Ice Cream Sandwich

The first photos of a phone running Ice Cream Sandwich have been leaked out, and we get to see a little bit of the UI running on a Samsung Nexus S (T-Mobile USA).  Visually, things look a bit different, with a less AMOLED-friendly blue color scheme and a revamped launcher and app drawer.  A little back story goes along with this from the fellow who leaked it out -- expect a native panorama mode for the camera (finally), and an all-new look to the GMail app. The OS will now have Google Shopper integrated, and NFC-enabled devices will be able to utilize those features, and after it launches on the next Nexus device, it's expected to roll out for the Nexus S.

If these shots are legit, and all things point to them being so, things are still in the early stages.  We also don't get to see anything incriminating or confidential, so there's a lot of blacked out space in the pictures.  This is to be expected, as we're not supposed to be seeing these just yet.It's not a lot to go on, but just seeing it on a device is exciting enough.  Jump past the break to see the rest of the pics.

And the really big thing we don't yet see is how all this ties the phone and tablet OSes together. Stay tuned, folks.

Source: AndroidPolice; RootzWiki

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Benny879 says:

Looks like the new launcher has a multi-tasking button on the bottom right hand corner. Not sure if I like how it looks. I was really hoping they'd stick to green but I had a feeling blue would take over :(

I will not play your games and be llth! But I want to know if I am missing something or how do I get my phone to list the version name and not the number?

HTCSense says:

Most likely is a Fake.

-Honeycomb uses a much newer kernel build, 2.6.36, and ICS was allegedly supposed to use 3.0.

-Phone icon taken directly from froyo

-Android version is supposed to say the version number, you cant always say they havent decided a number yet because even during the nexus S gingerbread leaks and previous leaks they always showed the Number, never the name.

-This has a teal blue theme rather than the dark blue colors of Honeycomb

-App tray should be semi-transparent

-Shouldnt the clock have an LED font?

- That power control widget has been removed ever since Honeycomb

MacBook says:

I agree that the android version never sports the name of the build, its usually a number.. but Honeycomb was only for tablets so you cant really compare Ice cream sandwich to that.

Google has already said that IceCreamSandwich will be for both phones and tablets. It will be a merger of the best parts of Gingerbread and Honeycomb.

Mike_is_Mike says:

Sounds good. I can't wait to get it on a Verizon 4G LTE phone in the Q4 of 2014.

rionman says:

I would think they would make it support both I love love love gb so I can't wait to see ics running on my nexus 4g all new kernels, mods yessssssssssss I'm a google whore!!!!!!! ios symbian, palmOS, you all succcck!!!!!!! Google is where it's at

droideris says:

Yeah, that looks like a Build.prop edit and MetaMorph to me. Another thing is that the power widget doesn't use the blue of everything else; it's inexplicably green. I'd be happy to show you pics of my Thunderbolt with an edited Build.prop and fullscreened screenshots pulled from someone's XOOM.

shingi_70 says:



mckeydee says:

AC needs to implement autowrapping.

ameadows252 says:

Yeah, but it'd be WAY less funny if it didn't run off the page!

derwin says:

i laughed out loud simply BECAUSE it ran off the page like that, so yes

ameadows252 says:


Mike_is_Mike says:

Humor is wasted on some people.

stopsign002 says:

Lol, word wrapping for the loss.

Also, this made me think of that rediculus Rage Comic face. Awesome;

shingi_70 says:

Im Glad to see the Dark Blue Motif from honeycomb is carrying over.

Looks very sweet. I hope Google doesn't change the colors from Green to Blue though.

