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We're not looking to name names here, nor will we come to your house and shame you. (Probably.) But let's face it, more than a few of you Android faithful likely will be buying iPads in the coming days. So let's hear it. And if anyone wants to explain themselves, the comments are wide open.

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Fess up: Who's buying a new iPad?


Having used an original iPad, and then an iPad 2 for about 6 months, I swapped the 2 out for a Xoom, and haven't looked back. I already have a great screen, and fast processor, so the iPad 3 wouldn't be much of an upgrade.

In the last couple weeks we sold the original iPad that my wife had been using, and she upgraded to a toshiba thrive (that was a steal at the price), and she's really enjoying it.

I'll probably go from the xoom up to a quad core android tab once I find a good price/feature set that I like.

While I'm not trying to speak out for the iPad -- you have seriously got to be joking about the Xoom's screen being great, right?

My father has a Xoom and I have a Transformer -- we went on a vacation and he was telling me how much he enjoys his Xoom, which is great.. I tried it out just to see what it was like and the very first thing I noticed was how SLOOOOOOOOOOW the refresh (not to mention color saturation being less than ideal) was on the Xoom.. Unfortunately I pointed it out and now its bugging him too..

Oh well the new ASUS and Google devices are just around the corner. :)

It all depends on the person and what they see as acceptable. Some people are huge audiophiles and need to have a $1k+ sound system for listening to music, while others are perfectly happy with a $100 set of speakers.

Exactly. It also depends on what role the device plays for different people. I'm a musician. I have studio monitors for working on my music, but I don't own a home theater sound system, nor do I want an expensive sound system in my car. For stage I use expensive top-of-the-line in-ear monitors, but for watching Netflix from my phone, I have a pair of $40 buds. Perspective and role are key here. As always, it's all relative.

I already have an Ipod Touch 4th Gen, and it runs the very few IOS exclusive apps I like very well. But I still use my Nexus S for everything else and am a pure Android fanboy. I wouldn't touch any other Apple products with a tent pole..

Why do we need explanations why we're buying one? What ever happened to the pure love of gadgets? I mean look at these options: "hell,no! Androids the only way to go"? It's polls and "posts" like these that just solidify "Android fanboism". I think next time if you're going to ask your readers a question like this, to make the options more black and white, without all the subliminal messages lying underneath. Just because someone is reading your sight doesn't mean they are only Android users.

I'm not sure what you mean by subliminal messages.
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And Apple fanboyism doesn't exist?

This is an Android site, while it's true that perhaps an actual discussion on why someone was purchasing would have been better, this isn't a general tech site. If Engadget put up a poll like this, promoting fanboy wars, then yes it'd be bad. However, this is an Android site, so of course things are going to be skewed towards Android users.

Like I said, I'd love to hear people's reasoning for why they're buying/not buying an iPad.

I'll start (this will be long)

The new iPad is more of the same. Yes, it has an HD display and a faster graphics chip, but I can't help and feel that Apple needs to do something different with the way their tablet OS works. I know Apple likes to keep it simple so that anyone can pick up the device and figure out how to work it, but with a display like the iPad, there's so much potential wasted.

Ice Cream Sandwich is great because of how it scales. You have a phone OS at a certain DPI and a tablet OS at another DPI, but it's the same OS. Also, there's the hacking ability on Android. Yes, I know you can Jailbreak your iDevice, but with every update Apple tries to foil your attempts to break free. Know what happens when I flash a custom Rom on my phone, I can update it without fear of losing anything. If I'm on rooted stock, I just have to re-root after an official OTA update.

With a screen size like the iPad, Apple could change up their interface enough to make beautiful use of the real-estate, while not straying from what people know. They'll never do this however.

I like what Android tablets offer, namely (with some current and future tablets) Ice Cream Sandwich. I like how everything syncs with my Gmail account. I like the ease at which freedom is acquired.

For me a tablet's sales numbers has nothing to do with how good it is. Just because companies can't market like Apple, doesn't mean their product is unsuccessful. However, in Motorola's case, they're bat-shit crazy with the pricing of their tablets. Look at Asus. The Transformer and Transformer Prime are incredible tablets. They receive updates on a regular basis and Asus listens to the community, yet they somehow don't matter because they haven't sold MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DEVICES.

The one thing I hate is when an iFanboy brings up "apple sold all these devices, blah blah blah." Of course they did. People who live in an iEcosystem will continue to upgrade. Apple is a master at marketing and has people convinced that you need the lastest iDevice. Hell they're not calling it the iPad 3 but "The New iPad." That right there is sure to get a couple more people on board: "Well I have an iPad, but I don't have The New iPad."

In conclusion, I like the Android ecosystem. I like that yeah, sometimes things may not work right, but in exchange for that I get to experience new things that Google comes up with. Just because Android tablets don't sell well, doesn't mean they aren't good/popular. It'll take a lot to get people to switch and I think Ice Cream Sandwich could really help, not to mention whatever Google has cooking for Jelly Bean.

Something I forgot to mention: I owned an iPad, actually two (I sold the first one then bought another one until a proper Android tablet came out). I really didn't care for it.

Let me give you one last example of why I prefer an Android tablet.

When I had an iPhone I loved to play Angry birds. Long after I sold my iPhone and bought an iPad, I wanted to play Angry Birds, so I downloaded it, loaded it up, and it looked like shit, because it was the phone version. If I wanted a version for the iPad, I had to pay for an "HD" version. Download Angry Birds on your Android phone and then your tablet. It's the same apk file. There's no HD version and it looks BEAUTIFUL on a tablet.

