more day's.

Amazon is relatively quick as well. I ordered Thursday afternoon(it said 8-9 days backorder) and it has shipped and I am getting Tuesday. Not bad, $180 savings for a day later than ordering from Verizon ($150 phone savings + $30 tax savings). And Amazon is giving a $100 gift card if you choose Hotspot (so basically 5 free months of 2GB hotspot, and you may be able to cancel the hotspot after 6 months if you don't like it - need to read fine print).

Can you get hotspot with 2GB (4GB on promo) plan??? When I signed up it showed the hotspot was available only with more expensive data plans and included corporate email and other stuff I did not need.

I don't know because I didn't see promo until after I ordered. But the Amazon promo page says for Verizon says it is good on data plans $50-$100 (4GB-12GB). I assume the $50 plan is the $30 2GB base (now doubled to 4GB) plus the $20 2GB for Hotspot. Amazon promo link below.

It's probably best to call Amazon wireless and check (1-877-429-8502). They answer relatively quickly and are very helpful.

Amazon promo:

My delivery date was also updated from Tuesday to Monday morning.

I'd called Amazon on Thursday to ask this question not knowing about the $100 gift card. Based on how he reacted when I asked (brining up the $100 gift card) it sounded to me like this was a common thing they were getting questions on.

He told me to leave the more expensive plan on the account for a week and then call Verizon to get it changed. He said that the reason the cheaper plan wasn't an option was that Verizon hadn't authorized them to sell it.

Could be wrong info but that's what I was told.

What I want to know is what is really different if you order through Amazon. I mean you're still on Verizon. I understand some of the small print is different, like can't alter your plan for X months or something. What else? Are there any reasons to ever buy from Verizon when Amazon almost always has it cheaper?

Most online retailers require you to be in good standing on your account and not downgrade your plan features for 5-6 months. As a former brick and mortar reseller, I can tell you this is the average period to adjust commissions earned for new lines and upgrades.

Other than that, I order from Amazon the morning they became available at $199. The price dropped and they adjusted it. I hop to receive mine next week. If not, no big deal. I can wait 1 week to save $150. I have waited longer for the phone to release!!!

Why doesn't the article say that the $150 price is for new customers only. Not upgrades or "add a line" people.

That is pretty much understood. Welcome to the United States of Locked Down Contracts.

Remember, you do not own the phone you have now, until you are finished financing it for [typically] two years. (That is, unless you bought off-contract; but in that case, you wouldn't be compaining).

What, you expected thorough and professional reporting on Android Central? You must be new around here....

Idk if anyone else ever expands the picture attached to an article, but I do, and right next to the $150 there is and I quote "(Price varies with service type)."

$149.99 for a new individual or family account, $199 to upgrade an individual account, $249 to upgrade a family account. $249 to add a new line to a family account, $739.99 phone only. Just once I'd like to see a carrier reward their loyal (15 year) customers.

You should contact VZw directly.

Amazon is a "reseller". Are you saying you have purchased VZW service from Amazon? If you upgrade through a reseller, they have certain rules and pricing. If you don't line it, choose another source.

3 years?? Try more like 9-12 months. Depends on how quickly Google releases the next Nexus, how amazing (or mediocre) the quad-core Android phones are, and how popular the Nexus Galaxy sells on Verizon. If no one other than hardcore Android fans purchase these, there wont be many for sale a year from now when everyone is upgrading to their next phone.

So if I want to upgrade my phone on my Family plan it is $250 not $150.

Does Best Buy Price match Amazon like they do brick and mortars?