LG Nexus 4

There's been some banter in our Nexus 4 forums regarding data on the Nexus 4. For those who were still wondering, the new LG Nexus 4 rocks HSPA+ at 42 Mbps. So if you're in a T-Mobile coverage area that supports those speeds, you should get those speeds. Google's got it listed in its press site specs, though the specs on the Play Store page only list 21 Mbps. (TmoNews says it's confirmed 42 Mbps as well. Update: And we've received separate confirmation that the specs below are correct.)

As a recap, here's what we're looking at for network specs:

  • Unlocked GSM/UMTS/HSPA+
  • GSM/EDGE/GPRS (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
  • 3G (850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz)
  • HSPA+ 42 Mbps

Source: Google; More: Nexus 4 forums


Reader comments

FYI: The Nexus 4 rocks 42 Mbps


Does AT&T intend to? +21 is plenty fast for me but that would be a great bonus. Either way this is my next phone.

People there are no differences in the radios. Tmo USA just has the technology in place to make a 21 Mbps radios receive 42 Mbps speeds.

Doesn't matter, you will never see these speeds. Google didn't mess up not adding LTE. I put the blame on carriers for Google having to do it. But, that doesn't mean its good. HSPA+ even with potential 42Mbps doesn't even compare to LTE. Sorry!

In theory LTE should be faster. At this point, in real life, 42mbps HSPA+ is comparable to LTE performance.

So if I buy it from the play store I will get the 42mb version also, right? Or will I only get the 42MB version if I sign a contract with tmobile?

Someone told me that the one from the Play Store would only be 21 Mbps but the one through T-Mobile would support 42Mbps. I'm getting the unlocked either way because I REFUSE to sign another contract. About to pay about $240 to get out of my Verizon contract with this crippled azz Gnex.

Not exactly. If I understand this correctly, what Phil is talking about is that using the Nexus 4 on T-Mobile's HSPA+ network can render speeds of 42mbps. The Nexus 4 doesn't have a "42mb version". Its penta-band 3G chip simply makes it capable of using T-Mobile's HSPA+ bands (1700 and 2100MHz if I'm not mistaken) that can give you a 42mbps connection.

The hardware is the exact same. You get the same radios same speeds no matter where you buy it. Whether you get 42mbps will depend on if you choose T-Mobile, which as deployed that to its network. AT&T has not, they're on 21mbps.

I really hope so. I'm leaning towards T-Mobile only simply because I have the upgrade available. Unfortunately I'm tied down with a family plan. Hope it works out :3

Using your upgrade on a N4 is a waste. You can do that and pay $200 for it, or use your upgrade to get a Note 2 for $300, flip it on Craigslist for $650 and get you a Play Store Nexus 4 for 0 dollars out of pocket.

I've always wondered why Tmobile was so much faster on my Gnex than At&t. I get two to three times faster speeds on Tmobile.

That's just because the network is severely less saturated on T-Mobile. The GNex only has a 21mbps HSPA+ radio, which AT&T and T-Mobile both support. Theoretically they should be able to offer you the same speeds on both networks, but AT&T has about 3x (or more) people on their network than T-Mobile does.

Why does everyone complain about no LTE and also act like 21+ HSPA is some how slow?!?! Give me ONE real world example of why the average smart phone user needs more than the current HSPA+ speeds. You can stream any content at those speeds without hiccup. Verizon has you zombies convinced that LTE is the only option. It blows my mind.

As a fellow "IowaKid", I can assure you that T-Mobile's coverage around here blows. I'm finally getting the final stragglers from our company moved off of their terrible network and on to Verizon to get actual solid coverage. You should see the users faces when I tell them I'm moving them off T-Mo, it's like I gave them a Christmas present.

VZW's LTE may not be the "only" option, but it's damn sure the best one in this area.

My play store Galaxy Nexus (the one with 21 mbps) only got .29 down in my office today. If I walk outside the speed shoots up to just a little over 1 whole mbps. That number is a theoretical max I've never seen anything near those speeds. At the speeds I'm getting in my office I can't stream anything.

For me HSPA 21 is truly slow this is not opinion but a statement of fact. If I actually got those speeds I'd be happy but the only place I get anything near is at home when I'm connected to wifi.

And if we're going to start talking about what people "need", well the whole subject of smartphone becomes moot. (at least in my opinion).

How about latency on T-Mobile? My HTC One S is rocking the 42mbps, along with a 1100ms response time. It makes real time apps even more interesting!

This article is just a bunch of misleading half-truths: "if you're in a T-Mobile coverage area that supports those speeds, you should get those speeds" Are you kidding me? Most people will read this and think that they should expect to get 42 Mbps speeds. The theoretical 42 Mbps means nothing by itself, just as the theoretical 300 Mbps of LTE means nothing by itself. The fact of the matter is that 42Mbps HSPA+ is slower than LTE in most cities, but at least it's in the same ballpark.

That proves it! This is THE BEST Android site on the internet.

When I saw the specs from Google play I was disappointed. Why was I the only one that seemed to care about the 4 supporting HSPA +21.

You guys came through and answered the question that's been bugging me since the get go.

You guys just earned the top spot in all my browser bookmarks. Good Job!

Fine by me, I get 20 to 25Mbps regularly on T-Mobile's HSPA+42 in my area. LTE speeds at an HSPA price? Many people will like that. If I didn't already have the GS3, I'd look into getting this sweet piece of kit. Sucks for those on CDMA networks however... well, you can't win them all I suppose! ; )

why do i only get between 3-9mb/s down hspa+ on my s3 in the UK on supposedly their fastest 3g network (3) :(
yeah its £15 unlimited data, 3000txt and 300mins but i want more dammit!

Does it really matter if it's "42" or "21" because so long as you get a decent speed you can use the internet at you'll be fine.

Heck, that's faster than my home broadband which maxes out at 2mb/s (only via Torrenting, otherwise 1mb/s)

I doubt your home connection is only 2mb per second, that would mean you are only getting 0.25 megabytes per second. Are you using some ancient DSL service?

I get 4-6 Mbps indoors in Louisville, KY and 8-12 Mbps outdoors on a HTC One S with T-Mobile. I am tempted to switch to the Nexus 4, if it has burst mode for sequential shhoting like the HTC One series. I don't think I can give that up as it has greatly improved my picture results. I'm itching for the Nexus for updates and plan to stick with T-Mobile. The One S is still flipable on Fleabay for $300 so I would almost break even.

I can see why they chose to keep 3g and not include lte because of lte not being a wide use in everywhere globally. However, google, should have offered a 8, 16, and 32gb versions.

only offering 16gb, and not offering a sd card slot is just absolutely ridiculous.

Also they didn't improve the speakers, at least from the reviews. That kind of sucks. I get the idea of the phone being affordable, why not create a low, middle, high end range. So everybody wins.

It sucks that's there's no 64gb version of a stock google nexus phone and with descent speakers. You can go with the galaxy s3, but once again it's not a stock experience.