Apple likes to talk about how there's no tablet specific apps (The twitter one pissed me off because there are numerous third-party tablet Twitter apps) but what they fail to realize is that a lot of the apps out there scale perfectly (especially in ICS, assuming the developer has made the one line change in code necessary) to a tablet and don't look horrible like the Twitter app. There doesn't need to be a "HD for Tablet" section, just the section that currently exists where apps that were either made for tablets or phone apps that scale perfectly to a tablet reside.


If you've read this far congratulations.

i think you spelled Apple wrong. Plume, FireFox, and tons of other apps with names I can't remember at the moment look great. Some iPad apps.... not so much.

Blame developers, iOS have support for phone/tablet hybrid apps, look on facebook app for example. Why Angry Birds are seperate? maybe they Rovio ant to make extra money on you.

TLDR? anyway, I agree, the choices suck, but this is an Android site. I did buy one, and I hated myself for it, but it really is for the wife. she loves her apple products. I on the other hand enjoy my Asus Transformer Prime.

Are you into Sports? Cars? Find yourself arguing that Star Wars is better than Star Trek or the other way around? If you answered yes to any one of these...your a fanboi of sorts. Technology has them, sports has them, comic readers have them, movie goers have them, etc. Nothing new to see here...move along.

You're being to general. Fanboism is narrowing it down to one specific category. Not one whole subject. To say im into cars is not the same as im into android. Android would equal a manufacture not the entire platform. Same goes for your other "examples".

when he said cars he meant stuff like chevy vs ford, honda vs toyota as opposed to cell phone market which is iOS vs android, htc vs samsung, LG vs a bag of poo

bag of poo has more uses btw

When I say are you into cars means are you a Chevy or Ford guy, BMW or Mercedes, Nissan or Toyota, etc. There are so many car makes and models I could go on and on. Same thing with the Comic fan, are you a Marvel or DC comic fan...etc. In other words, in EVERY category you look into there are extreme fanboism between two different manufacturers or teams that are iPad versus Android tablets.

Sorry if you couldn't look further into what I wrote.

Relax. He's being a little sarcastic. Plus this is ANDROID CENTRAL. Apple hate is warranted on this site.

The articles have been just fine and honestly very helpful for myself and many other readers here for years. We learn many things of value here at we value those things the platform values those learnings. Sounds like you need to go spend some time reading ELSE WHERE and pass by this page on your way to those lessor sites that all you do is read useless posts about nothing learned.

Yes ive learned how to be very narrow minded and less open minded to other technology on this website. Thats not a good thing mind you. To use this "post" as an example of "lessor" (which mind you is spelled wrong and you probably mean LESSER) shows how better the other sites are.

I have to agree. The options are always all way to biased, any basic survey taking course will tell you that you need to have unbaised language unless you want skewed data.
If you want to have "biased" answers you need to include more options such as "Yes, I like to buy all the new toys no matter who makes them", "Yes, I'm a developer and need to have both android and apple", "Yes, my son/daughter/wife/husband really wants one for their birthday/other-thing", and "No, I don't have the money", "No, I just bought a X", "No, I'm waiting on a X" along with the options already present.

Agreed, I go go for the best current technology for my needs. Android long ago surpassed Apple in the smartphone war for my uses and for that reason I doubt I'll ever go back but it's not because I'm a fanboi, it's because android does more of what I want in a smartphone. Android isn't their yet for my uses, I was unimpressed by android tablets, so I'm getting an ipad.

Fanboism is what all of these platform based - Sites - (not sights) are built on in case you hadn't noticed. Everyone loves justifying their purchases in this consumer culture of ours...

The wife, son & I have been sharing a Thrive since release date. I just ordered a Transformer, should be here Monday. Thanks but no thanks iwhat...

I think all tablets are a waste, but the iPad is the original that rebooted that segment again and still has no competition. All the Android models lag and still suck today. The problem, fragmentation and Google being like Microsoft and not controlling both the hardware and software. Other manufacturers are rushing the crap out the door with no solid quality control. Same goes for the smart phones, but have gotten a little better with quality, but still alot of fragmentation and to many wasteful choices just flooding the market.

iCant believe you used the F word about Android in the wake of a fourth resolution that iOS has to support with a unique set of apps...

The thing is Apple chooses to increase the resolution of their devices by easy multiples of 2 or 4 or whatever which apparently makes all the apps easily scalable or something so it isn't as big of deal as getting the hodgepodge of resolutions that Android gets.

I don't know the specifics but Apple always covers these things pretty well.

The thing is iOS is limited to a small range of devices and lacks the adaptability of Android. It's all good until a new resolution comes along (usually after an increase is 1 year overdue, and usually an overkill in specs, but whatever). Then, new resources need to be created and HD apps to be resubmitted, which is the real fragmentation that I was hinting about.

Android supports a lot of resolutions out of the box, and the tools for coding for those resolutions are available, so a gradual increase in hardware specs does not warrant reprograming of all apps.

I'll take gradual improvement over huge leaps after years of stagnation any time.

I own a Xoom and say what you want about the Xoom but after a few updates it runs very smooth still on Honeycomb. Maybe it's because it doesn't have all that crap that the other manufacturers add to their tablets like Samsung with Touchwhiz. Also, my Xoom is solid and runs all apps great. I think the quality of it is great and it does not feel cheap.

An Android device may not be for everyone just as a Windows PC isn't. I love the fact that I can side load Apps OR purchase apps from other App stores besides Google's own such as Amazon's app store all by clicking a checkbox in the settings to allow it. With the iPad it's locked into the Apple app store and that's it. Lets not get into Jailbreaking to load apps that way, I am talking right out of the box. Could you imagine EVERY device locked into ONE distribution?

