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French tablet manufacturer Archos is none too pleased with the French government's move towards applying a Private Copy tax to tablets running Android and iOS. In France, the controversial "Copie Privée" levy is applied to sales of blank writeable media, under the assumption that it'll be used to infringe copyright. Some 75 percent of the funds brought in are then distributed to starving French writers, producers and performers.

Now the French government is considering imposing the levy on tablet computers with more than 40GB of on-board storage, which could lead to tablet prices increasing by €12.

This isn't as strange as it might sound. Personal media players and multimedia-capable phones are already subject to the levy, so this could be seen as eliminating a loophole for similar but currently untaxed devices. What is odd, though, is that Windows 7 tablets won't be taxed. This is all down to the very specific language used to determine what is and isn't a mobile device. Android tablets apparently fit the description of being "provided with an operating system for mobile devices", while Windows is considered a desktop OS even when it's running on a tablet of the same size.

Archos is understandably peeved, and claims that this unfairly targets French tablet manufacturers for extra taxation. [via]

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sehnsucht says:

Dude, nobody cares about France!

"There is no hell...there is only France" - Frank Zappa.

tom1l21 says:

This shit would never fly in the US.

Way to go France, assume everyone who is buying writeable media is a pirate.

DieselDre2K says:

"never fly in the US"

with all the taxes we already pay, you don't think that it's possible? RIAA+MPAA = alot of lobbying power

i wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it.

solkanar says:

Actually, from here (France) it looks to us more like a decision driven by corruption by mico$oft.

bratdawg says:

Deluded.... piracy has been around long before android. :O Most of it is and always likely will be done with desktops & laptops than tablets & smartphones.

People live in France? Thought it was just a vacation spot **Kanye Shrug**

Mikey47 says:

Yes, this is crap, but does anyone think that someone who was going to buy an Android tablet would choose the Winblows one because of the 12 euros?

Perhaps the French government doesn't think the Windoze tablet will sell well, therefore why tax it for the small amount of revenue...just sayin'.

meccariello says:

Sounds like Microsoft paid off a few French politicians to me

Looks like ms is bribing French officials

moosc says:

I can't wait for the hybrid windows7/android tablets

sandplasma says:

Nice one France, and then you wonder why the rest of the world thinks you guys are wussies.

TheBronze says:

" the controversial "Copie Privée" levy is applied to sales of blank writeable media, under the assumption that it'll be used to infringe copyright "

One more reason to hate France.