Cubfan says:

If this is ICS, color me disappointed.

rionman says:

it dosen't matter what color is standard you will be able to change anything about it im sure it will run cy and on my nex. I can change ANYTHING and it was the easiest phone I've ever seen rooted hands down!!!! not even an hour to root, lay the mod down and boot it up BTW gb is the sweetest os i've seen so far so im sure ics will rock

Floss82 says:

Oh pleaseeeeeeee this could easily be a theme manager with adw theme honeycomb icons rooted Nexus S and the versions never have the name as the version only numbers so I wint take this leak too serious just yet lol

That's what I was thinking. Android version shows the numbered version not the "nickname" of the version. And with all the customization that can be done to an Android phone, especially rooted one, it looks more like a combo of a custom ROM, custom icons, custom launcher. Also, why does the person blacked out such a large portion in the 2nd pic and some in the 3rd pic? Looks like there should just be more icons, not personal information.

People have done some crazy customizations on their Android phone, just look in the XDA thread "Post your homescreen" (or something like that)

ameadows252 says:

Yeah, the more I look at it the more I think it's fake. I agree, I've never seen the android version listed as Gingerbread or Froyo, it's always 2.3.X or 2.2.X and so on. This just doesn't look anything like a cohesive version of Android.

rionman says:

It's gotta be a fake it's a step back from gb the text scrolling off the screen just looks like crap I don't think Google would back track or release anything that looked like that but I guess it all depends on the rom your running with the right one there is nothing you can't do!!!!!

ameadows252 says:

Looks very Cyanogenmod, but I dig it. I don't like the launcher though, hopefully that gets changed up a bit.

15israellai says:

Agree, the colour scheme greatly reminds me of CM.

ameadows252 says:

I kinda wished it looked a little more like Honeycomb though. I'm not a fan of that weird transparent motif goin on here. I do like the blue accents going on though.

nbell978 says:

the dock reminds me of touchwiz.

Benny879 says:

This is not fake, it was leaked by the same guy who leaked last years first Gingerbread pictures which ended up being real.

ghost010 says:

yes and the piss i leaked under name bla bvla. was also real.
now the piss thats made out of orange juce would be real if i leak it under the same every body would think its real piss.
and than ill drink it!

ameadows252 says:


Stang68 says:

Please let there be hardware accelerated animations.

hfm says:

As long as they keep the color changing network connection philosophy that makes everyone ask about it endlessly in XDA, i'm all for it!

likwidsoul says:

Ok so if the system colors are changing to blue why is the power control widget still green

joshua.worth says:

Blah... Looks marginally better. (Looks) You never know could be all sorts of enhancements and hopefully this is a very early version.

iPwn says:

It looks a lot like Cyanogenmod because of the color scheme, or more specifically, the Cyanbread theme for that rom. I kinda hope they don't go with blue for the new OS update, or they should at least use a different shade.

IceDree says:

I know that there is 50% chance that this is fake , but if they are real :

- There is NOTHING groundbreaking from Froyo & GingerBread than a new launcher

- I don't see how ICS ggonna group both Phone & Taplet versions together , this is more like a Downgrade from HoneyComb & it will be like taplets running Froyo\GingerBread (Tap & Flyer anyone ?)

It still look the same (like the traditional Android OS)

I guess , we gonna have to wait & see

E_man says:

If this was the real ICS, you would not see the Tablet version on the phone. Nor would you see the under the hood improvements.

IceDree says:

"If this was the real ICS, you would not see the Tablet version on the phone"

I agree , but that what they hinted a while ago

"Nor would you see the under the hood improvements"

Lets just hope that this time we get some real Under the Hood Improvements

E_man says:

I think it’s fake. The phone icon is straight out of Froyo. The color is teal instead of the darker blue of honeycomb. Green Power widget. Weird bottom on the notification tray. All add up to theme +build.prop edit I think.

Besides, where are the honeycomb features? Notification power widgets. Per notification clearing. Multitasking. Nothing. Even an early build should have somethign besides look like themed froyo/gb.

iPwn says:

As for multitasking, check out the far right icon on the dock. That looks like it relates to it, because there's already an app drawer icon on the left, so that can't be it.

I expected way more! That's what Sense is for!

ScottJ says:

Personally, I like Sensibility much better. Sense was a little too old for my taste.

BlackHawkA4 says:

It looks like a new version of touch wz. I hope it's a fake. Otherwise big disappointment. And big Miss sell.