I agree with you on the Xoom. Have been using the WiFi only model since its release, and it has been very stable, reliable on both Honeycomb, and ICS. The Xoom is easier to hold for longer times than its thinner cousins. The current obsession with thinness started by Apple is out of control. Some of the most uncomfortable devices I have encountered over the years were the super thin, highly advertised devices including the iPad 2. The Thrive mentioned by another poster is comfortable to hold for longer durations as well; however, is is regularly dissed in the press for its thickness even with all those full size ports. The press should concentrate on how easy / comfortable a device is to use, and does it do what you need it to do, not be obsessed with wow it's 1 mm thinner than that other thin, uncomfortable to hold for long durations tablet.

I am a gadget addict, and have the Prime, original Transformer, imported Samsung 7.7 (my daily take with me tablet), Thinkpad Tablet (very nice, albeit comfortably thicker tablet as well), HTC Flyer (excellent 7" tablet), the iPad, iPad2, and if FedEx comes through, the new iPad in addition to the Xoom. My least used devices are the iPads because of their restrictions like no Flash, no file access etc. At least now I can see the too-ubiquitous-for-me Flash needed message at Retina quality.

I agree that tablets are stupid but I have to disagree that they all lag. My Tranformer Prime didn't lag at all.

Why are you here cashxx? All your posts consist of you complaining about Android devices. Do you actually own one? Based on your posts full of complaints, they lead me to believe that you don't actually have one because all the "faults" you list about certain devices usually gets debunked by users that actually have said device.

Yes, you can argue that you can say what you want on the internet because you're all big and bad behind your computer screen, but all this complaining honestly gets old. I have my own issues with Apple but I don't go to an Apple website to complain about them.

I disagree -- I want to hear all sides to every story. If I enjoyed living in a bubble, I wouldn't go to the internet at all.

I would agree with wanting to hear all sides of the story, except that much of what cashxx posts is just regurgitated Android hatism (I made up a word!). He frequently complains that "Android is total crap" without any details to back it up and, if he does give details, he's usually dead wrong.

I want to hear every side of the story, but let's not b*tch just for the sake of b*tching.

i have to agree on this. I was at an At&t store, and the ipad was very fast. Right next to it was the android tablets. I used them, and man just from swiping from screen to screen was a noticable lag. Sure its just switching homescreens, but come on, have pride in your products. you want me to buy it? Be better then the one next to it.

This statement is vague. Which tablet was laggy? Also, Android 3.x (Honeycomb) did not support hardware accelerated rendering of the main screen OS, so the transition from screen to screen was not always completely fluid. Not to mention that the Android OS has a much more sophisticated desktop than iOS and the fact that you have no idea what the person before you might have done to it. Every Tegra-based tablet I've played with (including my own) has scrolled plenty fast. Just because it does not scroll at some arbitrary "perfect" frame rate does not make it substandard. If scrolling between the pages of icons on your tablet at a perfect 60 frames per second is *the* single most important thing you look for in your device, then please go buy an iPad.

Personally, I'll take being able to customize my home screens how I like, widgets, ability to replace system apps, choosing my own keyboard, full-size USB, wireless game controllers, support for usb/wireless keyboard/mouse, etc, etc, etc...

(and none of what I just listed would require "root" or "jailbreaking" so you can drop that argument before you start)

sorry, ive seen the iphone and ipad2. im just not interested in them. they seem to be very plain, i very much prefer the stock ICS UI on my Iconia A500.

I'm just not sold on Apple products. Having owned an Iphone, ipod classic, and itouch I just don't find the experience of Apple products very satisfying. I admit the build quality is there but everything seems overly dumbed down for the average consumer. I'm waiting patiently for a quad core Android tablet.

Unless the new iPad has a keyboard dock with battery, SD slot & USB port(s) I'm not interested (TF & TF Prime spoiled me).

Might as well spend a couple hundred more and get a real laptop an Mac Airbook copy called Ultrabooks.

I've had an iPad(3?) on my desk for about two weeks - neat little toy and display is nice...but it's an iPad (I don't think that violates my NDA) - I'm amused at the amount of emphasis being put into resolution when there's 0 possibility of rendering games out at that insane res - but hey - guess web-surfing/productivity stuff does look sharper - so who am I to judge.

I hear you, games have always been about FPS first, high resolution is more important for reading, if you don't have a Kindle.

But there are games at that resolution with great framerates/performance.

How do you figure "0 possibility" of anything?

He means that the games will have to run at a lower resolution because the graphics chip will be unable to keep up with fill rate, in addition to everything else it has to do. Generally speaking, fill rate (the act of compositing all the fancy 3D into a 2D image and actually "drawing" it to the screen) is one of the hardest things that graphics hardware has to do.

Sounds silly, but it's true. That's why the earliest "3D" video games were "wireframe" games like those found on the Vectrex system. Ever played the *original* Star Wars Arcade game?

