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Firefly Online, the upcoming game based on the cult hit sci-fi TV show that was announced a year ago for Android and other platforms, will be made with the help of the cast of the original series, who will handle the voice over roles of their characters.

The announcement was made at a panel on Thursday night for the game at the San Diego Comic-Con. Firefly Online, which will be an online action-role playing game, will also be released for iOS, Windows and Mac, but there's no word yet on a specific launch date. The game's official website is currently having some issues loading, most likely due to all of the show's Browncoat fans checking it out for the first time.

Developer Spark Plug Games also released the first trailer for Firefly Online Thursday that shows actual in-game footage, which, quite frankly, doesn't look all that impressive. However, since the game hasn't been released yet we will give its current graphical looks a pass at this point. The video also shows some Browncoats offering their thoughts on what kind of space ship captain they would be, including one at the end of the video that most people might recognize.

What do you think of Firefly Online now that the cast of the show will lend their voices to the game?

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Firefly Online game for Android snags TV show's cast to handle voice roles


Yes plz... Doubt it tho, that engine is pretty freaking old and the dev team is probably all spread to heck, not to mention the decline of the space sim genre. Unless you meant it in a more spiritual sense, in which case yes plz!

I shall now await all the Browncoats suggesting that this is confirmation of a new season.

Anyway I should probably say goodbye to my social life when this comes out.

Very exciting!!! I bet this is how the game will look. Hopefully the final product will have a higher frame rate though.

Can't wait to misbehave!

I'll be getting this for the PC. Hopefully the deluxe edition will include a pretty floral bonnet.

Shiny, the game probably won't be that good but I'll play although it sickens me to think of fox making money from firefly.

We're still flyin' and that's all that matters.

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It's a testament to how loved this show was that we can overlook the horrible graphics, acting, and script and still be super-excited that the game is coming.

How do you know the acting (I assume you mean non original cast) and script will be bad?

The graphics aren't necessarily final either.

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If you have no clue why commenters on this post are enthusiastic about a game based on a series cancelled years ago, you owe it to yourself to Netflix Firefly... Even if you're not a big sci-fi fan, the show was just that good AND that ahead of it's time IMO.

I didn't watch it until about a year or two ago, didn't get all the hype, it's really one of the most tragic series cancellations ever (there's just the one season, and a movie).

It's like if AMC had cancelled Walking Dead after those first six brilliant episodes, damn you Fox! The cast was really strong, I think it's kinda telling they all went on to other successful shows, even today (apart from Summer Glau who's cursed, hopefully she doesn't curse Arrow).