BlackHawkA4 says:

1) It looks like Touchwiz
2) It's running GB widgets (On an OS that's supposed to be new)
3) It looks nothing like Honeycomb; and, this is supposed to run on both devices?
4) It LOOKS like it IS touch wiz. Crystal like back drop on the bottom rows of icons...
5).... it looks like touchwiz......
6) If it is.. and they didn't change the power control... why is it green and not blue like the rest of the OS..... to match...
7)Why does it have the same live wallpaper.... can we get something new please....
8). THAT IS TOUCHWIZ... I don't care...
9) If that is ICS... I'm switching to WP7 in spite of this upset.

BlackHawkA4 says:

And further more... how does that blend with the new Android Market UI.... Shouldn't they look similar in design.... as if the same person was designing...

rionman says:

yea it looks like gb look at the task bar compare it to gb and the main dock looks the same it just looks dull without the amiloid screen and the gpu to run it

jermajesty says:

I sure hope it fixes the following:
- Screen lock delay separated from the screen timeout. Tired of typing my PIN every time the screen goes off.
- Bluetooth voice dial prompt volume remembered (just like it is on the Evo
- Battery charges to 100%
- linking of contacts across different accounts (like Palm synergy and HTC Sense do).
- Figure the contacts thing out with Facebook.

5 things would make the Nexus S soooo much better.

I think this is real I just have a feeling and the fact WHO leaked it same person for GB. just saying.

ghost010 says:

yes and the piss i leaked under name bla bvla. was also real.
now the piss thats made out of orange juce would be real if i leak it under the same every body would think its real piss.
and than ill drink it!

pDoG says:

Take it with a grain of salt.

emceephi says:

Please please add hardware acceleration to everything, especially the browser so it can be as smooth as Iphone and WP7.

iPwn says:

THIS THIS THIS! Although I'm pretty confident that it will be in Ice Cream, considering it's supposed to bring Honeycomb features to phones and Honeycomb already has hardware acceleration.

emceephi says:

I heard the Galaxy S2 uses a custom browser with hardware acceleration which makes it much smoother than other Android devices. It does seem much smoother in the videos I've seen and it even has checkerboard patterns like iphones.

I wish someone could port it to other phones.

MacBook says:

I personally think this is a FAKE for a number of reasons but thats just me!

OdinStormer says:

That's funny to you people saying fake. Is not the nexus s made by samsung? Well I got news for you. My wifes samsung fascinate clearly says froyo, so why wouldn't this say ice cream sandwich?

MrRedJoker93 says:

The Samsung Fascinate is a skinned version of Android. On stock android, the version is a number not the word.

ghost010 says:

i got news for your.
go dig more into android!.

the nexus one was a HTC. did it look like HTC sense? NO.

Bleh. Nothing to appealing here IMO. Granted these are just shots of home screens and the about screen and no features.

I do agree that it looks nothing like HoneyComb.

joebarkho says:

Its the exact same UI.... -_-

ienjoysoup08 says:

this is horrible. this better be fake. it sure seems fake. if this is real I am going to shoot my self because I waited for the nexus. I loved the look of honeycomb so much. how did this happen to Ice cream sandwich?

supa_dupa says:

I hope it's fake.
If it's not, I will definitely wait for HTC and their new Sense 4.0 UI (or whatever it is called)to cover my next phone.

ghost010 says:


comon,really? if this was real.would the new them use the old icons? and some custom icons from XDA? really? dont think so.

its prob a rom/them/launcher mod or w/e.

i dont think its legit.
it looks to much froyo to me.(even though ns is on ginger)
and the blue thingy?
samsung has it on ginger.
hell you can make those icons your self(just like i did[talking about wifi,4g,3g icons ect)

this_is_kyle says:

If this is real, I'm very unimpressed. It looks exactly like Froyo and Gingerbread. I know its only a couple screen shots, but I don't see the merger of phone and tablet OSs at all.