EE Eagle

UK carrier EE has a thing going on right now with birds-of-prey when it comes to naming its devices, and the Eagle follows on from the Kestrel in offering high-speed data at an affordable price. This time out we're getting a tablet, though the Eagle is basically a rebadged Huawei 8-inch slate.

It's got a quad-core CPU, 16GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot to expand it and a 5MP rear camera. Other details are scarce at this point, but the price is certainly reasonable at £49.99 on contract or £199 on pay-as-you-go. It'll go on sale on May 28 alongside some other EE 4G LTE devices like the in-car wifi hotspot known as Buzzard.

Any takers?

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EE launches the Eagle 4G LTE tablet it hopes will soar


Wow a tablet with dual front facing speakers. I normally wouldn't consider buying something from an unknown/small manufacturer, but considering a lack of options in this arena, i'd consider getting it.

this is a Huawei, they're the number 3 smartphone maker in the world...that's an odd definition of "unknown/small"
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Ahh, didn't see the name hidden in there at first glance. Regardless, I don't really think i've seen much of Huawei here in the states. They definitely don't advertise on TV as far as I know and I'm not sure many carriers carry their phones here.

You know what this doesn't look bad at all. Looks like a tablet maybe htc would make with the way it looks.

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