One of my favorite things about Android is the wide variety of keyboards that are readily available in the market, making it easy for just about anyone to find a keyboard with a skin that they enjoy. While we have seen tons on Android phones, we have not yet seen many get updated for tablet use, but FlexT9 has recently been updated, and it allows just that. One thing that sets this keyboard far apart from any other is the option to speak, trace, write, or tap all from within the same single keyboard, while all the others only do one of the four. For $4.99 you may think the price is a bit higher then most others, but keep in mind you are basically purchasing four different keyboards, all packaged up as one application. Download information available after the break.


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FlexT9 keyboard updated for tablet use


They aren't the only ones who have a trace keyboard (see Shapewriter and SlideIt). Their voice to text is excellent as well. As a tablet owner, I appreciate what they provided, as Swype doesn't work on all tablets (at least not without some tweaking).

I have T9Flex and Swiftkey's new beta for my tablet and I love them both. Thumb Key is good, but Swiftkey's new beta is even better.

Ultra Keyboard does all four types of input already. And I'm pretty sure it's cheaper. AND it's skinnable with Better Keyboard skins and ones you make yourself.

Nice, I'm always looking for good Swype replacements, Swype is just a major PITA these days.

Oh, and how does the spam filter catch numerous legitimate posts but this jackhole above me gets through? This is twice I have seen him.

meh, until FlexT9 sports a user added dictionary it's pretty worthless as a Swype replacement. And if I remember right it doesn't have T9 input, despite the name. There are better keyboards out there.

I never got a chance to try the voice recognition. Google's 15 minute refund window blows.