For the many folks running nightly builds of CyanogenMod 7 you'll want to hit ROM Manager or the CyanogenMod forums if you haven't already. V7.0.0-RC1 is now available for download if you're using either a Nexus One, MyTouch 4G or HTC EVO 4G. If you're not seeing it as of yet, just hold out a little bit longer as things are likely still populating across servers. Don't forget, if you happen to run into issues you can hit our forums for some help as well. [CyanogenMod] Thanks, everyone that sent this in!

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ak110707 says:

Good deal! CM is amazing supporting all of our older phones (newer ones too :))

Does CM use ADW as their launcher?

Bla1ze says:

Yes they do but you can remove it if ya do so wish.

rht_rv says:


UpwardSpiral says:

You really shouldn't be flashing roms with that low of battery. There's a good chance bad things could happen :)

Bla1ze says:

Haha! True and a very good point but.. I only fired it up for the pic. I'm waiting for the RC-1 for my Nexus S.

Its available now!

uansari1 says:

Only if you're flashing a radio or recovery. Flashing a ROM is not very brickable, if at all. If your battery were to die in the middle, you'd still be able to get into recovery.

cvo515 says:

Where is this for the DInc.....hopefully soon

ak110707 says:

Check the nightlies. Yesterdays isn't perfect but its clearly close to RC status.

cvo515 says:

I think I'm going to wait for the RC to come out, shouldn't be long

ak110707 says:

Fair choice. There is one really bad problem with screen rotation while txting (it wont rotate) but this could just be me (or a setting) other then that its a fairly stable release. I wanted 2.3 so i jumped into nightlies.

NexusOneNZ says:

I'm having the same problem - has anyone solved this? Basically auto rotate isn't working in anything (except the image preview for the previous image in the camera - while the camera is running).

Tried enabling and disabling CyanogenMod settings > Display > Rotate 180 degrees (didnt work)
Tried Settings > Display > Auto-rotate screen
Tried Launcher Pro auto rotate settings.

Another forum encountered this, and solved it by re-flashing the ROM...I just spent about 3 hours re-setting up my Nexus One...dont really want to have to do that again...

NexusOneNZ says:

...ok....24 hours later, and for no apparent reason, auto-rotate now works fine? I would put it down to me turning my phone off at night (i.e. a restart), however I had tried this several times, so no idea why it now works. Only change to the phone and settings is a bunch of new apps. Maybe the BBC app has magic CM7 healing powers? But probably not...

pdiddyfan says:

Well, I still got my evo, but bought an Epic 4G 3 weeks ago and love it. This is one rom I miss right now....

n64kps says:

WHY?? Why would you get an Epic?! Don't do that to yourself!!!

sword_chucks says:

Love it? Wow, I give it another 3 before that opinion changes.

bdotto14 says:

Just when I thought I was going to bed....I had to check AC one more time and now I'll be up for another hour!

NGagen says:

Hrmmm, the download site is down..

..I found a direct link to the .zip

crashybear says:

Is the annoying dialer bug on Nexus One fixed? As of 2 days ago the daily build was still giving black screen after dialing a number.

ben dover says:

gps is working perfect on the evo!

sword_chucks says:

Does anyone happen to know what the hold up for CM on the Galaxy S is?

briankurtz79 says:

But does the camera work on 004 hardware? I had nightly on my last evo and it killed the camera. Couldn't even get it back after a restore. Had to get a new evo and haven't rooted this one yet. A little nervous. Don't want the same to happen again.

Anyone know any details about this problem?

diskoman69 says:

For those who didn't automatically assume so as soon as they saw the MyTouch 4G had RC1, YES the T-Mobile G2/HTC Desire Z has CM7 RC1 ready for download as well. Check your Rom Manager! I'll be installing some Gingerbread goodness first thing in the morning!

Clemons21 says:

Just downloaded and flashed, seems like a significant improvement over the nightlies except one thing. The battery seems to drain faster, I'm going to see if a different kernel is better. Loving the gingerbread goodness though.

n64kps says:

Can anyone with an EVO running CM7 RC1 let me know if the left notification light works? When I was running the nightlies it wasn't working. Also, does wireless tether work? Thanks guys!

Clemons21 says:

Notification light works on right side, left for charging. Wireless tethering currently isn't working for me.

If anyone finds a fix please let me know.

n64kps says:

Thank you! Those are two very important aspects for me and if I can't have good notifications or tethering, it's not worth going to gingerbread yet

cbzy11 says:

wireless tethering is working for me. had to disable network security, though. LED's same as op. can't test usb tethering (mac)

jimmyk0789 says:

Im surprised the og anit up there

bllackkman says:

I was all over this last night!!!!!

lolobabes says:

I just love the new unlock screen ui on my N1, how about an arc shape? Ahihihi

romma says:

I am on nightly #38 for the Dinc. They just added the arc unlock for this build. I have been running the nightlies since they started, and each one is improving greatly. I think RC for the Dinc will be out this evening.

bnrbranding says:

Woohoo! Nightlies have been pretty good out of the gate, I am not surprised this is RC already.

jackdroid says:

I flashed this on my MT4G last week but couldn't run SNESOID. One of my main apps, so I had to bail. Sad.

Saneless says:

Ran this last night..

Same issue that I had with one of the earliest nightlies that I didn't have when I first ran CM6:

When wiping all data, only about half of my market apps reinstalled themselves. None of my purchased ones did, and what did show up seemed to be random.

For instance, AdFree, Barcode Scanner, Solitaire, and a couple others installed, but Scorecenter, Pandora, Shazam, Winamp, and many others I had to go download manually. Thankfully I used Titanium Backup on all of them so I could have a list handy, otherwise I might not have even remembered what all was missing until I went to use it and couldn't find it.

Everything works great but the GPS doesn't work on my EVO it says GPS Signal lost all the time. Anyone else having the same problem?


mkozak says:

I have an Evo and my USB port on my phone is non functional....Is there a way to root without this having to hook the phone to a computer?

briankurtz79 says:

How do you charge it?