We've come quite a long way :)

Id buy one if they started at 300 for 16gb 350 for 32gb and 450 for 64gb add 50 to each one for lte. But they will never sell them at that price point so ill Just get a quad core Android tablet some time this year more choices better pricing cant lose

Really, you dont think they will sell at the price they put them at? the same price they sold MILLIONS at last year....and the year before... they will still sell, they could probably even up the price $50 of each and still sell them.

simply put, ipads (all iOS devices) are much smoother than android device. we are getting there with ICS, but we are still a ways off.

however, i will gladly exhange a little smoothness for the customization that android brings. I LOVE having Facebook and twitter feeds on my home screen. Love having Gmail widgets. weather widgets, ect. a SLEW of home screen replacemtns, Tons of Keyboards (typing on the traditional QWERETY ipad keyboard kills me after using Thumbkeyboard on my tablet)

I'll admit, i am a bit of a android Fanboi, but i wont tell people one OS is better than the other. i ask them what they want and go from there. but the fact of the matter is this: 90% of the people out there want something smooth and something easy to use. we as android forum members are the ones that like tinkering with our device and setting it up how we want it set up...we are that 10%. not saying 90% of people buy iOS, it is about 50/50 now....bu tthere are about 80% of the android users out there just dont know how to use their devices (at least in my experience)

I have and still love my Gtab 10.1. Had it since launch day. With widgets, live wallpapers, flash support and the endless customization of android, I know what suits me best. I wont feed into the hype of Apple. They make quality products but the OS is BORING and PLAIN and I do not like their sue happy business practices. I dont need an ipad to say Im cool, my Gtab does the job just fine :)

oh yeah, i forgot to mention flash when i was saying why i liked my iconia... the truth is that apple releases one tablet once a year for their customers and its a bigger version of their phone. Android? well, u simply have choice and that is something i enjoy a lot, not to mention the ability to customize my ish. i find the ios UI to be boring, i dont give about the Display... press that one button to go back to home screen, it feels dumb to me. sad but true.

Haha. A lot of folks are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new iPad today. I'm waiting on UPS to show up with my Galaxy Nexus. So no, no iPad here.

I'm not getting one, not because I love Android tablets or hate the iPad. I guess I still don't see the point of tablets yet when my smart phone does all those functions yet is compact to put in my pocket. When I get home I'm not pulling out my Tablet when I have a perfectly good Laptop. I guess I still don't see the point to Tablets. It's still niche to me.

Actually I replaced my laptop with a tablet about a year ago now and havent looked back while it was a work laptop I can say I have no reason in the future to buy a laptop when my tablet can do almost all the same stuff. But as you said if I already owned a personal laptop I might still be skipping on the tablet "FAD".

True, to a point, but when I want to play a quick game and kill time, I don't haul out my laptop that's going to sit on my lap and get hot, or sit on the coffee table and make me lean over, and then be dead in an hour and a half. I can grab my 10.1" incher off the dock, tap the button and be playing a game before I hit the couch. And I *could* (I'm not saying I do) but I could play that game for hours and still have battery left over.

I never use my laptop for games or browsing the web anyway. The tablet is just so much more convenient with the battery life and being able to carry it around my apartment.

Now, if I could only get a copy of Visual Studio that worked on an Android Tablet... ;)

Use one if you want, what we aught to be poking fun at is the line of tools waiting in line for days for something they can have delivered to their door... all for some sort of e-peen gratification.. (what else could it be??)

Wheres the "Im not buying a tablet period because my extra large (4.3"+) smartphone does everything a tablet can do and I can actually carry it around" option?

He meant "where in the poll". It's a very valid point, explaining to a great extent the lower sales of Android tablets...

I have an Evo3D (4.3" screen) but I still pull out my GTablet when I'm at home cause games like Random Mahjong and my bevy of tower defense games are much more enjoyable on the larger screen. Not to mention the battery life. I can play Armored Defense II on my tablet for 2 hours and barely nick 10% of battery life off.

I can play them on my phone, but I prefer to play them on the tablet. I'm hoping to pick up a Transformer Prime/Infinity here soon. My mother got the prime for Christmas and that thing is a pleasure to hold. I always joke with her that it feels like a piece of paper compared to my clunky GTablet :)

got my flame suit on.

i'm getting one, it's not an android vs. apple issue for me, i love android and own a xoom that i really really do like, the progression of apps for the ipad seems much further along than it does on the android tablet ecosystem right now.

I'll agree with this, to a degree, since Apple's been around a bit longer and their app store is *somewhat* more mature, but if you're talking about straight up apps that are written "for the tablet" I think you're missing something in the way Android apps work.

A well-written Android app will properly scale to any screen resolution. And with ICS, Google has made it so that apps that aren't will automatically "scale up" to fill the screen. There's not nearly as many "tablet specific" apps in the Android Market (I still refuse to call it the PlayStore) but I believe that's due, at least in part, to the fact that most Android developers just modified their primary (aka: originally designed for a phone) app to work perfectly on a tablet. In fact, one of the major pushes for ICS was to make this the case, with the way the ICS UI does "fragments".

Just my 2 cents. I am curious, though, what apps exist in Apple's app store that make you feel like you need an iPad? That's an honest question, not trolling :) I'm genuinely curious.

I think your missing the point there are no android apps to scale.... Thats the point so I should buy an android tablet today and be hopefull that developers will start developing tablet apps.... Na I am good on that I have been waiting for a year (I have the xoom) and still only a couple decent tablet apps the next tablet should be the Ipad

What are you talking about "no apps to scale"? Firstly, there are a number of app in the Android Market written specifically for tablets. Second, all Android apps work just fine on tablets. On Honeycomb there were a couple I found that didn't fill the screen, but that's more the app developer's fault. It's fixed with ICS anyway.

What, precisely, are looking for that you can't find in the Android Market on your Xoom? Because, last I checked, there are most definitely plenty of apps in the Android market.

Where's the option for "Hell no, decent tablets still cost the same as laptops and I can do everything on a tablet that I can do on my phone?"

