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So apparently Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said something about a tablet to an Italian newspaper. Next thing you know, we have a Nexus tablet coming in six months or something. And you know what? That could totally happen. And you know what else? It already has.

Here's what Schmidt actually said (more or less, thanks to Google Translate):

"We in the next six months plan to market a tablet of the highest quality."

Someone want to point out where, in that sentence, the word "Nexus" is used?

Here's what probably happened: Someone asked Schmidt a question. Schmidt gave an answer that you'd totally expect from the company's executive chairman and former CEO. What else should he have said? "Oh, we're going to push some piece of shit that nobody's going to buy." Nobody would say that. Not even RIM. (OK, maybe RIM.)

Oh, but, yes, Schmdit did say "We ... plan to market." Cool. Wouldn't surprise us in the least. Because Google's already done that once. A year ago. It was called the Motorola Xoom. It came with an unlockable bootloader, was devoid of bloatware and was the first tablet to be pushed by el Goog.

No, it wouldn't surprise us in the least to see Google put its weight behind another tablet. And a tablet of the highest quality, to boot. And it'll be welcomed by us with open arms. But let's not go putting words in people's mouths just yet.

Source: Corriere Della Sera (translated); via Notebook Italia (translated)


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Eric Schmidt doesn't actually say Nexus tablet, everybody starts thinking it anyway


Sensible articles like this is why AndroidCentral is so good.

The Xoom may as well be a nexus for all I care. If the Xoom was called the Motorola Xoom Nexus, it wouldn't change a thing in my book.

Ha, looks like someone's been hitting the good eggnog while writing his commentary ... :)

Hi, folks. Sorry if you're offended by the word "shit" being used in a literary sense. Life ain't PG though, and out of the some 23,000 words I've written this month, getting offended by one instance is sort of silly.

If you want to yell at me, do it here. Otherwise, let's keep the comments here about the matter at hand. Thx.

I am Italian, a more accurate translation of cited Schmidt's words could be: "We're counting on bringing a new tablet of extremely high quality to market within the next six months". The subtitle of the article on Corriere della Sera says, at the beginning: "In 6 months our own tablet". But again, these are translated from English to Italian, maybe they even got cut here and there, adapted, and then I have translated back to English. There's no accuracy here. Especially if you consider that Italian journalists don't speak English well enough to provide a reliable translation, so.. yeah, I'd love it to turn out to be true, and have an even better UI with Jelly Bean, but I'm not losing my sleep over it.

I'm sorry but for you people calling the xoom a nexus device shut the hell up because its not that's like calling the G1 a Nexus and the Droid1 a nexus. okay so a what it was pure google and the first to ship donut, ecliar, and honeycomb, it doesn't make it a nexus. The. Only nexus devices as of date is the nexus 1 nexus s and sadly the galaxy nexus.

I played with it on launch day and as soon as I picked it the the battery door popped out and alarm went off. still the same plastic feel just not impressed by the phone

Could it be that maybe someone before you pulled the phone so hard and the battery cover snapped off a little bit and when you came a long that happened.

Its a great phone!

There is already a Nexus Tablet, it is called the "Xoom WiFi". No carrier involvement at all. No bloatware. Unlocked. As close to pure, vanilla Honeycomb as could be had. It was the reference platform for Honeycomb, and the first device with Honeycomb.

I think people are reading way too much into this.

And make no mistake, the Xoom *is* a tablet of the highest quality. It is very well built. It had some mostly Google Honeycomb related hiccups with the SD card (which are still not truly resolved in Honeycomb, since it is read-only), but has been otherwise great. (The 4G thing had nothing to do with Google or Honeycomb- that was a Verizon issue).

I think it's clear he's talking about a tablet entirely spec'd by Google (hence, Nexus). I've already decided to buy it when it arrives.

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