Although the above tweet, I'm sure, speaks for itself, we figured we better make mention of it before you all flood our tips inbox (not that we don't appreciate it) but better to be one step ahead. Cyanogen Mod 6.1.1 is now live on the CyanogenMod website, and in Rom Manager.  The full change log can be viewed via the CyanogenMod Github site. We're still digging through it all at this point but feel free to share thoughts in the comments or in our forums. [Cyanogen]

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I never used cyan for my droid og. It was slow ultimatedroid ftw

swaze says:

Slow??? You my friend are an idiot. You dont even know that the rom you are running is actually made from cyanogen, just changed up the way it looks. You sir are an EPIC FAIL!!!

G-Money713 says:

Had it on OG Droid yesterday!

kerrhome says:

Sorry, how did you get it for your OG Droid? I didn't see it on the Cyanogen page for OG Droid and ROM Manager has a weird 6.1.2, which didn't download for me, but I'm at the office and don't have non-business wifi for my OG Droid here.

serpico says:

Waiting for Gingerbread feels like forever on my nexus one that I might just install this in the meantime.

jeff275 says:

I tried it last week. It was my first foray into custom ROMs. It gets wayyy better battery performance and lots of nice small little things.

S4Rs says:

I will consider Cyanogen as an option on my Evo, if and when it gets wimax and front facing camera support. Until then Myns Warm!! all the way!

sveilien says:

I had it installed on my EVO for a bit, it is lean and fast! I'd have an extra 75-100MB of internal storage over other ROMs I've used (Ava, Valpaek, Myn, Fresh).

The lack of 4G, no Copy/Paste and headphones registering as a headset keeps me from using it as my daily. I hope to see those issues fixed soon cuz I love everything else.

It does have copy-paste. It has the AOSP copy-paste since it's an AOSP ROM. It's actually much faster than the janky Sense copy-paste, which always seemed to want to spool for a few seconds before you could actually select text.

sveilien says:

How do you implement it? I haven't used an AOSP C&P before.

Front facing camera support has been in CM since at least 6.0.0-RC1 when I first installed it.

swaze says:

lol it already has ffc support on the evo, and wimax is being tested as i type this.

swagglifee says:

ive had ffc support for months

swagglifee says:

also copy and paste

cd5love96 says:

Ultimate Droid owns Cyanogen's ROM. I know it's based off of of Cyanogen's ROM but UD's rom is on steroids and has tons of built in options.

briankurtz79 says:

Wimax available as you type? When will this be out?

briankurtz79 says:

Testing. Sorry