Respect all opinions, but use a 7" tablet when out, and the 10 inch tablets at home. For me, everything looks so much better with the larger screens. After watching a movie, or browsing the web with the 7.7" while out, the smartphone screens seems small, and the iPhone's screen seems puny. Even my favorite 3rd party apps are more enjoyable on the larger screen tablets. Don't believe the Apple FUD about Android tablet apps, each time I upgrade my market apps, the apps add the fragments for the tablets without all the revolutionary BS / fanfare we get with an equivalent Apple upgrade. Ironically, I have as many iOS apps that have not been upgraded to iPad specific (and look terrible at 2X) on my iPad than Android apps without fragments (which still scale up fine). I am a gadget addict, and have iOS devices even though they are too restricted for my needs. The one thing Apple is exceptional at is marketing, Android tablet manufacturers have to concentrate on mainstream marketing. On the day the new iPad was released, I heard several announcements on network TV / radio, and again today, news breaks about the lines at the Apple store. I pass at least a dozen advertisements for the iPad on the way downtown each day vs. zero for Android devices of any kind.

The new iPad is a really good device IMO, but I just can't stand the un-customisability of the device..
That's where Android absolutely, brutally murders iOS to be honest

have u used a tablet for longer than 5 minutes?

i have an epic 4g touch, and felt the same way you did initially. then i bought the transformer prime (received late december), and absolutely love it, mainly because of the screen size, to be honest.

i would agree with you, however, for smaller tablets (i.e. 7"ers)

I don't consider myself an Android Fanboy, I only went to Android when BlackBerry was no longer a viable option for me, but the choice was clear. The only apples I buy come from the grocery store.

There's no tech discrimination in our family with Windows, Linux, Android and iOS stuff all over the place. I didn't buy a new iPad, but did pick up an open box iPad2 at Best Buy. I can't imagine the new iPad is $150 better than this thing. Loving it so far (first non-Nook color rooted "tablet") and not ashamed to admit I own one but feel free to come to my house and shame me. :)

No shame I own 3 android tablets I count the HP TP as Android.Im thinking about getting a Ipad 2 used or refurb just for all the games I cant get on Android and the first thing Ill do if I pick one up is jailbreak it

You really don't need a tablet or a smartphone. IMO the ultimate device is, "The Galaxy Note"

Where's the "Yes, but I still love the portability and form factor of the 7" Android Tab (A100) that I have"

I won an Ipad 2 from Stitcher Radio in Oct. I just sold it to fund the purchase. Im really curious inn seeing that screen. And while iOS is severly limited in certain aspects (with the ecosystem being so locked down)the ipad 2 was a terrific device for couch lounging.

Buying one for the wife. She already has the 4S. To be totally honest I am on my 4th Bionic and am starting to think about going Apple

I still have about 1 1/2 left on bionic contract. No $ to switch. Maybe if I complain enough they would let me get a Razr because they feel bad haha?

Friend had a bionic (several.. I think she was on her fourth).. Anyways after enough calls she got them to give her an HTC Rezound -- Really nice device!

Call 611, explain the situation, tell them how many Bionics you've had and how angry you are they released the Razr right after it. They'll help you out.

After owning a Transformer Prime and selling it a month later I don't want any tablet at all. I think the manufacturers and the industry have done an excellent job of making us think we need a tablet. The entire month I owned the Prime I could not stop thinking about how much easier pretty much every task would be on my laptop. Hell, they aren't even comfortable to hold since they have no natural stand and if you add the keyboard to something like the Prime you get a gimp laptop so you may as well just use the real deal instead.

I'm very glad I owned one though. Now I know I never want another one and none of the hype that surrounds tablets effects me in the least anymore.

A good smartphone and a nice lightweight laptop are the ultimate combo.

"I think the manufacturers and the industry have done an excellent job of making us think we need a tablet."

Actually I blame all of you for making me think I want a tablet.

Hey, wait a minute, why are you all jumping off that cliff....

Been waiting to hear a release date on the Note Tablet ever since my Xoom got smashed, but never have. When the new iPad was announced, I decided to pre-order one.

Android tablets suck I am sorry but if you think other wise your in a fantasy world and yes I own a nexus and a xoom but I am picking up the ipad 3 today. Android tablets are just not smooth enough and the app selection is horrid. I mean why the hell isnt there a tablet specific app place. Trying to find an App is so painful that I just dont even look anymore. Google needs to step up and so far I see not one thing android has that the Ipad does not do better....What does it have? rooting? I am sorry but rooting is overrated. At the pricepoints of tablets I will spend my money on something actually worth the 500 dollars. It boggles my mind that anyone would choose an android tablet at its current state instead of the Ipad

Price comes to mind sd card slots. rooting not over rated gives you full control of the os to do what you want

and that means what exactly??? Its not going to get me more apps and thats all that really matters in a tablet...Price?? dont see how any good tablet is still around 500....and yes sd card slot would be niice but who cares since everything is going into the cloud now a days.

Take a chill pill dude. Why would you ever spend 500-600 on a tablet anyway? I'm guessing a lot of people who buy ipad's and other tablets use it for angry birds and other little games. Hell if I'm gonna blow 500 to play games, i'd rather buy an xbox 360 AND a playstation 3 for the same amount of money.

I'm not sure what you're missing in the Android Market, but they don't have a "tablet specific" section cause they don't need it. Most apps are designed to work on either a phone or a tablet and the ones that aren't say so. An SDCard is the least of what Android has going for it. How about USB? HDMI? (I know, I know, you can do it on the iPad too if you buy their $100 attachment) Interchangeable launcher/keyboard/dialer/sms/etc?

