CyanogenModChances are if you have a Nexus One you don't mind a little hackery. And chances are you're already a devout follower of the way of Cyanogen. And with that, a third release candidate the CM6 ROM has been released, bringing more (and better) custom Froyo to the N1.

As always, we recommend backing up all your apps and data first, just in case. Then get to downloading (either at the source link, XDA or Rom Manager), and have at it! [CyanogenMod]

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kevlars9 says:

He also just released rc2 for the HTC evo!!

Kedar says:

Yep. I'm about to get all over that.
Quadrant scores are around 2200 with OC!

kevlars9 says:

Haha I know its insanse. Useing the snap kernal I'm getting high 30s in linpack.

Kedar says:

That's sick considering the new Linpack hasn't such high scores.

Also, now the Evo's just missing graphics performance. There's a project going on at XDA to improve HTC Snapdragon performance because the Acer Snapdragon performs higher on 3d benchmarks. Hopefully that goes well.

could you post a link to that thread?

Kedar says:

On my Evo, but google search "improving porting snapdragon xda".

rpmorri says:

Everything's working on the Evo RC2?

Kedar says:

No 4g isn't. I don't know what else isn't working.

SoBeRChiLD says:

FM Radio and HDMI isn't working still according to the change has changed? LOL

Kedar says:

That's not big on his list I think.

But the speeds are insane. Smooth and high cpu and I/o benchmarks.

rpmorri says:

Grrrr...that's the one thing I'm waiting on.

SoBeRChiLD says:

Android Central gives NO LOVE to the EVO :'(, if it wasn't for the comments I wouldn't have known RC 2 was out for the EVO! BOOOO! :'(

kevlars9 says:

Haha dude android central is always talking about the evolution. Just check all the articles about it. Its the incredible that always gets left out. Haha

Magellan says:

RC3 is out for the G1 also.

crondable says:

RC3 for the DInc also up in ROM Manager and on XDA!

bleedblue says:

RC2 on thee Evo - YES.

dgdave#AC says:

Also on the OG Droid now

qwqwqw says:

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flacoff says:

Installed, feelin' fine.

Swavek says:

i'm tempted to take a spin with cyanogenmod (i haven't run that mod since their 5.x versions), but i'm not sure whether i should try a release candidate or wait for the final/stable version. are you guys installed the release candidates on top of of the previous RCs?

Argodabar says:

If I have RC2 installed on my phone do I have to wipe the data and cache before installing RC3? Thanks

kevlars9 says:

It is recommended to wipe before flashing a RC. Just make sure u do a backup and your all good.

Argodabar says:


storm14k says:

Where in the world have I been? I didn't know Cyanogen had an Inc version now. I've have been on it lol. Now I don't know if I should wait around for the Froyo update coming or try out Cyanogen.