Epic 4G gamer mod

Even with all these old gaming console emulators running wild on the Android Market, it is still hard to believe someone would willingly utterly destroy their Epic 4G's keyboard to make it more useful for gaming. Still, that is just what Android user Cary Golomb did. In short, he removed the entire keyboard from the phone, decided what keys he needed to keep for gaming (remember, the phone is fully usable with just the touchscreen), and proceeded to cut out the unneeded buttons with a knife. His final step was to paint over the areas where he had removed keys, which gives the phone a more slick look (as seen above).

This sort of mod is not for the faint of heart, or the beginner. Or sane people. And you can bet resell value for this thing is practically nothing as well. All that being said, some of you hardcore gamers out there might find this attractive, at least until that rumored Android 3.0 PSPhone comes out. Check out a video of the whole thing in action after the break. [BrainLazy via Phandroid]




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Epic 4G owner tears apart keyboard to get custom gaming controls


To both of you it isn't stupid and he did not ruin the phone, only the keybpoard. He obviously has the ability to replace phone components and knows he will be able to get a non working Epic off ebay for parts if he ever intends on selling it. By the looks of it he is also willing to pay for said parts in the future (If he doesn't already have them) to get the gaming console he would like to have on his phone today. People with little to no ability and imagination should not throw around words like stupid. I think its cool and being an Evo owner who doesn't think a keyboard is needed, I believe he just made himself one pimpin portable gaming console that happens to also work very well as a FULLY functioning phone.

Resale value? Doesn't look like the owner intends to let go of the thing.

I think it's pretty cool. Go ahead - beat me.

Eh I'm sure it meets his needs and wants obviously. But it a rather dumb thing to do to a phone, and it looks like ish. Way to ruin the phone.....

I think that is pretty Badass! You don't need the keyboard if you use the touchscreen keyboard. Make it do what you want it to do!

I personally like what he did. I did just the opposite. I superglued my Droid shut. I was tired of always breaking cases, and never use the keyboard. I love the feel of it now. Not everyone sells their phone. Cheers!

I think its a good idea...I just think it really looks like crap...shouldve thought out a better way to finish it off

Not at all elegant, but that's part of what makes it so badass. i'm half imagining this guy ripping out random keys in a coke-fueled rage after hitting the wrong key while trying to beat Woodman in Mega Man 2 and ending up with this.

"Idiot tears apart keyboard to get custom gaming controls"

...there are medications that can help you

To all the haters, did you buy the phone for him?! are you paying for his phone bill?! NO?! Thought so... So shut the fu@k up! Jelouse cause he got his phone posted on here? Jelouse cause he thought about it before you?! "stupid" is the fact that you called him stupid, dumb a$$. Stop crying about it...

^^ agree!

I thinks its a pretty sweet hack, and its definitely one of a kind for now. Using a captivate I really wish i had a epic so i could attempt to replicate that mod with a little more finesse. Looks like a pretty fun , capable, mobile gaming device. And btw...swype is way better than any physical keyboard.

Love it!

Great idea and very inovative in my opinion. Surprised we haven't seen something like this all ready as in an officail unit marketed towards gamers.

I also have a feeling that we will see those buttons get a make over of some type so they look like game controller buttons.

Carrier depates excluded, and the fact I am no wiz when it comes to this stuff, I would pay to have this done or purchase one that is all ready done.

Maybe Colorware should expand their view a bit and get in on this type of mod. They're all ready pulling phones apart and putting them back together. So now just slice off some keys, color up the leftovers and there you have it.

I think it was stupid personally, but that's just my opinion. He should have just picked up a Sony PSP and been done with it. He'd have a larger higer resolution screen, better games, output to his tv and PS3 and the list goes on. Doesn't make sense to ruin the keyboard on such a nice phone just so you can play games that drain the crap out of your battery. If he took the time to do something like this, you'd think he would've had time to take an exacto knife and a piece of lightweight plastic and cutout the necessary holes to eventually slide this plastic piece over the keys he doesn't need. This would have been more pratical, but hey to each his own right!

that is the best idea i have seen, if i had a keyboard still i did not use i would so do that gaming > looks any day. now where did you get DIABLO????

First thing I thought of was "redneck"!

I think it is awesome, not that I would want it, but to each his own!

Those of you who think it is stupid, what's it to you? He didn't hurt anything that affects you. Will he regret it at some point in time? Possibly, but then he would just grab a keyboard off a broken phone and replace it.

Keep that guy away from me... I'm afraid he'll figure out I haven't used my pinky toes for years.

I would never do something like that but hey, it is his phone so more power to him!!

I just wonder what he will do if he comes across a game that needs some of the keys that he removed!! :)