I'm *so* tired of the "smooth" scrolling argument. If you want something that scrolls between the screen of icons at 60 fps and that's *the* most important thing you look for, then buy an iPad. But that's not what most of us here look for. We'll take the more advanced OS over your perfectly smooth scrolling icons. It doesn't make Apple better than Android, and it doesn't make you cooler to come here and spew hate and anger everywhere.

And I'm done feeding the troll(s) now. At least for today :)

Well said, it's funny how some people judge a os by how smooth it scrolls. Apple is just does a great job of putting a positive spin on their limitations. "Our home screan may just be rows of icons, but it sure scrolls fast". I would take customization and widgets over a faster scrolling boring homepage anytime. Not that my Galaxy Nexus has any problem scrolling.

well, i can say that for me, i hugely prefer the ICS UI on my tab than on the Ipad which brings nothing new to the table because it looks just like the phone. I like my ability to customize it, that grid of aps is stale IMO. but, alas, to each his own... and by the way, it boggles my mind that u think that u have to buy an ipad, so there, we're even.

I never said you have to buy an Ipad....But if your in the market to get a tablet why wouldnt you get an Ipad??? Wait I know because you can have widgets!!!! Come on your going to buy a tablet based on a homescreen no your not.....Your going to buy a tablet on its media and right now the ipad is so far ahead of any android tablet that its just a waste of money. I understand your in love with android but at least try and have a viewpoint and not just say that the homescreens look stale?? And I think all apple owners would disagree with that broad statement. Lets look at the facts - It has a better display, way more apps and media, a better camera, HD screen and batter life is long.....That right there should make you want to buy an Ipad. Like I said I like Android but Android tablets are pathetic right now and a waste of money when you can get a way better tablet...Take apple and google out of the equation and which tablet would you get if you say android I say then your just a fanboy that is blind. So there were not even

I completely agree that iOS is stale and boring and it's the reason I gave Android tablets a chance, ICS is so much better, but an operating system isn't the main point of a tablet, it's the apps you use i stay with windows because even though it's less elegant than OSX the app selection is better im my opinion. As much as I love ICS, the app store isn't their yet android tablet apps suck, so I'll use the device that has apps I want to use plain and simple.

I see android does customization better with widgets and different launchers. And you don't even need to root/jailbreak to do it.

Apple will forever be USELESS in a real techie mind. I never saw anything special from apple in so many years. They remind me of blackberry so boring and uneventful.

Boring and uneventful? I think you simply not following them, they are one of the two that shapes this market and creats hell lot of opinions every keynote, specially when they annouce new line of products. When iPad was first announce most people and specially Android users been doubting on idea of tablet with mobile OS, people been saying that tablet will never kill Netbooks, what we got now? Google joined the bandwagon, MS running in there direction with ida of reviving PC tablet (pissing off desktop users btw), not much people say that tablets are bad and Netbooks are in edge of extinction, and you calling that boring and uneventful? All this would not happen without iPad announced or it would look complitly different. Apple is one of companies that makes electronics world more interesting, even if you hate them.

Tablets didn't kill netbooks, Intel killed netbooks with their artificial requirements for the Atom processors. There's a limitation for makers to 1024x600 for screen resolution and only 1 GB of RAM. Those specs clearly didn't cut it 2 years ago, and they have them even now in 2012, wtf?

The natural evolution of netbooks was to become lighter, thinner, with bigger screens, while running a full OS, and while keeping a low (sub $500) price. This was not allowed to happen artificially, to keep profit margins at bay. Now companies are trying to peddle MacBook Air clones that are essentially the same thing, and they want the same profits as Apple.

Tablets are still largely useless for me. For what I need them (largely browsing and chatting when I'm traveling, my Original Transformer does a much better job than an iPad ever will.

I am happy with my transformer as well but i just feel that google needs to step up to the next level in terms of software and apps for tablets. No matter how much the transformer is better than the ipad it seems that developers only focus on developing for apple. I am trying to be patient and hopefully i get to see more apps in the google play store as there is in the appstore and not just many apps but many great quality apps.

I don't need an iPad. My current tablet serves me well and it might be even better if Toshiba decides to release Ice Cream Sandwich for it.

That said, I was extremely upset when Google crippled functionality from Honeycomb 3.1 so most apps can't save to a true SD card anymore in Honeycomb 3.2. I seriously thought about buying the new iPad when this happened. Apple cripples their hardware right from the start and then slowly give you some of the missing functionality. But Google took functionality that was available on my tablet, and one of the reasons I chose to buy it, and ruined it. I hope they bring it back on Ice Cream Sandwich. Otherwise, I might start to ponder the latest iPad again.

There should have been a fourth choice, such as I don't need or want a tablet maybe because I don't or I have a Galaxy Note.

I tried out my friends asus transformer. I was unimpressed. It was laggy and the browser kept crashing. Now I wait for the UPs truck to drop off the new iPad. Time to draw something with my skyrocket. It blows my old ip4 out the water. Love the big screen, speed and LTE. I wish it had a bigger battery.

I went and got one. I have a Xoom that I love but wanted to see what had changed since I sold my first gen iPad to get the Xoom.

Answer: not a lot. It's heavier than I expected, lighter than the Xoom but not by a whole lot, still weighty. The screen is excellent but virtually nothing takes advantage of it. It's as if the resolution is almost too high; 1080p stuff looks oddly dull. The browser crashed when I tried to watch a video on Techcrunch's site. It still doesn't have the app selection that iPhone has. No Google+, no Apple's Cards app, and a bunch of other stuff has not been modified for iPad. The Facebook app doesn't show timelines (the Android one does on a tablet). It's missing widgets in the notification center, which functions identically to what it is on the iPhone. Whoever gave Samsung and HTC crap for porting froyo and gingerbread to a tablet form factor forgot to give Apple crap for porting its notification Center directly to a tablet with no modification.

In short the hardware is excellent. It is the best hardware I have seen on a mobile device in possibly 10 years. But whoever has said that the software is as exquisite as the hardware is blowing smoke up all our @$$&$. It's really lacking on several fronts. I'm sorry but ice cream sandwich feels much more fluid in cohesive. I'm going to give it another day or two but right now I'm thinking this thing is right for a return or sell on eBay.

Yes, it's scheduled to arrive by 3 today, so says FedEx. Love my Prime, but the GF wants "her own" tablet and "would prefer" an iPad, so...

GarageBand for the iPad is pretty nice...

I'm waiting for my new ipad to arrive as we speak, this is going to be my first tablet, though I've used older ipads before and I briefly owned an Asus Transformer Prime, the prime left much to be desired, sure the operating system, browser and system apps were all great, but when I went to the market I found the apps very lacking, and the vast majority of so called tablet apps looked like re sized smartphone apps. Now I admit this problem isn't specifically google's fault but as a user and not a fanboi who's fault it is doesn't really matter to me. I want the best product at this time.

I owned an iphone3GS when I didn't think android apps matched up with iphone apps and then eventually moved to android smartphones with the AT&T captivate and I'll never look back, I love the freedom android gives it's users. But with Android as a tablet the marketplace for apps just isn't there yet and I want something that will give me impressive full screen apps now, so back to apple I go until the google market gets it's tablet app selection together, if the app selection was their my personal preference for android and apple would have kept me with Android, and I imagine that in time they will catch up and I'll reconsider, but for now I sit here very excited to receive my new ipad, why isn't it here already lol.

What apps do you feel are missing from the Android Market? I'm genuinely curious. I ask people this all the time, but I never really get a response.

The problem is mostly the quality of apps on an android tablet for the most part, as much as it is functional running a smartphone app upsized to a tablet isn't a good experience, theirs tons of wasted space and extra huge icons, and this is true of both apple and android apps, I've downloaded a few iphone only apps to my ipad and they are equally horrible as the android smartphone apps I downloaded to my briefly owned transformer prime.
Although, when it comes to smartphone apps I actually find the google play store much better than apples app store because their are no limits on what developers can create.

To be a good tablet app an application really has to be redesigned to take advantage of the new screen real estate, that extra space is what make apple tablet apps such a joy to use, because more functionality is quickly accessible, if you don't take advantage of the extra room you have on a tablet you might as well use your smartphone, the only exceptions on android tablets are the system applications that google redesigned, the web browser and gmail for example which where both a joy to use on my android tablet.

Apps I find considerably better on the ipad include twitter, new york times,, slacker, pandora, amazon, ebay, Iphoto, Garageband, iMovie and these are just a few I've found in the last couple days my experience with the ipad has been much better than my experience with an android tablet, sure the OS is boring as hell but what I use apps are still much better and with an untethered jailbreak already accomplished soon I will be able to customize the interface just like I do on android.

Nothing about iOS is appealing to me. When I use my friend's iDevices it feels like maneuvering in a closet. I need breathing room.

Ipad? screw that over priced P.O.S. I did the frugal thing, I found a 32GB blackberry playbook for half price (aka $240 US currency) and loaded OS 2.0 on it for full android application support. So in essence I bought a very cheap 7" android tablet with a 1080P screen, great speakers, and awesome internal specs. muu.ha.ha......

Specs are nice but where are the Apps? Try streaming HBO GO or an NCAA March Madness games. Oh wait you can't. They won't make thise apps for Android. Love my Xoom hate the app selection!!!!

I don't see the reason for the hostility, IOS is goggles main competitor for the tablet market and they currently have a huge lead in terms of volume, I'm sure tons of users watched the keynote on a live blog just as I did, a site that never mentions the competition isn't s news site, it's a fanboi site.

I probably will in a few months, when supply is there, including discounted used models. There is no way in the world it would replace my Transformer, but it's nice to see both sides of the fence. Besides, I may start porting apps to it if they get something similar to AIDE on iOS.

I love my Xoom but I am so sick of the selction of Apps for it. Where is HBO GO, MAX GO? No Hulu no NCAA March Madness app. Hell I can't even get a SiriusXM app for it. I love the freedom of HDMI, MicroSD and all that but where are the apps?

So I can see why the iPad is so poular. They have all the apps one could want. If Google and all these Android tablet makers want their tablets to take off and sell........ get on developers asses about Android tablet apps. Its sad we don't have very many good ones.

Ok, So my issue here is this. The iPad is a nice little toy but as an experienced computer geek, it is too locked down for me. I like the hardware specs until I get to the fact that it doesnt have upgradable storage like an SD card slot and it uses a proprietary cable. Add to that the insult of iTunes and to me, Apple is a no go as an option. But on the other side of the coin, the meatheads that are building the Android tablets obviously dont know how to read. There are so many complaints online regarding proprietary cables, poor screens, poor placement of buttons and cameras that I feel I need to say something.

Listen people (in people, I mean those people at the OEM's that have been tasked with designing the perfect Android tablet). What we all want in an Android tablet is

1. Smoking hot HD capable screen with good color saturation, good contrast and high pixel count. You can keep all of those lame descriptions like pentile display or qHD or any other stupidity to your self. Apple has done it so why cant you guys get a really great screen.

2. Ports. Micro HDMI and Micro USB with charging capabilities and MicroSD as a bare minimum. Enough with the proprietary docking connectors and cables. I have a drawer full of them at home. What a waste.

3. Cameras. I personally dont give a rats @ss if there is a camera on the back. I mean, come on. Who wants to hold a tablet up to take a picture. Get real. As for the one on the front, High quality is desired and center mounted in landscape mode. Enough with the mounting of the camera in an off center position or centered in portrait mode. No one uses these things in portrait mode unless they are reading a book. These are content consuming devices and as such, probably spend 85% of their time in landscape mode.

4. Gorilla Glass....nuf said

I mean, seriously. Every Android tablet out there has at least one feature (or lack of a feature) that becomes a deal breaker for me. I understand everyone is trying to make their tablet stand out in the crowd. But unfortunately, they do stand out, but for the wrong reasons. They stand out because in 2 years, no one has been able to come up with a good alternative to the iPad in an attractive, functional, logically thought out design.

Isn't the camera on the iPad centered in portrait mode? Doesn't that make it not a good alternative to itself, or something? ;)

Sorry. Couldn't resist :)

I voted "Hell no..." simply because I don't really need a tablet. Yes, it would be a fun toy to play with - but that's ALL it would be. A toy. That being said I'd take a close look at ALL players (iPad, Android, Blackberry) to find what would suit me best. Right now the biggest drawing card would be portability - and it seems like RIM has got a pretty good thing going with the Playbook running 2.0.

I just sold my original iPad for $200 bucks. Now I'm gonna wait for a good deal from Samsung Tab 10.1 or Asus Transformer. I didn't enjoy the iPad, it was slow, no flash player and I'm already locked in with Android ecosystem.

I'm running ICS on my TouchPad. It rocks. But, if/when it dies, if the iPad is still the only decent tablet in a 4:3 form factor, I'll be buying an iPad 2 from somewhere. The New iPad is a waste. I'll pay less and have thinner, please.

And for the Android fanbois going on about iPads' limited capabilities, you should know that a rooted iPad (they call it Jailbreaking) can even run Flash. The iPad OS IS a version of Linux under the hood. Just like Android. With a rooted iPad, you can shell out to a command prompt and do all the same kinds of Linux things that you can do on Android.

I'm all Android. But, I can recognize the good things the iPad has going on, even if I don't have one.

And, 4:3 form factor is where it's at for a 10"-ish tablet. The form fact plus the thinness (with covers), and a smartcover that turns the tablet on/off when you open/close it, makes for better useability than any Android tablet out right now.

Most of us on here *do* realize that jailbreaking an iOS device gives a lot of additional features, but the iOS design itself is just a grid of icons, which most people don't care for, even if you can replace the keyboard & stuff with a jailbreak. I can do all of that an more out of the box with Android.

As for "the good things the iPad has going on", it's only advantageous in that it's simple. When my father asked which device to get, I told him Apple all the way, cause I know he's not going to try and learn anything. He just wants to pick the thing up and use it. Same with my girlfriend. I love her, but she's not the most technically minded person I know.

Both have their place. Whether one is better than the other is very much a matter of taste.

Personally, I like being able to tweak and try out different launchers and keyboards and such. And I totally disagree on the 3:4 form factor (that's the official ratio, not 4:3, since Apple designs the iPad to be used primarily in portrait mode. It's even on their specs that way). I much prefer the widescreen aspect on my GTablet but that, again, is a matter of taste.

1. Yes the new iPad has good hardware, and a (probably [haven't seen it in person yet]) beautiful screen; I can't even have some lowly widgets.

2. I've already purchased quite a few apps. I don't wanna have to deal with re-purchasing or purchasing for both platforms.

3. Yes Flash is on its way out, but there's still plenty of sites that use it; enough that the ability to play Flash content is important to me.

Now, if someone wants to give me one for free, I'll have no issues taking it.

The problem with the 10" tablet is that it's not any more portable than a "netbook" or laptop. Mine has spent so much time laying on my coffee table like a book, that I'm dumping it on ebay. Just the thought of lugging it around turns me off. And I ordered the note.

I have a hacked kindle fire and now I see the potential of android tablets. I'm buying the Google branded tablet as soon as it launches.

Just because it has a more HD screen means nothing to me. Even my sister an Apple lover doesn't want to upgrade from her iPad 2 to the 3. I'm not ready at all to give up customization, speed, modern design, and function to something that lies about everything, towards other certain OS, at its own release conference. My Asus TF101 is perfect for Me! An iPad is like a downgrade then an upgrade!

Tablet without flash player is totally fail. There is no point to buy whichever tablets dont support flash. Even blackberry playbook supports flash. Get real apple

Just got one, but I have a galaxy tab 10.1 and intend to keep it. So you need to add another option, hehehehe.

I have to get the new Ipad, it's magical and revolutionary. If I don't get it, the Great and Almighty JOBS will ban me from all future magic.

I don't like Apple products. When I first saw android a couple of years ago I still was all jealous of the people with iPhones. Then I got my HTC Aria and was off with Android. iOS hasn't changed like at all since the first release. However, in the end, for me, I think it's just a Capulet and Montague thing, where I haven't cause to hate, but I just do.

Not sure, I am selling off stuff on ebay if I get enough money ill be buying one, because ive settles for lesss alot and would enjoy something great. If I cant get enough ill be the proud owner of a asus transformer.